Uttaran 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 20th September 2013 Written Update

Meethi and Tappu are with Damini in her room. She is taking medicines. Jogi tells her not to worry over anything. Everything will be fine. Damini reassures everyone she is fine. She turns to Meethi. You wanted to say something right…about you and Vishnu. You are hiding something right? Says it. Tappu tells her to take rest first we can always talk later. Jogi too tells her to rest. Damini reiterates I am fine. Tell me Meethi what you wanted to say. Meethi looks at Vishnu and says…this that….I can come here after wedding right…to meet you all. Damini smiles and Tappu too is relieved. Damini says its your home only you can come whenever you feel like. I would say come every day. I will miss you so much. Meethi says we should leave now. You take care of yourself and take medicines on time.

Vishnu too tells her the same. Meethi hugs Damini. Oh God why are you not giving me a chance to tell the truth to everyone. Damini blesses both of them. Jogi too blesses Vishnu. Damini and Tappu watch them leave.

Mukta is with Rathore in police station. She is thankful to God that he will be returning home tomorrow. He turns sarcastic…everything else is because of your God only….destiny’s game….from both the sides. His game, his rules and he will win eventually. She tells him not to be mean. He agrees as his princess doesn’t like it. I wont say anything about him in front of you now. She nods relieved. I can do anything for this smile of yours. I will do anything to bring it back. She rues whatever has to happen, has happened. Nothing can be done now. He reminds her they are Rathores…they don’t talk like this. Let me come out once I will set everything right. Those who shouldn’t be someone, would not be…and those who should be, would be. She tells him nothing can be done as Meethi and Vishnu left for Bundela House today. He says at times some relations break but love, feelings stay intact. And some relations are mere tags, name plates but without any feelings. A relation is based on feelings not on name plate. They have just married there is no love between them. She hugs her dad sadly. He assures her everything will be alright. Papa will set everything right once he is out of here.

Meethi and Vishnu reach Bundela House. She pushes open the door and a chant begins playing. Vishnu suggests getting their luggage out of the car when Kasha Kaka comes running towards them. They exchange pleasantries. Kaka becomes emotional it felt like Iccha’s voice is booming in my head….you are just like your mother. She becomes sad. I couldn’t become like her. He remembers something and goes to get the puja thaal to welcome them in the house. You are entering here for the first time and I am the only person here to welcome you. He does their aarti. This house is dada ji’s legacy now it’s in the hands of both of you. There is no guarantee of me. He offers to get their luggage but Vishnu stops him. I have called you kaka I cannot make you do that work. He goes to get it. Kaka tells Meethi he has got her parents room set for both of them. I am going you both come. Another chant begins as Meethi looks at the keys in her hands. Vishnu gets the entire luggage and they both enter Bundela House together. He keeps glancing at her but she is staring straight ahead.


Agarth, Maiyya and Kajri have come to identify the body. Kajri is scared but Maiyya says you only can identify your husband’s dead body. Kajri says she cannot do it. Maiyya says steel yourself. Hope no woman gets this chance. Look this mark is similar right. Agarth reminds her of the mark as well. Kajri cannot look at the body…she is shivering badly. Somehow she looks at the body and retreats her step. I cannot do it. Maiyya consoles her. I have turned into stone already. You too be strong as it is important. Your husband’s pyre is still empty. Kajri connects with this. She moves ahead gathering all her courage to look at the body. Maiyya grips her head hard so that she doesn’t flinch this time. Kajri shrieks but has no option but to look. Kajri starts crying…it is him. Agarth turns to the inspector. She has said it. But Kajri interrupts….he doesn’t have that other mark on his body. It might not be him. All the plotters turn serious now. Maiyya removes the sheet covering the body and Kajri screams again. Look, what has Rathore done? Did he have so many wounds and marks on his body before? She somehow makes her accept it is Nirbhay. Kajri begins crying hard and hugs Maiyya. Police inspector calls Agarth to come with him for the legal proceedings. Maiyya is happy as their plan worked. Agarth follows the inspector out. Maiyya thinks….the way that Thakur’s maid shouted on phone that Rathore will be free. Now just wait and watch how the happiness of that Iccha’s family will be eclipsed by this.

Kaka welcomes the couple in their room. It feels like Veer and Iccha have come back home. He goes to get tea and coffee for them. Meethi and Vishnu enter in the room. Iccha’s pictures are everywhere and I guess Meethi’s too. She walks up to a big photo of Veer and Iccha on one wall. Vishnu follows her. It feels like life is taking some exam. You and I are here in teacher didi’s room. Maybe because I can remember it every minute….that I shouldn’t falter from my duty / responsibility. Meethi looks at him as he is saying all this. He turns and goes from there.


Both of them are unpacking their stuff. They both are lost thinking over something and look at each other. Kaka comes with tea and coffee for them. He asks Vishnu what he would like in the morning. Vishnu assures him he will take whatever he want on his own in the morning. Kaka is pleased and he leaves. Vishnu says I should go and sleep in some other room. She apologizes to him. He leaves without replying.

Meethi sits back on the bed sad. You can see ma…this is the same room where you and papa used to stay…2 people who loved each other who couldn’t stay away from each other. But circumstances always used to separate them. Today, I and Vishnu will be staying in this very room. 2 people who have been forced by circumstances to live together but they don’t love each other. What do I do ma? Mukta finds me at fault but you are my mother you know I am not to be blamed. I dint do anything. It was all a mistake. She starts crying but remembers Akash…what would he be thinking? He doesn’t know the truth. I only pray that wherever he is, he is fine. Maybe I wont meet him again in my life. Even if I do meet him then what will I tell him. I had promised him I will return….what do I do mom? Epi ends on Meethi’s crying face.

Precap: A car stops outside Bundela House. A man steps out and stands before the gates of Bundela House. He pushes open the door and we get to see Akash in a new look.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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