Uttaran 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 21st June 2013 Written Update

Maiyya asks Surabhi to go upstairs. Akash stands between Kanha and Nirbhay and asks Nirbhay to let him go. Akash apologizes Kanha for his brother’s mistakes. He then says, I want to say one more thing. Kanha interrupts and asks, with what right you want to say me something, Vishnu? Surabhi stops walking and turns back. Kanha continues, Oh sorry, Akash Chatterjee. That is what your name is, right? I have no relationship with betrayer like you and this family anymore. Kanha leaves.

Akash stares at Nirbhay with anger, but then notices Surabhi falling down. He runs to her and they take her to her room.

Damini is worried for Meethi. Thakur tells her, I understand it is a tough time but we have to be strong. Veer brings divorce papers to them and says, Meethi signed them already. And I think she took the right decision. Thakur agrees and hands over the papers to Damini. Damini says, I can’t understand what is right and what is wrong. She says in her mind, are these papers solution to this pain? Or will this pain last forever?

Doctor does Surbhi’s checkup while Agarth is in her room. Doctor then asks Agarth to go outside. When he comes outside, Nirbhay asks him, that Kanha said so much to Surbahi and you’re still quiet? When I decided to do something, Maiya, Chota everyone came in between. Are they our relatives or Iccha’s? How much insult more we have to take? Do something before I lose my control and kill some people. Agarth says, first we find out what happened to Surabhi. Other things after that. Nirbhay says, what later? What has happened to you? Is it like you have given up? Agarth gets furious and says, if you say anything more, then I will show you how much strength I still have. I know what I am doing and what I am going to do.

Doctor opens the door and says she wants to have a talk. Both Agarth and Nirbhay are going in, but doctor stops Nirbhay outside. Agarth comes in and asks Surabhi how is she feeling now, but she doesn’t respond. He then asks doctor what happened to her. Doctor closes the door and says, I will tell you now. Outside, Nirbhay wonders what’s happening.

In the living room, everyone is wondering what Agarth is doing with doctor since so long. Finally Agarth comes down. Maiyya asks him how’s Surabhi. Agarth says, she is fine and doctor said that she needs rest. She is in a big shock after what happened with Kanha here. He goes toward Nirbhay and says, she shouldn’t have any stress. If anything happens to her, then I will forget all my relationships. He then announces, after seeing what’s happening in this house, I have decided to take over the responsibility of this house. I will make all the decisions now. From today everyone will have to follow my orders. I will begin this with Akash. He asks Akash whether he will follow his order or no. Maiyaa gets up and says, I have full faith in my brother. We will do whatever you say. Agarth says now Maiyaa has agreed too. Will you listen to me or no? Akash says, I will because I know you and Maiyaa will never think anything wrong for this family. Agarth says, then get ready to go to Mumbai. Everyone is confused. Agarth continues, go Mumbai and win Meethi’s heart. Bring bahu back to this house. Everyone is shocked including Maiyaa. Agarth says, whatever you heard is correct. This is my wish and request that he brings Meethi back. He is like my son and I care about him. He won’t be able to live without Meethi. That is why this is my order that he brings Meethi back to this house. Sankrant is happy with this decision.

Nirbhay asks him, do you realize what you’re saying? Agarth asks him, what makes you doubt my decision? He also says, I don’t want any gangsterism anymore. No one will talk about revenge in this house anymore.

Bhabhis object this decision saying Meethi is their enemy Iccha’s daughter and this is wrong. Agarth says, if you don’t agree with me, then there is no need for you to stay in this house. Bhabhis back off.

Agarth asks Maiyya, so do you agree with me? I thought a lot and realized that the revenge won’t do any good to anyone. It’s time to have a new beginning and it will start with Akash.


Sankrant asks Akash to get ready. Maiyya asks Akash, you remember your promise, right? He says, I remember and will remember it for life. I won’t go against you. You don’t want Meethi to come in this house, then she won’t. Sankrant tells Akash, you’re doing no wrong. By doing this, both families will come together. Agarth agrees with Sankrant and says, we will ask Meethi for forgiveness for our bad behavior to her in this house. Maiyya says to Agarth, what if I don’t agree with you? Agarth says, if there is any respect for me, then accept my decision… otherwise door is open.


Akash says to Agarth, fine. I can’t do what you’re saying. But I will agree to your one thing. We three will leave this house because I can’t go against Maiyya. I can’t give her any pain. He starts walking with Maiyya, but Agarth stops them. He tells Maiyya, I am taking this decision for good of this house. Think once more. Nirbhay interrupts and says, if they are going, then let them. Agarth slaps him and everyone is shocked. Agarth says, you talk too much.

Agarth asks Maiyaa to free Akash and let him have a new life.

Episode ends.

Precap: Maiyya asks Akash whether he still wants to bring Meethi back. He doesn’t say anything. Maiyya says, I got your answer. I free you from your promise. Go and bring bahu back. :

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