Uttaran 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 19th September 2013 Written Update

Meethi comes in the room where Akash had been staying. She gets emotional and looks around the room caressing the bed sheet. She opens the cupboard and finds one of his kurta there. She is crying as she puts it against her cheeks recalling the hug on the bus stop. She stands there lost in her own world hugging it close. Mukta comes there. She is happy to see her state. You still remember Akash so much? Meethi is startled and drops the kurta. Mukta walks up to her. Here in this room you have memories of Akash and there in that room you have my Vishnu. You’re great Meethi. If you loved him so much then why did you get married with Vishnu? You wanted revenge right….from Akash? Meethi closes her eyes. Mukta continues, or you were upset with me over something? Meethi turns to her….what

are you saying Mukku. Mukta interrupts. Don’t call me Mukku. I have told you once. Meethi says I know you wont believe me but trust me I dint want to marry Vishnu. I had come back to tell this only when….flashback begins with Maiyya’s entry and everything that followed. Anni made me swear over her that I will end all my ties with Akash…marry Vishnu then and there only. Now you tell me what could I do? I had promised Akash that I will return to him but I fell weak in front of Anni. I was helpless. Mukta says Anni dint want you to return to Akash right. You could have told her you wont but you cannot marry Vishnu or will marry someone else some other day or anything. Anni was worried over Akash only right then why only Vishnu? Meethi accepts her mistake. But trust me I am trying to change everything….I am trying to set things right. Mukku retorts…trying? Those who feel like doing something they do it. They don’t try. Remember when I had decided I will reunite Iccha ma with Veer papa I did it. I dint even care about myself. I was about to marry a brute like Tej Singh even. At that time my mom came and saved me but she dint tell me that I should think only about myself. Instead she married Tej Singh. Those who wish to do something for others they take the right decision on the right time unlike you who make mistake and try to rectify it. Have you ever thought how she would have lived with that man? Have you ever thought if I was in her place then how would I have lived? Still I can tell you for sure I wouldn’t look back. I would have died but have made Iccha ma meet Veer papa. What do you think that Iccha ma would be proud seeing all this? Meethi says even I am not happy by whatever happened. Mukku retorts that it is good. This is your punishment. You can never be happy by hurting others. Neither would you be able to get Akash nor Vishnu as Vishnu wont be able to forget me ever or neither will he be yours ever. This pain is your life Meethi. She leaves from there. Her words echo in Meethi’s head.

Jogi and Vishnu are with the lawyer. He has come with the bail papers for Rathore. He tells them that they don’t have any eyewitness other than that Shambhu. Plus Aatishgarh police hasn’t been able to find the dead body. Vishnu says the bail would be granted but we must be prepared with our defense. Jogi agrees with him. I don’t trust those people at all. The lawyer assures them Rathore will be out tomorrow and this case will be dismissed as well. Jogi smiles relieved. The lawyer takes their leave.

Meethi recalls Mukta’s words. Those who wish to do something for others they take the right decision on the right time unlike you who make mistake and then try to rectify it. Rohini is after Damini to let her go with Vishnu and Meethi to Bundela House. Damini instead turns to Meethi asking her to check if everything she needs is here. Jogi comes there. Let them leave something behind this way our Meethi will come to meet us. Tappu gives something to Damini to keep in Meethi’s bag. Jogi shares the good news with everyone. Tappu calls out for Mukta to share this with her. She will be so happy. Mukta comes finally and Tappu gives her the news. She hugs her mom. Rohini goes to make kheer for everyone. Mukta asks Jogi if she can go meet her dad. Jogi nods….but after bidding farewell to Meethi and Vishnu. Mukta sweetly says we can do that right now. Tappu is surprised but Mukta nods at her in assurance. Damini asks for Tappu’s help in packing. Tappu obliges all the while looking at Mukta who is smiling sweetly towards Meethi now. Vishnu too watches her approach Meethi. Both the girls hug.


Mukku says…may you stay sad always. Those who hurt others can never be happy. Meethi is shocked. Mukta breaks the hug and turns to Vishnu and folds her hands. Vishnu is observing everything intently. Mukta turns to Jogi asking for his permission to go. He allows her to go and she leaves after exchanging a glance with Vishnu. Meethi recalls the Mukta’s, Vishnu’s, Anni’s, words….every thought and flashback countering the other. Damini brings her out of her reverie. Jogi announces that everything is set. Vishnu begins walking towards them when Meethi interrupts….one minute. I want to tell you all something. I should have told you long ago but I cannot keep quiet anymore. Tappu says we can talk later as well. Go to your dad’s place first or you will get late. Meethi declines. Don’t stop me today. I must tell it to everyone. Tappu tries to protest but Meethi insists. She moves closer to her Anni. You will have to be strong. Jogi is also curious now…have you hidden anything from us? Meethi says at times circumstances are such that we are unable to tell even if we want to. Damini is very confused. Say it clearly. Meethi replies I wanted to say something about this wedding. Damini tells her to say it. Meethi begins…I and Vishnu…we both. Phone rings and everyone’s attention is diverted. Damini picks up the phone and puts it on speaker. It is Maiyya saying why did you go all quiet Thakur’s maid?


She tells Damini to listen to her carefully. Happiness wont return in your family. Agarth has come there to listen as well. Your granddaughter has ruined my son’s life. She hurt him such that I don’t know where he has gone. He hasn’t come back home. Meethi is shocked and worried. And now your family has ruined my 2 son’s life. I called you to tell you that that Rathore will get death punishment. Outside the thunder rolls. Can you hear it? They are warning you of your destruction. If anything happens to my Akash then I will not leave that Meethi. Damini cuts her off….enough! Maiyya is seething in rage on the other end. She puts the call off speaker and picks up the receiver….enough! now listen to me clearly. You are a liar and so is your son as I know for real Rathore dint kill Nirbhay instead he saved Surabhi’s life. To kill someone is in your blood. Our family members can forsake their lives for others. Maiyya is smirking. You can raise as many fake witnesses as you want but in the end, truth will win. Rathore will win. And about my Meethi and her happiness so let me tell you one thing. As soon as your son left my Meethi got her happiness back in her life. Maiyya is making faces. Your son is so ashamed of his deeds that he dint return home but I will pray for him that wherever he is, he is fit and safe. Maiyya tells her to listen to her but Damini shouts back more loudly….I am not done yet. Meethi and Tappu rush to her side. Damini says listen to me carefully. My Meethi has no relation with you or your family from now onwards. She got married with Vishnu and is very happy in her new relation as it wasn’t a sham like the one your son got her into. Meethi tells her to calm down. Damini keeps shouting. It’s a chaste relation and it wont be affected by anything. Do you hear? Meanwhile Jogi disconnects the call and puts the receiver back in place.

Tappu and Meethi help her sit. Maiyya turns to go but is met by Agarth. You were speaking to Meethi’s grandmother? She says yes she being a maid was trying to speak against me. She was insistent that Rathore will be free and they will win. He tells her the time to punish Rathore has come. I got a call from the police station. Now we only have to take that Kajri there to identify the body. Maiyya gets happy. Now the bail wont be granted. He is confused over what she said about Akash that you don’t know where he is. Did he not call you? She says he wont call. This time he dint even tell his Maiyya where he is going. But he has said he will be back then he will be back for sure. Now the thing to see is when he will return and in what form / guise.

Precap: Damini asks Meethi what she wanted to tell about you and Vishnu. You are hiding something right? Says it. Meethi looks at Vishnu and says…this that….!

Update Credit to: pooja

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