Uttaran 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Kasha kaka brings flowers as Meethi is about to do puja. This house has been through so much yet the diya never blew off. She promises him she won’t let it happen as well. I will only wish that no storm comes this way now. Vishnu is nowhere to be seen. He replies that Vishnu left early morning citing some important work. She agrees…he doesn’t like to be late for his office. He goes to finish off his work. Meethi does the puja with twamev lagnam chant playing in the background. my prayers don’t have as much strength in them as my mom but I only pray that the peace of this house remains intact. No storm ever comes this way and this diya stays lit always.

A car stops outside Bundela House. A man steps out and stands looking at the other side. Meethi continues praying. Hope no other obstacle comes in the way. Show the right way only. The guy turns and looks towards the house. He starts approaching the gates of Bundela house. The winds start blowing and Meethi feels something. She covers the diya in time before it can be blown off by the wind. As soon as the guy outside holds the gates, the diya gets blown off inside starling Meethi. He pushes open the gates and we get to see Akash in a new look. A chant begins playing as soon as he starts walking inside.

The inspector is checking the bail papers for Rathore as Jogi, Mukta and the lawyer wait anxiously. The inspector tells them to complete the paper work after which you can take him. Lawyer gives him papers to sign. Before he can sign, Maiyya and Agarth reach there with their lawyer. Hope you aren’t signing the bail papers sir…Maiyya interrupts them. All 3 turn to look at them. Maiyya and Mukta are face to face for the first time. My Nirbhay’s killer…out and celebrating his freedom…what kind of justice is this? Jogi gets up and so does everyone….in shock.

Akash knocks at the main door of Bundela House. Meethi can only see half of his face. She is unable to identify him so asks out loud as to who he is. Once she is in a proper view, she is shocked to see him at first. Her shock turns into relief seeing Akash. Piya o re piya begins. He too looks at her taking off his glares. She is very happy to see him and he too is struggling with his emotions. He opens his arms for her to come and hug him and she runs towards him happily. She is about to hug him but stops…her arms outstretched, just a little away from cupping his face. She takes a step back and he is pained too see this. He puts his hands down and a chant begins playing. He looks at her from top to toe. She recalls her wedding (and rituals) with Vishnu. He asks her why she stopped. Your Akash is standing in front of you. She wants to know where he was. How are you? He replies I am standing right in front of you…alright. If you look at me from your heart then you will see…pain, anger. I have been cheated. Why did you lie to me? If you wanted to marry Vishnu you could. Why did you promised me you will be back? She says I knew you too wont understand me. Since I met you at the bus stop things at home changed so drastically that it became practically impossible for me to come back to you. I tried a lot to tell you the truth. Tried calling you but couldn’t talk to you. He says truth? I am standing here in front of you. The thing which you couldn’t tell me that day, tell now. Say it. What was the reason for you to break that promise? I was going back ending that relation. You stopped me. You told me to wait for you and come back when you will call. I did what you asked me to. I kept waiting….hoping you will be back now. I was wrong as my Meethi got married to someone else. Why did you do this to me? Tell me why. When you loved me then why did you marry someone else? Answer me. She turns towards him saying, its all because of your Maiyya.

Scene shifts to police station. Maiyya is enjoying the look on Jogi’s face as he goes through the papers submitted by Maiyya’s lawyer. Folding her hands, she fakes an apology. Now your son-in-law wont get bail. Now he should make this place his home and stay here only. Jogi asks the inspector about it and is told that these are custody papers. Mukku shouts this means you wont release my dad? Jogi tells her to calm down. He wants to know what proof has prompted them to cancel the bail. Agarth answers for them. They have found my son’s dead body. What other bigger proof do you want? Everyone is stunned. Aatishgarh police have identified as well. You want any other proof?
Maiyya says we should leave now as they would like to spend some time with him (Rathore) near the bars. They all get up to leave. Maiyya stops smirking. Thakur Sahab, what family you got associated with that your own family got into trouble? She (Mukta) is your real granddaughter and her dad is behind the bars….because of that Iccha and her daughter. You are intelligent what to tell you. Those who hurt others have to bear the brunt of being hurt as well. Wish you dint have any relation with that Meethi’s family then all this wouldn’t have happened. But now because of that Iccha’s family, Meethi’s family your family will have to go through a lot. Mukta stands shocked as she takes the words in. she walks off with her her brother and lawyer. Mukku recalls her words.


Rathore is pacing inside his cell while Mukku and Tappu stand outside. Tappu doesn’t understand what that woman is trying to prove by creating false witnesses and proofs. Mukku too doesn’t know. But her words are full of enmity and revenge. She still wants to take revenge from Meethi. They have found the body and papa will have to stay here. Rathore notices Vishnu standing behind both the ladies. They notice his gaze and turn to look at what he is looking at. Tappu puts her hand on Mukta’s shoulder so as to support her. Vishnu and Rathore stand face to face. Vishnu says you were to get bailed today so came. But just got to know. Rathore nods. They play dramas in the name of law. I don’t like dramas. This time I don’t want to create another trouble. When I look at Mukta then. Vishnu apologizes to him. Mukta and Tappu turn to look at him shocked. Rathore says sorry should be said…not only by you but me too. I feel sorry for you because you feel sorry for m Mukta. Mukku looks away. Nothing is more important for me than Mukta….in fact there is nothing else. I can do anything for her happiness. Mukta is in tears. I had thought when I would go out I would tell everyone the truth, rectify the mistake but what I cannot do…you must do.

Akash claps. Very good. You did what my Maiyya wanted to do, Anni made you swear on her that’s why you forgot the promise. She says atleast you try to understand my misery. He nods. If not me, then who else would understand you. I was waiting for you that day too…now too I will….by staying here. She is taken aback. Meaning? I dint understand anything. He explains to her. Till you don’t come back to me I will wait for you….here only at your house. She is shocked / terrified.

Precap: Meethi begs Akash to leave from here. Vishnu would be coming. What would he think of me? What will I say to him? You can understand please I beg you, go from here. He stays put. I have said what I wanted to. Did you hear? I will repeat – I will stay here only.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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