Uttaran 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th November 2013 Written Update

Aakash is sitting by a cliff. Do pal song is playing in the background. He is sitting lost in some thoughts. Scene shifts to Meethi who is sitting sadly in her room. She recalls his words just before being shot. I will always love you and even God will not be able to stop me from loving you. They both recall their past happy moments spent together.

Mukku comes there but stops as she notices Meethi wiping her tears. She is saddened by her situation. She leaves from there without saying anything. She calls Vishnu and asks him to come home soon. Damini comes to where Aakash is sitting. She calls out for him and he looks back surprised. He gets up and they both move forward toward each other.

He bends down to seek her blessings and she blesses him this time. He says whatever you told me. She interrupts him. It was all wrong. He is taken aback. I made a mistake. I couldn’t undertsnad you and your love. I am yours and Meethi’s culprit. I had given her my swear. I couldn’t see her love for you in her eyes. But now she is yours. Accept her. I have relieved her of my swear. He is stunned. I am saying the truth. I have relieved her. He thinks that it is too late now. I have promised God that I will go away from Meethi’s life for her sake. He tells her that it is too late now. She says you love her and she loves you then why do you say so? He replies that he has gone very far from Meethi’s life. I am getting married. She is shocked.

Meethi is in her room. Vishnu comes there. He says when we were married then I had come to know one thing about you. You have a very clear / pure heart just like my teacher didi. You will see that God cannot be upset with you for long even if he wants to. He cannot see you in pain. She says I feel like God himself wants me to be away from Aakash or you tell me….so many things have happened and dint even come to meet me once! You know that I had marked a line between me and Aakash which he had crossed too. He can do anything for me then what happened today? What could be the reason that he dint come to meet me once?

Damini is unable to believe it but Aakash stays firm. It is not possible for me to return to Meethi. I will never come back to her. She pleads him not to do this to her. I am accepting my mistake. I am ready to do penitence. Everything happened because of me. You have given so many tests to get her. You have done so much to get her back in your life. Why are you doing this now? Please don’t do it. Don’t punish her for my mistakes. I am apologizing to you. He holds her hands telling her not to do it. You were right. I have the same respect for you like before. It is all my fault that I dint understood it earlier. I have only given her pain that is why I wont return in Meethi’s life ever. I have promised someone else of marriage which I cannot break now. She is very sad. He touches her feet again seeking her forgiveness. She tries to say something but is not able to stop him. He is thinking. I had exchanged my life for Meethi’s. I had promised God that I will go away from her life once she gets better. Damini is crying.


Meethi asks Vishnu why he has become so distant all of a sudden. Did he say anything to you? Vishnu says I only know this that I and Mukku dint think we would be together ever again but life gave us another chance. You will see that life will give you another chance too. You and Aakash will come close once again. He gets up to leave. She isn’t sure like him about this another chance. I don’t think that we will be together ever. He leaves from there.

Tappu says (to Nani) I could never understand what your problem with Meethi is. Nani says I don’t have any problem. You do not understand. Look at Damini’s age. Damini who makes an entry just then stops to listen. She needs a support at this stage but now she will have to support Meethi. Meethi is crippled now. Who will take care of her? That Aakash has left her as well. Now she will stay in this home only. She is anyways a burden on this home. Tappu counters she neither is and nor will I let her. I am requesting you to stop fussing over Meethi. Nani leaves after saying her favourite line. Damini is sad. I am responsible for Meethi’s state. If I would have tried to understand Aakash then this wouldn’t have happened.


Mukku cannot believe that Aakash is getting married again. He cannot do it. Vishnu cannot understand what has happened to Aakash. Damini blames herself for this. If I wouldn’t have blamed him then he wouldn’t have taken this step. How do I tell Meethi now? She wont be able to take it.

Maiyya is on phone with Chauhan. He wants to talk to Aakash. She gives the phone to Aakash. Ambika is shown running towards where her dad is. They exchange pleasantries. Ambika wants to hear it from Aakash’s mouth that he has agreed for the alliance. Chauhan puts the phone on loudspeaker. They are anxious to hear his yes. Aakash obliges finally. Ambika gets happy. Chauhan calls him son-in-law. He is happy too. Aakash is sad. The call ends. Chauhan tells Ambika that Aakash is a precious gem. I have bought this relation for you. She is surprised. You are giving dowry? He declines. not everything happens with money. I have some powers as I am from Police. I have some secrets of that family in my hand. I have closed it for you in my fist. He leaves. She isn’t too happy hearing him but is happy / shy as she looks at Aakash’s photo.

Aakash is standing at the same place. Neither will we be able to live together now will we ever meet. I have accepted this decision of fate. I have ended all the ties with you. Epi ends on his face.

Precap: Mukku comes to Bundela House calling out for Aakash. Maiyya stops her. She knows about Meethi. You want to burden my son. Till she was fine you got her married to Vishnu and now that she is crippled for life you have come here to tell Aakash to take over the responsibility. Go, my son is getting married. Mukku leaves from there quietly. Maiyya turns and stops in her tracks shocked as she notices Aakash standing there.

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