Uttaran 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

At Thakur House, Vishnu regrets behaving with Akash badly. I forgot my relation with him in my worry for my son. He hits his hand on the wall so as to punish him. divya and Damini come there just then to stop him. he tells them how he pushed Akash with these very hands. I made a very big mistake. Divya can understand that such things happen when you are feeling too emotional. Damini too tells him to calm down as he regrets his act. Nani says he must not calm down. She walks inside with Mukta. Neither Mukta nor Vishnu should sit quietly. She is actually sad that Vishnu had just pushed Akash. You should have slapped him instead. Mukta is in tears. Damini tries to stop her from adding fuel to the fire but in vain. Look at how Vishnu is punishing himself for pushing Akash a little. This is the mark of a real human being and a good family. I know your family very well. Your granddaughter has made Rani her own daughter. You must be happy that Rani is saved while the goons took our Manav. I know you very well. Ask Mukta what Meethi has done to her. Vishnu gets concerned. Nani tells them about Meethi slapping Mukta. They all are shocked. Damini cannot believe it that Meethi can do something like that. Mukta says you think Nani is lying. You think we will lie to you? I had never thought even in my dreams that Meethi can do this to me. It is my mistake for I brought that Chameli’s daughter at my home for no reason. I lost our Manav in the process. I dint know that we will have to pay for it so heavily. Damini is still not able to believe that Meethi can do it. she begins to talk to Divya but Nani tells her to stop. Meethi was holding Rani close to herself when Mukta asked her to return Rani to those goons so they can get Manav back. Why would she care for Manav as Mukta has given birth to him after all. A mother is indeed a mother! Only Mukta can understand a mother’s pain. Your Meethi wont understand as she can never become a mother. She turns to the others again. stop praising that Meethi and Akash. Think about Manav. Meethi and Akash are only worried for Rani, not Manav. Please understand it now.

In her room, Meethi is in tears as she thinks of Mukta’s words and how she had slapped Mukta finally. She cries as she looks at her hand. Meethi starts hitting it on the wall. Akash holds her hand telling her to stop. He rubs it as it is all swollen and red. Rani notices it too and gasps in shock. Maiyya to comes there and is shocked to see Meethi thus. Meethi is sad that a younger sister raised her hand on the elder sister. Why is all this happening? Mukta thinks I only love Rani and not Manav. You too feel this way. What should I do then! would you sacrifice Rani for saving Manav? Will you send Rani back to that hell? Will you be able to do it? he keeps looking at Rani. Meethi too looks at her. I love Rani a lot. She cannot go back to that place again. I cannot let go of her. I love Manav a lot as well but I cannot do this. maiyya thinks since Rani has come here the happiness of their house is gone. Meethi tells Akash to think of a way to find Manav. We can bring him back without returning Rani to those men. Maiyya leaves from there irritated while Akash agrees to find a solution for this problem.

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Police has come to Thakur House to tape their phones so as to track the goons. All the ladies are not happy to see police in their house. Inspector tells them that all the calls will be recorded. Talk to the goons for long if they call so that tracking becomes easy for us. Nani isn’t happy that Vishnu is actually risking Manav’s life by involving the police. He says this is the only way to reach my son. Vishnu’s phone rings. Inspector tells everyone to be quiet as Vishnu takes the call.

They make him hear Manav’s cries. Vishnu gets emotional. Mukta too years to hear her son’s voice for a second. He requests her not to cry or the goons will turn gutsy. The same goon tells Vishnu that Manav will be alive till tomorrow midnight. If you don’t come with Rani to me till then then I will cut his connection. We don’t have any enmity with your son. give us Rani in place of your son. you don’t understand. Nani takes the phone from Vishnu. she curses and scolds him hearing which the goon cannot help but smile. She agrees to tell them Rani’s location. The guy gets happy. Vishnu disconnects the call before Nani could say anything else. Inspector could track their location (VIrar or the adjoining area). We couldn’t get their exact location but we will try to find the exact place. Nani is irked with Vishnu for disconnecting the phone. Don’t you want your Manav back in the house? You have more sympathy with that pr*stitute’s daughter? Mukta too eyes him angrily. Divya too questions him over his actions. Vishnu says he cannot risk that little girl’s life to save his son. nani taunts Mukta for marrying such a guy. I thought he was just a loser but he is coward too. Vishnu requests her not to instigate his wife. She is my life partner, my partner in all my pain and happiness. Mukta says why don’t you kill me. you too care for Rani more than Manav. He is our son and not Rani. Damini tries to calm her down. Police finally finds out the exact location from where the goon had called. Vishnu and Mukta leave with the policemen.

Meethi thinks of calling Rathore but Akash says they don’t have much time. She suggests him to call some politician or some acquaintance of Bade Papa who might come of help. Akash has a plan. I will have to take Rani with me. meethi declines outright. He assures her that nothing wont happen to Rani. I will bring both Rani and Manav back safely. She refuses to take such a big risk. There must be a way where we don’t have to send Rani. He denies. It is very important for me to find out where Manav has been hidden. If I find that out then I will reach Manav. Damini tells them about the location of Ratna Bai and her men. Vishnu and Mukta have gone with the policemen. He too wants to go. meethi wants to accompany him but Akash and Damini tell her against it. akash even takes his fully loaded pistol along with him. meethi prays that he comes back with Manav safely. Why is all this happening to me Anni? God wrote in my destiny that I can never become a mother. He sent Rani to me and now He wants me to send Rani back? This is not done. I know Mukta is upset with me. I cannot do what she wants me to. Decade old relations have started to break all of a sudden. Damini tells her to ask this question to herself. Is it that you are ready to end all the old ties for a new relation?

Ambika calls out for Maiyya. She adds fuel to the fire. The relationship between two sisters broke because of a stranger girl! I am worried about my baby’s future. Goons took Manav for Rani. What if they take your younger DIL as their hostage? If Meethi can risk Mukta’s son’s life then she can do anything. Maiyya says Meethi isn’t like that. Akash comes downstairs just then. he tells them that he is going to the location told by the police. She wonders if he isn’t taking Rani with him. those goons can do something to Mukta’s son if they don’t find Rani. He replies nothing wont happen to anyone. I will bring Manav back safely. An irritated Maiyya sends Ambika away and heads upstairs.

Damini prays that police is able to find Manav. Rani greets Anni. Don’t worry nothing will happen to Manav Bhaiya. They took him because of me. I told Gori Didi that I will go and bring Manav Bhaiya back but she said no to me. meethi says I cannot lose you in any case. If fate is with us then Akash will bring back Manav safely anyhow. Rani gets confused. What’s fate? Tell me, I will go and bring fate with me. I will ask it to stay with us only. Damini looks at her in disbelief (same words were said by the little Iccha). She thinks of the tattoo in Iccha’s hand when she was small. I have got my fate in my hands. I will better your future now as well. Flashback ends. Epi ends on Damini’s shocked face.

Precap: Akash, Vishnu and Mukta have reached the location along with the policemen. On the other hand, Damini tells Meethi to be ready for the sacrifice in case they fail to bring back Manav. You will have to sacrifice Rani to save Manav. Meethi looks at her in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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