Uttaran 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mukta tells Vishnu that she is scared. She gets a call from unknown number. It is Ratna Bai. You have made a grave mistake by calling police here. I am giving you a last chance. Tell me about Rani’s whereabouts. Mukta retorts nicely. Ratna Bai asks her if two police constables will be able to handle her. I will take you son from under their noses. Wait and watch. She ends the call. Mukta is in complete shock after hearing her warning. She tells the same to Vishnu and is in tears. She knows that we have informed police. What if anything happens to our Manav? Her phone rings again. it is a blank call this time. He tries to reassure Mukta about the constables who are on guard outside their door right now. nothing will happen to Manav. The landline starts ringing. Vishnu is irritated when no one says anything. Mukta hugs her son in fear. I wont let anything happen to you. She picks up her phone this time. You cant take my Manav from me. the phones continue to ring side by side and she holds her ears in shock. We must go away from here asap. Meethi was right. We should have stayed at her place only. Let us go. he suggests her to wait till morning but she stays put. She tells the constables to leave from here. We will shift to a place which is not known to Ratna Bai and her men. Constable tells Vishnu to make his wife understand. We wont be able to accompany you if you go from here as we need permission before leaving our spot. Mukta wants to leave. Constable tells them against taking any further risk. We cannot help you beyond this place. Vishnu is caught in between who to listen to.

Meethi is worried about Akash. He is neither picking my call nor calling me back. He could have told me atleast. He walks inside just then. She tells him about Mukta coming here. I told her to stay here. You too can arrange security. He says I know everything already. I have met Vishnu and we have got police protection. There is nothing to worry about now. she is still scared. Come what may I wont send Rani back to that place ever again.

It is raining heavily. Mukta and Vishnu are in an auto. The auto stops suddenly. The couple is shocked to see Ratna Bai standing in the middle of the road. Vishnu and Mukta try to run in the opposite direction but more goons surround them. ratna Bai pulls them both away from each other. You had gone to police station. Where is your constable? Mukta says I took someone’s advice. Ratna Bai wont budge from making her pay for her mistake. They try to snatch Manav from Mukta. Vishnu beats the goons but in the end they beat him badly. Ratna Bai slaps Mukta as she tries to save Manav. I asked for Rani but you love her more than your own baby. You lost your son now. You can cry all you want for your son. Vishnu beats the guy while Mukta screams for Manav. On the other hand, Meethi too wakes up screaming for Manav. Akash switches on the light. She tells him about the dream. Will Manav be alright? He is sure nothing will be wrong. They have police protection. Nothing will happen to them. she wants to go see herself or call MUkta. He tells her against it as it is late. She dials Mukta’s number nonetheless for her own sake.

Mukta screams for help. Vishnu runs after the car but its gone. Mukta cries for Manav. Vishnu runs to comfort Mukta. Nothing will happen to him. She is distraught for losing her son. meethi tells Akash to call Vishnu but he assures her that Vishnu will call him in case there is some problem. He agrees to take her to Vishnu’s place tomorrow morning itself. She hopes everything is fine. Nothing should happen to Manav.

It is 5 am. Meethi wakes up Akash. He is surprised to see her all ready. Where are you going early morning? Dint you sleep the whole night? She was waiting for morning. You promised to take me to Mukta’s place in the morning. It is morning. Please get ready. We must see if Manav is alright or not. he tries to say something but she insists. You promised me so please take me there. He gives in. She wants to meet Mukta and Manav once. I hope Manav is safe.

Jogi asks Mukta about Vishnu. he has gone to register police complaint. Jogi wants to talk to Commissioner to take some action but Mukta is scared what if the goons do something to her Manav. He agrees for her sake but they have to find a solution after all. Nani talks about Akash’s idea of going to police. Vishnu lost his son because of that. There is only one option now. Go to Meethi’s place and handover that Rani to those people. Atleast Manav will be saved that ways. You are a mother. Are you not angry on that makkhi? Even an animal goes to extreme lengths to save its baby. Will you continue to cry like this? jogi requests her to talk calmly. Damini suggests her not to misguide Mukta in such a condition. Nani instead tells her to be quiet. I know you and your family very well. You all are selfish. Jogi tells her against talking like that again. why don’t you understand that they (Mukta and Meethi) are the kids of one family. how can you differentiate between them? she talks about the old tradition of indiscrimination. When the time comes then you accept strangers and forsake your loved ones. Is Rani related to Meethi? is she Meethi’s daughter? Our Mukta has given birth to Manav. Will we sacrifice him just because Meethi has adopted that pr*stitute’s girl? we had gone to Meethi who had declined to return Rani to those goons. Akash too did the wrong thing by going to the police. Jogi angrily tells her to be quiet which doesn’t affect Nani. Why dint anyone tell Meethi to give Rani to them? we could have got Rani again somehow. Why dint anyone even suggested Meethi to do it? Damini knows she wont leave any opportunity to try and create a rift between the sisters who love each other so much. Why would Meethi hurt Manav for Rani? She cannot even think of it. Nani warns her to be quiet. You want your son Mukku? Mukku nods. Nani takes Mukta’s hand to take her with her but Damini holds Mukta’s other hand. Nani tells Mukta that she is going to Meethi’s place. Are you coming with me or not? mukta frees her other hand from Damini’s hold.

Constable is questioning Vishnu’s neighbour for some clue but in vain. Akash and Meethi reach there. She tries to go inside but they don’t let her. she panics. Akash asks one of the guys. They get to know about Manav’s kidnap. Meethi is shocked. Epi ends on Meethi and Mukta’s split screen.

Precap: Mukta tries to make Meethi understand that Manav is more important than Rani. You are not even thinking once what a mother feels in such a situation? Rani is right. You have become selfish. You are punishing me just because you cannot become a mother. Meethi slaps Mukta. Nani shouts angrily at Meethi. ambika is enjoying the scene.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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