Uttaran 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meethi explains it to Kajri that every individual has a past. You had one and he had one. He doesn’t love Ambika. He will take some time but he will come out of her memories eventually. Only you will be in his heart then. Everything will change after this wedding. Malvika is irked with Meethi again. She is a thorn in Ambika’s way. How to get away from her! meethi reminds Kajri that it is her haldi tomorrow. I have to go to Mukta’s house to invite her too. She bids Kajri goodnight and heads towards her room. Kajri holds the necklace in her hand but she is still tensed about what she has felt.

Ratna’s goon brings Chameli back to the brothel. She asks for Rani. Chameli denies knowing anything. Ratna points out that there is no daughter son here. A daughter is destined to be another you will a son here will turn out to be dealer only. I have made a deal for Rani. She holds Chameli’s finger with a supari cutter and warns her to speak up till she counts to three. Chameli pushes her and hurts her on the head and then runs away from there. Ratna sends her goons after her once again.

Meethi comes to Mukta’s house and Rani opens the door for her. Rani looks at her from top to toe and vice versa. Meethi smiles at her and so does Rani. Meethi holds out her hand to greet her. Rani keeps her chewing gum on her thumb and stretches her hand for a handshake. Meethi smiles amused. Mukta welcomes Meethi inside. Meethi wonders if this Rani stays in their neighbourhood. Mukta sends Rani inside to finish her meal. Vishnu and Manav have gone out for a walk. Meethi is curious about Rani. Mukta tells her that Rani’s mother is her friend. She has gone to her village for a few days so has left her with us. Rani brings her plate there and sits on the floor. Meethi tells her to sit on the sofa / chair and eat but Mukta tells her to let it be. Meethi is all the more curious about Rani and her mother now. Do I know her? Mukta declines. on the other hand, Chameli is running in the jungle. Meethi invites them all for the wedding. She has also brought clothes and toys for Manav. Rani makes a taunting face. Meethi would have bought something about Rani as well if she knew about her. Chameli is really tired and thirsty. She hears temple bells and goes towards the temple. Few ladies are doing puja. Rani covers her head and walks towards the shivling. She makes sure that everyone has left and drinks water from the pot. She notices food kept on the shivling and is about to eat it when she wonders if Rani has eaten something or not. she cries for her daughter and puts it back. She prays for Rani’s safety. Rani too feels something and stops eating. Mukta asks her if she dint like the food. Meethi offers to feed her but Rani acts all hostile to her. don’t I have hands? I can eat with my hands. Mukta reprimands her for her behaviour and asks her to apologize to Meethi but Meethi tells her to let it be. Rani picks up her plate and goes inside. Mukta apologizes to Meethi on her behalf but Meethi dismisses it. come on time and bring Rani too. Mukta agrees to come tomorrow for sure. They wont be able to come tonight.

The whole Bundela House is decorated. Everyone is busy in preps. Maiyya is also very excited about the whole thing. Malvika smiles thinking that everyone will go down the drain. The whole decor would be wasted as nothing will happen. A curtain drops by her mistake and everyone turns to look at her. she agrees to mend it. People ask for Meethi as they want to start celebrating the function. meethi comes there just then. She wants to go and call Sankrant but Malvika offers to do it.

Sankrant is looking at his phone. Malvika finds him lost in some thoughts and thinks to make use of the opportunity. She tells him that his clothes have been set out. Don’t you want to do the haldi ritual? Maybe you are not happy with this wedding which is why you look so upset. Are you in two minds or are actually thinking about someone else? Sankrant looks at her in shock but knows that his bhabhi does everything for his welfare only. Malvika understands that someone else has fixed all this. Don’t take me wrong. Your Meethi bhabhi takes all the right decisions for her family but marriage is not done for only family’s sake. it is done for yourself too. If you wont be happy with this wedding then how will you keep Kajri happy? rest its up to you. Saying so, she leaves from his room.

Akash makes Sankrant sit opposite Kajri. Meanwhile, he dances with Meethi on Iski Uski. They bring Sankrant, Kajri and everyone else for the dance too. The haldi ritual starts finally. Everyone puts haldi on the bride and groom one by one. Sankrant and Kajri look at each other through the partition once and she can clearly see that he is not comfortable. Maiyya asks Malvika to put haldi on Sankrant. She readily agrees. Maiyya puts haldi on Kajri and talks to her sweetly, blessing her all the while. Malvika is going inside when Maiyya asks her to put haldi on Kajri too. Malvika joins her reluctantly but she wipes it on the cloth under Kajri’s feet when no one is looking in her direction. She simply touches her hands on Kajri’s feet. Maiyya decides to distribute some money amongst the needy people. She immediately thinks of Malvika and gives her some. She gives some money to Gomti as well. Malvika holds the money in her hand angrily. Gomti asks her about her feelings. Why are you taking it out on this money? Only money helps in the bad time, not even people. Even I do not like this wedding. This is no match at all! Meethi is happy for Kajri and prays for her happiness.

Precap: Kajri declines to put garland around Sankrant’s neck. She wants to know if he still loves his first wife. I hope you wont lie to me. Sankrant looks up at her in surprise.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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