Uttaran 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ramchand leaves to get the washing soda and Nandini messes with the iron. He comes back and the sari gets burned while Nandini says that what can’t be mine can’t be yours as well. He shows the sari to Meethi and apologizes, Meethi forgives him saying that it was a mistake and tells him to care from next time. Nandini comes and scolds Ramchand while Meethi says that he made a mistake and so does everyone else. Nandini says that Akash brought this sari with so much love; Meethi on the other hand says that Akash brings all the saries with love and will bring another one. Akash says that why one I will make a boutique for you and you can have all the saries you want.
Nandini on seeing Akash and Meethi get closes gets angry and leaves the room. Looking back Meethi sees Nandini and the expression on her face. Aksah goes to get ready while Nandini is frustrated and starts to throw things around in her room. She hits the glass and remembers when she was with Akash planning to get married. She sees the date and its first December and says that if not then, so what about now. She says that I will dress up like a bride.

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Akash is at the party with Meethi and is meeting his collogue who is congratulating him on the merging of the companies. Nandini in her room takes a suit out and looks at the photo as if it’s her family. At the party Meethi and Akash dance while Nandini on the other hand is getting dressed up as a bride.
Mr.Khana also comes to the party, sees Akash and Meethi and grins and says that this is going to be fun. He comes up to them and says that I knew we would meet soon. He says that I came to your house but couldn’t meet you as your husband kicked me out. Akash warns Khana and says that this is a private party and I don’t want any drama. Khana says that didn’t you contact the board they have sold their company. Akash and Khana are welcomed to the front to cut the cake as the two leading partners of the company. Nandini is seeing the mehandi in her hands and then sees the photo of her, Akash and Rani.
Akash is asked by the media of how long will the partnership will last. Khana walks up to him and whispers to him that you should have thought about this before. He says that business is something else and should never be mixed with personal life especially when a pr*stitute is involved. Akash turns around but stops him and Meethi says that I hope that Akash doesn’t take the wrong decisions due to his anger. Khana takes a microphone and says that the deal will go very far and so does Akash.
On arriving home Meethi says to Akash that I am proud that you handled the situation well and didn’t let your anger get the best of you. Akash says that he thought radically and won’t let that happen as many families name are on his shoulders but the rage inside him will not be stopped. Meethi tells him to calm down and says that all will be Okay. Nandini is applying the sindur and says that today I am dressed like a bride and am waiting for you. She says that after applying the sindur I will be waiting for you. She hallucinates about Akash and when she is about to apply the sindur Meethi comes and holds her arm.

Precap: Nandini tells Meethi to leave her hand while Meethi says that drop the sindur than I will leave. Meethi says that you have no right on this sindur while Nandini says that I will take your right away.

Update Credit to: Sona

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