Uttaran 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 1st April 2013 Written Update

Meethi gets excited and gets ready to go with him. But he says he cant take the risk as if the phone doesn’t work then she might throw it too like the utensil.
She promises him that she wont do anything like that. He still cites an excuse that it is very far from here and they both cant go out together as by the time they will be back it will be night. Its a small village where women don’t stay out at night and certainly Maiyya wont like it. She sits dejected.
He tries to reason out that he will have to take something for 10kms and walk the rest 10kms. If she too goes with him then they will reach by night now and here night is very scary. He then asks for her messages to everyone.

Meethi excitedly tells Akash to convey her messages to everyone back home. Tell them that she is very happy with her Vishnu but don’t tell her about the how she threw the utensil in the morning or else they would be angry with her. Tell Anni that her daughter is very happy and will be back soon. Kanha bhaiya must take care of everyone and especially her bhabhi. Bade papa must take care of his health and have medicines on time. And tell Ma that her daughter will be back soon and will spend a whole week with them. Both smile.

The nurse asks the lady for the patient’s name. She repeats that she doesn’t know her. The nurse nods and asks her to wait outside.
As the lady gets up to leave, Iccha holds her hand and tries to write something. The lady shares the same with the doctor but he doesn’t pay heed and asks her to cooperate by going outside.

She leaves wondering what the lady (Iccha) wanted to say to her.
She sees the Thakur family outside and thanks them for their timely help. She also narrates the same thing to them about Iccha trying to write something. All assure her that she will be alright soon. Veer too assures that the police will certainly find about her whereabouts.
Damini says that humans help humans. Uttaran background music is playing. She tells jogi that it is destiny’s game that that lady (Iccha) saved her daughter. And it has become this lady’s (who had brought Iccha) duty to find out about her (Iccha’s) family members.

Rathore comes from somewhere and Doctor Murthy enquires about the donor. Rathore replies that he is trying and has spread the word everywhere. It will take some time.
Doc Murthy bows down his head. Rathore looks at him and tells him not to do it. Don’t they have that much time? He replies that he will try till the end but they don’t have much time.
All become sad to hear it.

Rathore goes in a corner and his phone rings. He asks for the good news.
The person at the other end replies that they did find a donor but his / her blood group doesn’t match. Rathore becomes sad…controls himself and asks the person to keep on trying.
He sits back dejected and holds his face in his hands. A sad music plays on while he tries hard to control his tears. He speaks aloud…I wont let you go….I wont!

Doctor Murthy enters Iccha’s ward telling Dr. Malhotra to check on Tappu..they need to do the operation fast or they might lose her.
He replies that I know it is a difficult case but now that he is here they also have hope to save her. Maybe a miracle happens and someone donates their heart to her. Iccha was listening to their convo and says Tappu (with the mask on and very low).

Rathore is standing in front of Lord Ganesha’s idol. Jagakarta tu hi is playing in the background.
He looks on for a minute, then turns to leave but stops right there.
He has flashback of the doctor’s word and what the other person had said on phone.
He joins his hand in a fist and turns back. He rues that you have snatched away everything and everyone from me who I love and have loved ever in my life. You feel happy doing it. You wanted this only right? But I am not going to give it up. In your world, the poor are becoming poorer and the rich continue to rule and abuse everyone else. This is your justice! Is this the way you do justice to people…you got Tappu shot? Why not me or Tej Singh? I am your enemy then you should take it out on me only. She was trying to rectify her past mistakes. How does this make sense? She is a daughter, a friend and a mother…how can you snatch the happiness of her relatives like this. Don’t trouble anyone else. What do you want? He then joins his hands and bows down his head, crying he says, see, I have lost today! I give up! You wanted this only right…that Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore comes and begs you. Don’t take away her from me….don’t snatch away anything else for me. He cries his heart out while Ganesha’s aarti continues to play.

Tappu is shown struggling to survive and Iccha is breathing heavily. Iccha takes Tapasya’s name.

Dr. Murthy asks Dr. Malhotra about Iccha. Accident victim? He replies that she is bleeding profusely and has very less chances of survival.
Dr. Murthy realises that she wants to say something. He tells her that he can understand her lip movements though. Iccha speaks out….DONATE HEART and the Dr. repeats after her.


Dr. Murthy asks her if he has heard the right thing. He shares with the other doctor as well but then tells Iccha not to give up so soon. They are doing their best to save her.
The monitor beeps and she is having trouble breathing.
Dr. speaks out that she is sinking and asks the nurse to get her signature / thumb impression asap in case something happens to her. The nurse gives the pen to Iccha but she couldn’t hold on to it so, she took her thumb impression on the papers.


Tappu is struggling hard. The nurse rushes to inform the doc about her condition. The doc leaves telling the nurse to get the machine ready for Iccha.
He then goes to Tappu and gives her electrical shock…to hold her back. Iccha is side by side striving hard to breather.

They have a very touching telepathic convo while the doc continues to revive Tappu.
Tappu: Icchki, I don’t feel like I would live now.
Iccha: no, you have to live Tappu. You cant give up now…you have to be strong.
Tappu: I think our friendship is over now. I am going. I cant even hear my own heartbeat now.
Iccha: But I can still hear it Tappu. You will live. Our friendship is not so weak. I can hear you heartbeat Tappu.
Tappu calls out Iccha and falls back while the doctor looks hopeful now.
Episode ends on the split screen of both the friends.

Precap: Meethi is shouting at Akash that she can feel something is not right. And she wants to speak to Ma. I wont hear any of your excuses this time. I just want to talk to everyone.
Akash shouts back that she doesn’t care about him. It was so far and the sun was so hot. She retorts that she said she would accompany him. He repeats the same thing and she looks a little taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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