Uttaran 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 20th June 2013 Written Update

Akash – its all over now. I sacrificed your love so that you stay alive. Maiyya agreed not to seek revenge for the very same reason that I stay away from you. Now there wont be any hatred or revenge. And there wont be any relation between us just as Maiyya wished.

Meethi – everything is over. You ended everything today Mr. Akash Chatterjee and I hate you for this. Piya o re piya as she determinedly signs the papers as Meethi Chatterjee. Akash sits praying while Meethi sits looking at the papers with tears in her eyes.

Sankrant makes Maiyya sit in the car as it is raining heavily. Sankrant stops Akash. What are you doing? Do you not want to meet bhabhi? God has given you this chance to meet her. it wont be tough to find out which hotel is she staying into. Maiyya waits for his answer. He tells his brother, I don’t have any relation with Meethi. This was the promise to Maiyya right. What is the point of looking towards something which we don’t have to tread on? Sankrant nods his head sadly. All sit in the car and head off.

Bell rings. Surabhi goes to open it only to find Kanha. She is stunned to see him. He tells her that they all had come to Illahabad to do Maiyya’s asthi visarjan. Aatishgarh was nearby so I thought of coming here to take the DIVORCE PAPERS. You must have signed them by now. She asks him to come in and wants to get water for him. He stops her. When there is no relation between us then why are you welcoming me like this? He spreads his hand in front of her asking for the paper. I will leave asap as everyone must be waiting for me. She nods tearfully and goes inside to get them.

Meethi looks at the signed divorce papers and Tadeva Lagnam plays. She hears her mother calling out to her. She is happily surprised – ma! Why did you leave me alone? Do you know how much I am missing you? Iccha smiles. I can always hear you. I dint leave you. Meethi says you knew that I was worried that’s why you came na. How do you always get to know when I need you?
Iccha says, I am your mother that’s why. I can always make out when my daughter is upset and needs me. I will always be in front of you. But I want to say something to you. I am upset with you. Why did you end a real and alive relation today along with my asthi visarjan? Meethi doesn’t know what else to do with it. He doesn’t love me but hates me. I too hate him. Iccha tells her that being her daughter she cannot hate anyone ever. And always remember that one shouldn’t take any decision when they are angry. Meethi asks her to tell her what she wants. I will do as you say.
Iccha denies. I wont say anything to you but your heart will. Your inner voice will tell it all to you and do listen to it when it says something to you. Meethi wants her to tell everything clearly. I cannot understand anything of what you are saying. Iccha smiles. You will – just listen to your heart and you will find all your answers. Take care of yourself. She disappears while Meethi keeps requesting her to not talk in riddles. Tell ma…please!

Maiyya looks at Sankrant and Akash. Akash is looking out of the windows and his past moments with Meethi come out flashing in front of him. A new song – ik tu hi plays as both Meethi and Akash recall the moments spent with each other.
Maiyya comments that finally she feels relieved of the burden which she was carrying. Now we will start a new life. Sankrant shares his happiness for the fact that he would stay with them. But Akash still doesn’t look happy. maiyya notices him while he is lost in his memory lane. He recalls Meethi telling him – Mr. Akash Chatterjee you are dead for me! meethi recalls his first I love you and stands confused. Meethi’s I hate you reverberates in Akash’s mind loud and clear. She looks at the divorce papers and starts walking towards them.

Before her, Veer picks up the papers. He notices them signed and feels relieved. No father would want to see his daughter’s house breaking down. But this is the best way to end that relation which was based on lies. I pray to God to fill your life with happiness again – such happiness which ends all the bitterness of the past. See, Iccha our daughter has taken the right decision. Let Kanha come we will leave for home. Meethi nods though she is torn.

Surabhi brings the papers. Nirbhay watches from upstairs as Kanha kind of snatches the papers from her. She stops him and takes off the mangalsutra. He takes it angrily while Tadeva Lagnam chant plays. She tells him to forgive her if possible.
He stops. Forgiveness? How come you are suddenly asking for forgiveness from me? You have been living here since days did you forget this word then? Suddenly when I have come here you are asking for forgiveness? If you were courageous enough then you should have told me everything before leaving or you should have at least called me once to explain everything to me. no need to seek forgiveness from me. You should rather seek it from Nani, Nanu, Ammo Nani, Iccha Maiyya, & Meethi. You broke their hearts. They loved you truly knowing fully well that you were an orphan. How would they know it that you live in such a big haveli? You came in our house to cheat and spy on us. All your lies were accepted as truth by them but in turn you only hurt them. You are the one who broke all the relations and are asking for forgiveness from me? You should rather be punished and handed over to the police. But I know that Ammo Nani wont be happy to know that you are in jail. But you will be punished by that God and his punishment will be greater than what you will get in jail. Nirbhay is super pissed off. Remember my words Surabhi!
He turns to leave when Nirbhay calls out to him angrily. Kanha turns to look at him.


Nirbhay says you spoke a lot son-in-law while standing here. How dare you? Surabhi tries to stop him from advancing towards Kanha. Don’t go anything to him bhaiya. Let him go please. He has no fault in this. Nirbhay keeps telling her to move aside but she stays put. I wont let you go.
Kanha gets a call and tells that he would be home in an hour. Nirbhay pushes Suarbhi aside. What did you think that you will taunt my sister and go back to Mumbai? He holds him by collar. Surabhi is shocked. Kanha very calmly says, so you are her brother (she looks down). Now I understand why she did that to us. When she will have a brother and family like yours than what else would one expect? Nirbhay tells him to lower his volume or else he will pull out his tongue. You insulted my home and sister if I let go of you now than I will change my name. Kanha stands unfazed by his words.


Surabhi comes in between them. Kanha replies I just showed the mirror to Surabhi. What di you think that you will scare me like this? Listen carefully, I dint do anything wrong for which I should be scared. Nirbhay warns him. Now you will see what it is to be scared.
Surabhi pushes him back. Let him go. I have lived with him for years but he never raised his hand or voice on me. It was me who did wrong to him, cheated him not him. I beg of you to let him go. Nirbhay tells her to stop her lectures and move aside. She doesn’t budge. If you wish to raise a hand then raise it on me. Everyone else comes out to see the commotion. Your enmity is from Iccha Maiyya & Meethi. He is not even related to them by blood.
Kanha shouts. My every drop of blood is a debt to my Maiyya. Iccha Maiyya’s enemy is my enemy. Agarth comes downstairs now. And the bad blood which is flowing in your blood….Surbahi tries to stop Nirbhay but this time he pushes her hard outside the door. He makes a fist ready to hit Kanha but stops when he notices Akash (Surabhi falls in his brother’s arms). He takes down his fist as Akash kind of glares at him.

Precap: Agarth tells everyone that looking at the recent happenings I have decided to take over the responsibility of this home. Tell me Akash would you do as I say? Akash nods. Maiyya adds that she trusts her brother. They will do whatever he says. Agarth tells Akash to get Meethi back to her in-laws place leaving Maiyya shocked. Go and win her love again.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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