Uttaran 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 26th April 2013 Written Update

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Rathore takes takes out his card and says it has my number. You can contact me if you see or hear anything about them.
Agrath hands over the card to Nirbhay. He agrees he will tell for sure.
Meethi is walking towards them. Nirbhay looks at his dad while Meethi is only a little distance away from them. Both father and son look in her direction while Meethi continues walking looking down.

Nirbhay steps in between them and Meethi in time so that Meethi cant see the guests. Agarth assures them that he will call them right away in case he gets his hand on any info.
Both get up to leave. Jogi turns to thanks them while in turn Meethi turns to go back inside. Nirbhay watches her go. Agarth closes the door and is angry.

As soon as they step out of the haveli, Jogi gets a missed call alert by mausiji. Rathore says hope all is well. They both head to a PCO as their phones have no network.

City Hospital, Mumbai & Thakur House:

Nani is trying Jogi’s number again and again but it is unreachable. Puja is going on in Thakur House. She tries calling everyone at home but no one picks. Surabhi disconnects the landline call too. The driver comes with food. Tappu tells him to go and come back again later to pick the things. They will return home today. Its been so many days that she is here. She cant wait anymore.
Nani is tensed.

Scene shifts to Thakur House where everyone is praying for Iccha. Tappu and Nani are on their way. Tappu says it feels good to be going back home. Who are you trying to call? Listen to me Nani you know my anger. My heart is already weak what is something happens to me.
Nani gives in to her. Tappu tells her to let it be a surprise. They will be very happy to see me. Nani agrees not to share anything with anyone.

Aatishgarh & Thakur House:

Rathore and Jogi reach the PCO (same PCO where Meethi had come after running from home I guess). He rings up Nani. She replies in one word only. Tappu signals her not to tell him anything.
Jogi asks if everything is ok. Have the reports come? She says doctor has told Tappu can go home now. jogi says why do I feel that you are trying to say something but are unable to?
Rathore asks him if everything is fine back there. Jogi tells Nani tell Tappu I will come to meet her at hospital tomorrow. Tappu nods happily ok.
Jogi has a shock. He asks are you taking her home right now. You know there is teravin’s puja going on in the house. Nani cant say anything straightaway, yes I haven’t told her anything.
Jogi shares with Rathore she must have insisted for it. Rathore is also taken aback and worried for her. Before Jogi can say anything else, the line gets disconnected.
Tappu says to her, tell papa not to come to hospital to meet me. He should come in my room. She smiles happily.

Thakur House:

Pandit ji says the shanty puja is done. Now they must stand up and pray for the dead by keeping quiet for 2 minutes. All stand to pray. A car comes and Tappu steps out wearing a beautiful green saree (she is looking pretty!) with Nani in tow. Nani puts her hand forward to support her but Tappu says she wants to walk without support. She holds the Tulsi plant and touches the kalash lying there unknowingly. She feels happy to be home. The scene keeps shifting focus from inside and outside.
Tappu spots slippers outside. She says so many people have come? Oh yes, ma told there is a puja at home today. She enters inside happily but stops in her tracks when she sees people wearing white. They are standing in front of a photo and praying.
Tappu says what kind of a puja is this? Nani thinks Ram hi Rakhey, what would happen now?

Tappu starts moving ahead. She moves people aside one by one. Nani starts coming after her but stops herself.
She sees Iccha’s photo with a garland on it. She is shocked out of her wits and stands still as if lighting has struck her. Mukku notices her and pats Divya. She looks and rushes to her. She asks Tappu to come inside. But Tappu stands there motionless.
Divya goes to Nani and shouts at her. What did you do? You told her everything? The doctor had told not to. You could not take care of my daughter for one single day?
Nani cries she dint tell anything. Divya questions then why you let her come like this?
Damini tries to take Tappu inside. Tapu faints calling for Iccha. Om trayambhakam mantra starts playing in the background. Everyone else rush to her. Divya again shouts at Nani.
Nani cries hard. She is stubborn you know. I called everyone but no one picked up. Divya asks to call doc. Kanha leaves to make the call.
Damini says I have lost my one daughter I cant lose my another daughter. Open your eyes baby ji. You have to.


Damini continues trying to wake up Tappu. You have to get up for your friend….for your Iccha. You will have to.

A dream sequence happens. Iccha is in front of the Tulsi plant. Tappu comes to her and asks where you are going. Why are you leaving me? You cant go without telling me. I too will come with you.
Iccha replies, no you cant come with me. Where I am going, I have to go alone. No one can go there with anyone. She turns to leave.
Tappu again stops her. You went to temple to pray for me then how can you go leaving me like this? Till date you haven’t decided anything about your life. I did. Right from what to eat / clothes / school/ our playtime everything has been decided by me only. I will come with you. I cant live without my friend.
Iccha declines. It isn’t mine but God’s decision. He wants me to leave. My time if over now. I have fulfilled all my responsibilities. You stayed away from everyone for years. It is your turn now to spend quality time with your family.


Iccha tells her. All responsibilities are on you now. The biggest one is Mukta & Meethi. They are your responsibility now. Take good care of both of them. They need you the most. Always remember when a person leaves from this world everyone is left with memories only. When you leave, leave with the satisfaction that you did the right thing. I have to go now. You too have to go now. Everyone is waiting for you. Take care of everyone go. Saying so, she pushes Tappu slightly.
In the background, everyone is trying to wake up Tappu.

Damini says, you have to wake up for your friend. Tappu opens her eyes. She still looks blankly at them. Divya kisses her. Mukku asks if she is ok.
Damini says Thakurayin maybe it is God’s wish only. This isn’t the time to hide things. This is the time to tell her the truth. Surabhi gives uninterested looks.
Damini tells tappu, baby ji aapke seene mein meri Icchki ka dil hai (you have my Iccha’s heart in you). Tappu looks at her in utter shock. Mukku cries at Damini’s shoulder. Episode ends on Tappu’s face.

Precap: Jogi says I cant understand what to do. At one side, Iccha left us while on the other, Meethi is missing. I know she must be fine but we cant be just happy thinking about it.

Update Credit to: pooja

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