Uttaran 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 25th April 2014 Written Update

Mukta holds Vishnu’s hand as they try to sleep but they both are unable to sleep.

On the other hand, Meethi too is not able to sleep and so is Akash. He is on the couch downstairs and is very disturbed by Vishnu’s words. Meethi is also thinking about what Mukta said and how upset was Akash with her for apologizing to everyone. She comes downstairs to talk to Akash who feigns to be sleeping. She sits down on the floor and hugs him. I couldn’t sleep for I was missing you. I know you are pretending to sleep as I am here. Talk to me. I know you are not at all sleep please forgive me. He opens his eyes when she apologizes to him very sweetly. They both cannot stay away from each other. She knows he felt bad that she apologized to everyone. I only want to tell you that whatever happens don’t raise your hand on Vishnu. This is what I told you that day as well as you were proved wrong in the end. He nods in understanding. She will talk to Mukta in the morning. Everything will be fine don’t worry. He has full faith in her for that matter.

Kajri sits in her room lost in thoughts. She remembers how Nirbhay used to ill treat her just like Maharani does. She picks up the knife kept in the fruit basket and cuts her throat. A doc is tending to her. Maharani is worried about the wound. DOc assures her that the cut isn’t deep but the scar will be visible. The girl is very brave. She dint even sigh or scream when I was stitching her wound. Maharani affirms and cannot help staring at Kajri.

Mukta is trying to stop an auto but in vain. Meethi happens to be passing by from there and offers her lift. Mukta declines politely. Meethi gets down and reminds her that the fight happened between Akash and Vishnu. Why are you upset with me? We had decided that day that come what may we will stay like we are, always. Meethi makes her sit in the car even though she tries to protest. Meethi again apologizes to her on Akash’s behalf but Mukta tells her not to. You have already done that yester night but Akash! Meethi recalls what all Akash had told her. She knows Mukta will never believe it that Vishnu can do something like that. I will not tell her any of it. Mukta asks her if she doesn’t find it wrong that Akash raised his hand. Meethi nods. He was wrong to raise his hand. Mukta points out that this happened for the second time. First time when Nani was telling me about it then I thought that she was trying to instigate me against you people but everything happened in front of my eyes on the second time. I couldn’t believe it. Meethi calls it all wrong. I want that things go back to normal amongst the four of us. Mukta doesn’t know what to do. Meethi has an idea. Let us all go out on dinner tonight. We will give some time to both the men to talk to each other. Things will be fine if they talk and sort it out. They will be friends once again. Mukku is happy with this idea.

Maharani is feeding Kajri with her own hands forcefully. You are very brave to have slit your throat but don’t think that you will be able to flee from this place like this. Next time I myself will do it for you and you will be gone forever. I have paid money. You will return it to me with your earnings. I am very mindful about my money.

Meethi calls Akash and talks to him about their dinner date tonight. She doesn’t tell them about Vishnu and Mukta joining them. AKash wants to talk to her about Vishnu’s behavior. As far as I know him he is not like that at all. Meethi was walking when she notices that the door of kholi no. 12 is open. She ends the call with Akash telling him that they will discuss this issue at night. She wonders about the police (who was supposed to keep an eye on this place). She goes inside to check. The place is empty except for an ornament that is lying on the ground. She is sure it belongs to Kajri didi as she only had got that earring made for her. She is worried thinking about Kajri. She immediately calls Akash who asks her if she is sure about it. Meethi confirms that it was her only. We have to saver her somehow. These people are very dangerous. The people of this township say that these people (from kholi no. 12) sell women at all the wrong places. Akash cannot help but wonder about how Kajri bhabhi got into all this. He wants to talk to his uncle (Agarth) once but she points out that they don’t have much time to loose. Akash explains that it isn’t as easy as she thinks it to be. Even police cannot raid such places that easily. I have heard that such places are like maze and the people there are very dangerous too. He decides to go to the police station to talk to the inspector. She wants to come along but he is against it. The atmosphere is not good. She finally agrees. He will keep her informed. But you don’t do anything like that by getting all emotional. I will keep calling you. She hmms and the call ends. Akash is still wondering about his bhabhi.

A man gives a letter to Vishnu outside Thakur House. Vishnu reads it in shock. You remember with whom you had a fight that day? Your boss Yuvaan. He has set his eyes on your wife and he can go to any lengths to get her. He is planning something today as well. If you want you can catch him red handed today as well. He is called at Kholi no. 12, Mangalwadi Road at 8.30 pm tonight. Yuvi smiles as his plan was a success. Vishnu is angry at whoever wrote all these disgusting things for his wife. Yuvi cannot help smile thinking things are going his way. There is no guarantee of this forgetful Vishnu’s memory.

Meethi is pacing in her home worried for she dint get to hear anything from Akash till now. She tries to call him but it is busy. She cannot delay anymore as there can be a risk to Kajri didi’s life. I will have to do something now. She is going downstairs when the picture from her hand falls down. Maiyya picks it up and is surprised to see Kajri’s photo. What happened? Meethi cannot tell her anything as of now as she is in a rush. If Akash calls then tell him that I have left. He knows everything just tell him that I have left already. Maiyya is worried for her. That day Ambika called you and you left and not this. Meethi assures her she will be all right. Just tell Akash as I am in a hurry. She leaves from her home. Maiyya is still worried for her as she is going all be herself.

Meethi is a red light area and shows Kajri’s pic to everyone one by one but no one has seen her. They infact ask her rate. She quietly leaves from there. She finds a girl doing some coloring and then continues to look for Kajri. Yuvi comes to the same place where Meethi is. He is oblivious of her presence and she turns the other way round by the time he turns to look in her direction. Vishnu too comes there in a taxi. Yuvi is glad that he came in his desired hell. Vishnu gets down and notices Yuvi but looks a little confused. Yuvi slightly turns and is sure he will make end all of his memories from Mukta’s mind from tonight onwards.

Precap: The same guy who gave that letter to VIshnu takes him to meet someone. Vishnu too follows him lost in his own thoughts. Yuvi is happy. Meethi asks one of Maharani’s men about Kajri and he answers in positive. He takes her to a room and locks the door from outside. She is scared and bangs at the door asking for help.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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