Uttaran 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 1st January 2014 Written Update

Akash brings Meethi to a cricket ground putting a blindfold on her eyes. He opens the blindfold and tells her she wanted to play cricket, so her wish came true. He calls all his and Meethi’s family members. Meethi is surprised and happy. It will be Meethi’s maayka vs Akash family. Meethi’s maayka is short of one player. Chaubey comes and says he is also from a girl’s side so he will join Meethi’s maayka. Kanha wins the toss and they choose to bat. Ambika asks Akash if she can bowl, but Akash gives ball to Meethi and tells Ambika to bowl next over. Vishnu and Mukta start their innings. Both are unstoppable. Mukta is impressed with Vishnu’s batting and gives a flying kiss to him. Seeing this, Pavitra says she will bowl now. She traps Vishnu by winking and bowls him out. Vishnu says this is

cheating. Mukta asks what happened. He tells her Pavitra winked and trapped. Mukta tells him he should have paid attention to the ball, not to Pavitra’s eyes. Ambika and her father keep reminding Maiyya about the bangles. In last, Chaubey comes to bat, and Maiyya has to bowl him. He hits Maiyya all over. Then Maiyya wets the ball to trick him and take his wicket. Maiyya succeeds doing that.

Now it’s Akash’s team batting. Ambika asks Akash if they two can start. Akash agrees. Akash scores some runs and then Ambika falls while running to stop Akash in the middle of pitch. Akash gets run out and Ambika says she won’t be able bat further either. Others score some runs and then Maiyya has to come to bat. She has to face Chaubey. Maiyya acts something went in her eyes and then next ball she gets out. 1 ball is left and 2 runs are needed. Only Meethi is left to bat. Akash tells her she can do it, but Meethi is not confident enough. Chaubey glares at her and says she will have to pay for taking Ambika’s place. He bowls, and Meethi fails to score any runs. Meethi’s maayka wins. Akash goes to Meethi and says there’re always wins and losses in sports. There is no need to feel bad.

Ambika comes and says both her and Meethi couldn’t play, so she proposes 1 over match between the two. Meethi is unsure, but everyone makes her agree. Ambika lets her bat first. Akash gives some confident to Meethi and she is able to score lots of runs. On the last ball, she hits six and is very happy. Ambika now hopes to take revenge by scoring more runs than Meethi. Chaubey makes fun of Meethi’s condition telling Ambika to be easy on Meethi. This makes Akash angry and he tells Meethi to show them that they don’t need to be easy on her.

Meethi takes the ball and throws it. Ambika hits the ball and it goes high in the sky. Meethi moves herself on a wheelchair to catch it. Ball comes closer to her and she gets up from the wheelchair and catches it. Everyone is shocked and surprised seeing Meethi standing on her feet, while Meethi is too happy to realize that.

Epi ends.

Precap of Uttaran:
Ambika talks to Meethi’s aquarium fish and then breaks it as its close to Meethi and her mother.

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