Uttaran 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 23rd August 2013 Written Update

Kanha grabs Akash’s collar and pushes him inside. He locks him inside a room. Akash keeps telling him that the goons will take Meethi far away, but he doesn’t listen and leaves from there. Akash bangs his hand on the door and says, why these people don’t understand?

Meethi regains consciousness. She wonders where she is at. She tries to leave the room, but the door is locked.

Two brothers are drinking outside. The younger is desperate to take revenge. The elder asks him to have patience. Meethi looks out from the door hole. She is shocked seeing the younger brother. She remembers how he misbehaved with her and Mukta in a restaurant and Vishnu beat him and asked to apologize them. Meethi is scared now. She tries to go out from the windows, but windows are locked too. She doesn’t

know what to do. She then takes out her phone and calls her home, but the line is busy. She tries calling on Mukta’s mobile now, but Mukta has put her phone in her room. She tries calling Kanha now, and Kanha is talking with police at the same time. She thinks of Anni, but then says it won’t be good to give her stress. She finally thinks of Akash now.

Akash is worried for Meethi. He says to himself, it must be those three guys. Meethi must be scared. His phone rings. He picks up right away seeing Meethi’s name, and asks her where she is. Meethi says, that minister’s son has kidnapped me who misbehaved with me and Mukta at a restaurant. She asks him to come fast and save her. Akash asks her, where are you? Meethi says, I don’t know. Akash tells her, you must have seen places around there, restaurant or something, tell me that and I will be there. I won’t let anything happen to you. You trust me, right? The brothers are approaching to the room. Meethi tells Akash, they are coming here. Akash says, listen to me carefully. They will come inside, but hide your phone somewhere where they can’t see it. And make sure it doesn’t get disconnected. Meethi hides it in a pocket that her waistband has. The brothers enter. She asks the elder brother, who are you? Why did you bring me here? What do you want? The elder brother says, people call me ‘bhau’. I am elder brother of Rudra. That day your husband was saying a lot that he’s your husband, and was beating Rudra a lot. Now when you will go from here, will he accept you? Akash is hearing everything. The elder brother touches her, and she pushes his hand away. The elder brother continues, you insulted my younger brother and sent him to the jail. You will pay for that insult by getting insulted. Now when you will go from here, you won’t be able to show your face to the world. Meethi cries and begs them to let her go. The elder brother says, scream as much as you want, but your voice won’t go out of this farmhouse. He asks Rudra if he thinks Meethi’s scream will go miles away from this jungle, to Mumbai. Rudra says, her voice won’t even reach to some dhaba (food stall). Akash says, I will have to tell family about Meethi’s call. Right then he hears police van’s siren. He now says, no, if I tell them, then they will give me to the police. I don’t have much time. He somehow manages to go out of the room. He comes to the hall, and there, Kanha is telling a cop, Akash is inside a room. We all think he has kidnapped Meethi. Go and question him. Akash says, if I go in front of them, then they won’t believe me. Every second is important. It’s very important to save Meethi. If I get late by a second, then don’t know what they will do with Meethi. Damini joins Kanha and complains to the cops about Akash. She says, he doesn’t want Meethi to get married and that is why he kidnapped her. They all go to the room and Akash runs out of the house.

Rudra now comes closer to Meethi and touches her face, hand. Meethi tries to hide her phone, but Rudra spots it. Akash takes a taxi to that dhaba. The elder brothers gets angry and breaks the phone. Meethi is crying. Akash cannot hear anything now. He tells driver to drive faster.

Meethi’s family and the cops enter the room, and they can’t find Akash there. Kanha says, seems like he ran away. Damini begs the cops to save Meethi.

The elder brother tells Meethi, if by mistake he comes here, then same thing will happen to him (pointing at broken phone). Now no one will save you. He asks Rudra to get started. Meethi is very scared.

Rudra touches Meethi again. She tries to fight and runs outside the room. The brothers chase her.

In Aatishgadh, the cop informs Agarth that they still didn’t find anything about Nirbhay. Maiyya is happy. The cop further informs that it’s not an outsider’s work. Someone from their own house has done this. Agarth says, what are you saying? I only have three sisters and one daughter-in-law. They can’t do anything like this. Maiyya tells the cop the investigate more. Who kidnapped him from the hospital (Agarth doubts for a moment), who saw him last time. The cop says, we asked everyone around the place from where Nirbhay got kidnapped, but we couldn’t find anything. He met Rathore last time. Maiyya says, there you go. The cop continues, he fought with Rathore as well, but Rathore has nothing to do with kidnapping because he admitted him in the hospital and left with Surabhi. Now we are searching for him in quiet places. It’s possible that he has been kept hidden there. Maiyya says in her mind, before they get to him, I will have to shift him somewhere else, but where?

Meethi is running, but Rudra’s men catch her. She bites everyone and tries to fight. She hits Rudra too. Rudra says, I won’t spare you today. He grabs her hair, and right then Akash enters by breaking a door. Meethi is very happy to see him. The elder brother asks who is him? Rudra says, he was also there that day in a restaurant and he was talking big too. Rudra says to Meethi, your husband didn’t come to save you today, huh? He sent him? What’s his relationship with you? Hero number 2? Everyone laughs. Meethi doesn’t answer anything. Rudra sends him men to fight with Akash. Akash beats everyone. One guy attacks on Akash’s hand with a knife and blood comes out, but Akash still manages to beat him. Now Rudra goes to fight with Akash, while the elder brother is holding Meethi. Akash beats Rudra badly as well. Akash then breaks a bottle and keeps it near Rudra. He then tells the elder brother, bhau leave my wife. The elder brother says, how will you save yourself from here? Akash says, your brother won’t survive, if you don’t listen to me. The elder brother says, how far will you take your heroine? You will get to my hands, and when that happens, I will break your legs. And with this your heroine (he goes closer to her and Akash presses Rudra tighter and he screams). The elder brother asks Akash to leave Rudra. Rudra screams, he will kill me.. he has gone crazy. Episode ends.

Precap: Bhau and all his men are beating Akash. Akash tells Meethi to leave from there, but she says no.
Damini tells Surabhi, your brother betrayed us once again. He knew Meethi is getting married, and he purposely kidnapped her. Surabhi is quiet. Damini continues, I will never forgive him. NEVER.

Update Credit to: dtb

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