Uttaran 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Ambika holding a photo of Akash and Meethi in her hand. She says what cannot be mine, cannot be someone else’s as well…even if it is about a picture! These albums and pictures will have to end as they will always keep me reminding how I would have to always stoop down in front of you (Meethi) as I am the younger DIL of this house. Forgive me! She takes out a lighter and says it will be such a pleasure / relief to see you burning. Someone knocks on the door just then. Ambika hides the whole album in her cupboard before Maiyya comes in but she has seen it. Maiyya asks her to come along and sit with all of them to talk. Plus I wanted to ask you and elder DIL about the place of your liking for honeymoon. Ambika gets happy. We all will go together? Maiyya puts it on Akash. He

will decide as his work gets over. Ambika agrees to go and talk to Meethi about it. She leaves from there and Maiyya looks at the cupboard. Ambika thinks, elder DIL is dreaming about honeymoon…she doesn’t know what’s going to happen with her wedding pictures today. Maiyya and Ambika leave finally.

Akash returns home in a very bad mood. Meethi comes there and is worried seeing him thus. Is everything all right? How was your meeting? He tells her that it was such a big and important deal for them. Everything was done but I forgot to take backup of my work as I dint knew that my laptop wouldn’t turn on. Ambika hears this and is happy. Maiyya is also listening to this convo from upstairs and is confused. Meethi wonders about how that can be. Akash is clueless. Someone spilled coffee on it while cleaning the office but I dint knew it. When I was trying to switch it on to give presentation in the meeting, it dint start. I felt so insulted in front of everyone. Ambika recalls how she had dropped coffee over the laptop. The whole staff is careless. No one said anything when I asked them. Maiyya looks at Ambika’s happy face and recalls seeing her coming out of the study room yester night with the empty coffee cup. She wonders if Ambika is behind all this. She was in that room yester night and Akash is saying something fell in the office. Meethi asks Akash to sit near her. he obliges. She sweetly tells him how one can win someone with small things. I have full faith in you that you will cover it up. Leave all your office tensions in office. Take me to the garden the weather outside is too good. Plus we will decide upon the honeymoon destination while sitting outside on the swing. Akash smiles looking at her. Instead of taking her on the wheelchair he picks her up in his arms. Meethi tells him to keep her down or Maiyya will come. He doesn’t agree and cutely teases her. Ambika is upset seeing them happy.

Tappu is sitting lost in thoughts. Jogi comes to her. He asks her if she is worried over what Nani said. She denies. She tells him that she is worried for Mr. Rathore. Don’t know what’s going on in his mind nowadays. The day Meethi got married Ammo told me he was sitting all alone and talking weirdly. Jogi says it might be something related to business but Tappu counters. He doesn’t care about business or loss or profit. There is something for sure. He can be this much disturbed only when the reason is personal. If there is some problem in a relation, some issue or problem, then only he behaves like this. Which relation can it be that can trouble him like this?

Rathore watches as Chaubey heads home in his jeep. His informer comes there. He hands him some papers about every movement of Chaubey. He is in Mumbai since last 11 years, lives in the same bungalow. He has only one daughter, Ambika who has recently got married to Sankrant Chatterjee. That’s all for now. Rathore says this is not all. I want to know everything. I also told you neither of us have time. Go and find out. The informer leaves from there and so does Rathore.

At night, Sankrant is asleep while Ambika gets up and eyes the cupboard. She takes out the album and looks at the photos and then closes it angrily.

Mukta and Vishnu enjoy some roadside snacks. Mukku coughs so Vishnu gets water for her. She is happy looking at how concerned he is for her. Someone is watching over them.

Ambika is in the balcony. All the pictures are spread on the floor. She picks up one of the photo and recalls Akash’s words to her about her being sad over them not getting married. She lights the photo and puts it over all the others and watches them burn. I am burning your happiness. This is just the beginning. This is your first loss because of me. There is a lot to lose Akash. I will snatch everything from you that is close to you. I will ruin you and your family.

Vishnu is on his way to office. He is on call with Mukku. He was scared to send her for the interview as nowadays there are many fraud companies. I was only worried for you. What if it was a waste! She tells him that the office is on 12th floor and the reception is very big too. They both start dreaming about being able to buy their own house. He even suggests a name for their house. They are happy talking about their dreams.

Ambika comes downstairs while talking to her dad on phone. She agrees to meet him at night. She tells Maiyya there is a good news. Maiyya jokes there is good news in her life since you have come. Ambika tells her she was missing her dad and he too was missing her. Maiyya tells her to go and stay at her dad’s place. But Ambika surprises her by saying that he is coming here to stay with them. Maiyya is relieved when she gets to know that he is only coming for dinner. Maiyya tells her to go and cook for her dad but Ambika says he is used to eating the food cooked by me. He will like if someone else cooks for him. maiyya thinks it to be her but Ambika takes Meethi’s name. Let us eat the food cooked by her. maiyya agrees. Ambika is all the more happy to help her elder DIL.

Sankrant comes home from market after buying veggies. He talks about the high low prices of veggies. Ambika is irked with him. His brother talks about millions whereas he talks of prices of onions and tomatoes. She takes the grocery bags with her to the kitchen.

Mukku is called for interview by the receptionist. She isn’t sure looking at her so Mukku shows her the pamphlet. Receptionist calls her boss and tells him about the leaflet. Her name is Mukta Kashyap. The boss looks at the camera clip and smirks. He keeps the phone down and remarks that she indeed has been called for the interview. He tells the receptionist to take her to the conference room and take extra care of her. Receptionist does as told.

Meethi is cooking in the kitchen. Ambika is helping her in cutting the veggies. She is sure her dad will love the food cooked by Meethi. meethi assures her about it. Ambika tells her to call her in case she needs anything. Meethi agrees. Ambika stops for a moment to watch her from outside then goes out. She thinks I tried to create rift between Akash and Meethi but their love is very strong. What if I cant win over Akash, I can atleast attempt something with Meethi….let us see how she saves herself today!

Precap: Meethi lights the stove but the whole kitchen lights up in the process. Ambika is watching it happily as Meethi tries to save herself and calls out for Akash. The door is closed and the lock is up. She tries to reach out for it but falls on the floor in the process. Fire is shown to be spreading / heading in her direction.

Update Credit to: pooja

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