Uttaran 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 24th June 2013 Written Update

Meethi comes to Kanha and he puts divorce papers away. Meethi sees him upset. She says, they misbehaved with you, right? They are just like that, don’t take them seriously. Kanha remembers how Akash apologized him instead misbehaving. He tells Meethi, I ended what I wanted to. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Surabhi signed divorce papers, now I just have to go to Mumbai and give papers to lawyer and end this relationship. Meethi says, I also signed the divorce papers today. Dad sent papers to Akash. Once he signs, we both will be free from this fake relationship.

Damini comes there as well and watches them from a distance. Meethi asks Kanha not to be upset saying she is with him. She says, we both will support each other. When you become weak, I will take care of you, and when I get weak.. They both hug. Kanha says, then I will take care of you. Damini feels worried.

Akash is packing his bag. Sankrant tells Akash, first time this house made a right decision. You’re worrying about Maiyaa, right? I will talk to her. Furious Akash says, I don’t want to listen to anything, Just tell me if you’re coming with me to start our new life or no? Or you want to stay in this house with Mamaji? Sankrant says, I want to live with both, and I won’t let you go anywhere either. I know how much you love Meethi bhabhi. Just explain this to Maiyaa. Akash says, nothing is more important for me than Maiyaa. Sanktrant says, when did I say that? All I am saying is that there is different place for every relationship. Why compete mother-son relationship with husband-wife relationship? You can take of both at a same time. Akash starts walking with his bag. Sankrant stops him and says, if you want to leave, then you can, but leave one thing here. He opens his bag and takes out Akash-Meethi’s wedding photo. He asks him, you want to start a new life, right? Then why are you taking this with you? Can you leave it here? Akash looks down. Sankrant says, no, right? Why are you destroying your life for one promise? He puts photo in his hand and says, I can still see love for bhabhi in your eyes. Go and bring bhabhi back. Akash puts photo back into his bag and leaves from there.

Everyone is sad at Meethi’s house. Sharmaji comes there to invite them for his daughter’s engagement. Thakur apologizes him and saying they might not be able to go as they just returned from doing some rituals after Ichcha’s death. Sharmaji says, I will bring my daughter and son-in-law here one day then. He leaves.

Sankrant comes to Agarth to request him to stop Maiyaa and Akash from leaving their house. Agarth says, there is no point. My sister is too stubborn and so is Akash. They won’t stop. Sankrant says, Akash has got rid off ‘revenge’ word from Maiyaa’s life and Maiyaa can do anything for Akash. You just explain to her that whatever she is doing can be harmful to Akash and she will understand. How can you let your sister go? I know how much you love each other. Where will she go?

Everyone tries to convince Thakur for going to the engagement, at least to give blessings to Sharmaji’s daughter. Meethi supports and says, we can’t stop living because of what happened with me and Kanha bhaiya. Sharmiji’s daughter needs your blessings so you should go. Mukta asks Meethi, you will also come, right? Meethi says, I am sorry, but I can’t come. Mukta says, if you don’t go, then how can we all go? Meethi says, I can’t come, try to understand. Damini also tells Thakur that they should go and says, I will stay with Meethi. Thakur finally agrees.

Agarth and Sankrant come to Akash and Maiyaa. Agarth throws bag and away and asks Akash, only Maiyaa matters to you? We all don’t matter to you? Agarth then says to Maiyaa, did you forget about our relationship? I brought so many changes in myself because of your son and you are leaving this house? Maiyaa says, I didn’t forget anything. But you want Akash to bring Meethi back which is not possible. Even Akash doesn’t want that. Agarth takes Akash’s hand and puts it no Maiyaa’s head. He asks Akash to take Maiyaa’s swear and tell them whether he still loves Meethi and wants to bring back or no. Whether he feels his life is like hell without Meethi or no. Akash doesn’t say anything. Agarth says, what happened? You can’t lie keeping your hand on Maiyaa’s hand, right?

Agarth tells Maiyaa, he gave you promise, but now he’s suffering. And now he will life his rest of the life like this, without smiling. Don’t you want your son to live happily? I saw my daughter’s condition.. she is completely broken. I never thought about my daughter. Akash still has hope because bahu (Meethi) didn’t send him divorce papers yet. He joins his hands and requests Maiyaa. He says, I never asked you for anything… helped you without any question when you needed help, but today.. I am joining my hands and asking you for this. Won’t you do this much for your brother? Maiyaa is in dilemma.

Maiyaa asks Agarth, what if she doesn’t agree to come? She must be hating him now, why would she come? Agarth says, reason for that is we bothered her a lot and made her cry, but now Akash will go to her house and explain her family and bring her back. Hate never wins.. it’s love that wins. Maiyaa says, if they beat my son again, then what? Sankrant says, nothing like that will happen. I have strong belief in love’s strength.. I am sure Akash will be able to get rid off hate from bhabhi’s heart and she will agree to return to this house. Maiyaa drags Akash to her. She asks him, tell me the truth.. do you still want to bring Meethi back? Akash is quiet with fear on his face. Maiyaa says, I got my answer. Go and bring bahu back. Akash says, no. Maiyaa says, I free you from your promise. Go and bring back your happiness. Akash has little smile on his face. Sankrant and Agarth are happy as well.

Precap: Maiyaa calls Damini and tells her that Akash is coming there to bring Meethi back. Damini gets worried.

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