Uttaran 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Sankrant telling them that Ambika has agreed to give him divorce which confuses / shocks everyone. Malvika is the most shocked of them all. Ambika agreed? She composes herself. She seems to be a very bad person from what all I have heard from you people. She wonders (aloud) how Ambika agreed so soon. Maiyya is sure she would have asked for lots of money. Give her anything she wants. I will take a dip in Ganga once we are done with her. He replies that Ambika hs not asked for anything which amazes everyone. Akash comments that Ambika’s chapter is over. We don’t have anything to do with her now. Malvika is unable to understand anything.

Mukta calls Chameli but her number is switched off. Its been two hours since she is gone. She told me that her life is in danger. What should I do? She decides to talk to Rani and sits inside the taxi. Rani looks really scared. Mukta asks her about her mother. Why do you look so scared? Is there some problem? You don’t have to be scared from me. rani begins to say something when she stops recalling her mother’s words. I will do anything but I swear I will save you from this world. I am going away for a few days but you wont tell anyone your background. Swear on me!

Ambika is not even picking Malvika’s call which is worrying her all the more. Maiyya comes there to talk to her as she cannot talk to anyone else. Malvika gets happy. Ekadish has surely got a way to break this wedding. Maiyya is still thinking about pandit ji’s words and what Meethi said. I have made up my mind that if everyone is happy with this wedding then why should I think bad about it. my happiness lies in everyone’s happiness. But we will have a small key affair to ward off all the evil eyes. She shows her a mangalsutra. I had kept this for my younger DIL, once Ambika signs on divorce papers everything will be fine. She cannot be trusted. Even a two faced snake is better than her. malvika controls herself somehow. I cannot tolerate it when these people bad mouth her every now and then. Hope this girl doesn’t sign on divorce papers.

Mukta comes to register a missing complaint for Chameli but they cannot do anything till it is 48 hours that the person is missing. Mukta is really worried for Chameli. He tells her not to worry because of such people. They anyways get into such troubles. Mukta wonders what to do about Rani. He suggests her to leave her in some orphanage. The world is not good today. It is not good to leave your kids anywhere for any reason. a tensed Mukta smiles up as she looks Rani and sits next to her to cheer her up. You don’t have to worry about anything. I know what I have to do and where to take you.

Meethi is writing guest list. Akash talks about some meeting and Meethi tells him to keep office things in office only. We are making wedding preps here. She has got most of the things sorted. She asks Maiyya if she wants to invite someone. Maiyya jokes that she should not forget inviting Gomti but don’t call Pavitra. She has not even called us once she has gone back. Malvika is anxious to know what Ambika is up to. Someone is shown to be walking towards the house. Meethi’s pen stops working while she adds some names to the guest list. She asks for a pen from Akash. Just then someone opens the door and all the invitations scatter because of the wind. Ambika picks up one invitation card and looks at it. Everyone is super shocked to see her there. A chant plays in the background. Maiyya, Akash and Meethi recall all the past incidents and bad memories related to her.

Vishnu is looking for baby’s diaper. The money bag falls in the process. He is shocked to see so much money and recalls how he had tried asking Mukta about it yesterday. Why dint she tell me anything about it? From where she got all this money? Hope she has not met some wrong man again! I have to talk to her.

Ambika seeks permission to come in. I have not come here to take anything but to give you. Meethi welcomes her as she has been a part of this family some time back. My only request is that you don’t say anything that causes bitterness in relations here and don’t create any drama here. We all are very happy. maiyya wants her to come straight to the point. Ambika repeats that she has come to give them something. I want to give you something. I have come here to sign these divorce papers. Sankrant is getting affected and she is clearly observing it intently. Malvika stands there confused.

Ambika asks for pen and Meethi gives it to her. Ambika signs the papers in everyone’s presence. Everyone continues to watch her, too stunned to react. Ambika tells them to check if any of the pages has been missed out. Malvika is not able to make sense of anything. Meethi thanks Ambika who takes their permission to spend some time alone with Sankrant. Akash is against it but Meethi allows her for it. ambika turns to face Sankrant. He recalls the last night with her and is still caught in guilt. She requests him to erase the vermilion from her head. Everyone is taken aback by her words. Sankrant has tears in his eyes but he finally does it (he is not happy though). He thanks her for the papers. Ambika wants to ask him something. We are divorced now. We don’t share any relation. Plus you have removed the last sing that identified her as a married lady. But I have one question, did you do it right with me? He looks at her in astonishment. She turns and smirks and walks towards the main door. Sankrant has been jolted by her question and looks on.

Precap: Meethi talks about the impending wish. Maiyya’s wish will get fulfilled too as this house will get its heir. Akash tells her not to trouble herself while thinking about baby. You are so good. You always help people without even their asking for it. Some day God will come to our home in the form of a kid. Mukta brings Rani to her home.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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