Uttaran 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 1st April 2014 Written Update

Ambika is happy thinking that now Meethi will be dead while Akash will be mourning for the rest of his life. Both the father daughter duo lagh evilly. Ambika tells her dad to make the clock go faster.

Meethi is reading Bhagwad Gita in her cell. Other lady prisoners are listening to what she is reading out. She reads how Lord Krishna asks everyone to come to him leaving everything behind. I will get you free from your sins!

Akash and Mukta reach the spot from where Akash was picked by the goons. Akash remembers from where the goons had come to pick him up. Vishnu too comes there. Mukta tells him about the location. Akash tells him about the direction. He had counted all the rights and lefts. Vishnu suggests to blindfold him while he will drive. You can tell us about the turns as per your count. They all like the idea. They do as they have planned.

Screen splits in three parts. One is Chaubey ordering his goons for something. AKash, Mukta and Vishnu are on their spree while Meethi is reading Gita.

Nani asks Tappu if she is sure about Ambika being alive. At times the truth doesn’t appear to be what it is. Tappu is worried as nothing has been proved till now. Nani is sure Meethi wouldn’t even have touched Ambika. Ram hi Rakhey I dint even meet her. Don’t know if I will be able to see her again or not. She wants to go with Jogi to see Meethi. He is worried as to what will he say to Damini. She says they will have to tell it as she wont forgive them if they tell it later. Jogi is hopeful that things will surely get sorted. Divya comes to tell them she just had a word with Mukku. All 3 of them have gone in search of Ambika. They are hopeful they will be able to save Meethi. Jogi wishes for the same as they only have a few hours left. Everyone looks worried.

Vishnu matches the speed while Akash directs him about the turn with timings. Vishnu keeps adjusting the speed accordingly. They feel that they are on their way. Vishnu is sure they will reach soon where Ambika is hiding as Akash remembers all the turns perfectly.

Maiyya and Kasha Kaka have come to meet Meethi. She requests the constable but he is bound by the rules. He tells them to go. Maiyya wants to hug and apologize to her one last time. Kasha points out that she took too much time in understanding Meethi. Till she was with us, you dint love her and now that you have started loving her then don’t know what will God do. She prays for Meethi’s freedom. She is really feeling sad and wants to apologize to Meethi.

Akash tells Vishnu to stop the car. The goons had stopped the car abruptly and then they had walked him till the hiding place. They all get down and Akash checks which way to go. They all head towards one direction with AKash leading them.

Tappu is quite surprised to see Maiyya there who seeks their forgiveness. Save Meethi somehow! If she doesn’t forgive me then I wont be able to live. My son will die.

Akash is sure they are heading in the right direction. Vishnu points out that Ambika will run away if they get to feel that we are around. Did you hear some noise or anything? They hear the noise of an approaching train. Akash ia able to guess the direction now.

Jogi wants to meet Meethi but they are denied permission. Tappu tells the constable to go tell the jailor about her but he stays put. He tells them off. Tappu stays put and finally slaps him for his rudeness. Constable arrests Tappu for slapping him. Jogi is worried but Tappu winks at him. She is taken inside while everyone looks on.

Akash hears some welding noises. He had heard it very clearly back then and it is very near that building. They ask Mukta to stay here as she can help them in case that’s needed.

Meethi continues to read Gita as Tappu is brought there. Meethi is reading something about soul’s departure. Tappu is put in an adjoining cell. She looks at Meethi and is in tears. She recalls how they had first met and their happy moments afterwards.

Goons are on alert watching at the place where Ambika and Chaubey are. Time is running by as Meethi continues to read the holy book; Jogi and Divya wait patiently in the jail and Akash and Vishnu reach the right place. Akash takes care of the goons who are on guard outside. He and Vishnu advance very carefully as there are other goons too who are keeping a watch.

Chaubey has arranged for a house for Ambika. She hugs him happily. He says you are the daughter of my sister but I have brought you up like my own daughter. I wont let you miss out on anything in life. What has your useless dad Rathore given to you? I have given you all the happiness and will continue to do so. You will go far tomorrow morning that no one will be able to reach you. She thanks him and is happy that time is flying by now.

Tappu is sad as she hears Meethi read Gita. Meethi keeps the book aside and notices Tappu. She goes to talk to her. Don’t cry Massi. I have come to realize my inner strength in these past few days. I had heard about Destiny but now have come to know the real meaning of destiny. We all move as per its plan. Tappu says destiny can be a little harsh with some people. Meethi affirms. It is written in Gita that you reap what you sow. I must have done something! Take care of my Anni after me. I know you all are with her. You all will take good care of her but she is my life. She wont miss me after I am gone as you all would be with her. Meethi has to bathe before being hanged. Meethi tells Tappu she has to go. Tappu corrects her. Say you are coming now but Meethi doesn’t say it. I wont come back ever. Tappu keeps assuring her nothing will happen to her but Meethi doesn’t pay heed. Tappu tells the lady constables to stop as Meethi is innocent. She cries badly telling them to stop but in vain.

Precap: Akash pours kerosene oil all around the house. I will definitely catch Ambika today. The house is on fire while Chaubey keeps calling for help to save Ambika. Ambika is caught inside. Her saree catches fire while on the other hand, the noose is put around Meethi’s neck.

Update Credit to: pooja

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