Uttaran 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 19th November 2013 Written Update

A man promises ACP Dharamvir Chauhan that he will send sweets his home. ACP tells him bluntly if he would have loved sweets then he wouldn’t be in this profession. Change your thinking. Everything will happen according to the law. The man doesn’t budge. Ekadish comes. ACP welcomes her. The man leaves.

Ekadish praises him for his work and morals. He asks her if someone from her family is in trouble. Family is my weakness. I saved that Rathore for your son only. What’s the problem now? She tells him that Mumbai police has caught hold of my brother Agarth. Only you can save him. He is in Aatishgarh Police’s hands right now. He tells her that the law has become stern these days. She nods. I just saw it all. Plus I too belong to a haveli and we are from the same village. Save him for my sake. Actually he got angry on me and tried to hit my son but that girl got hurt. He cannot understand as to why she is saving the man who was trying to kill her son. She says it is about family. You only help him. What do you want in return? He says a phrase. She understands his meaning and affirms by it.

Vishnu is trying Aakash’s number but Aakash isn’t picking any of his calls. He tells the same to Mukku. I know Anni has told him not to meet Meethi but he can atleast talk to me. Sankrant gives medicines to Aakash which he takes. Aakash recalls Damini’s words if he will understand only when he will lose Meethi.

ACP ensures he will see to the case. I don’t want any cash for it. If you can help my family then things will be fine. She is confused. He says our families have known each other for long. If we could change these relations into something else…meaning he wants Aakash to marry his only daughter. Make her the DIL of your house. Maiyya gets thinking. He tells her not to think too much. I was thinking about all this only when you came to me with your problem. I come to your help when you are in trouble now you join hands with me in this happiness. You will see that no problem will come to you ever. This is my promise. She likes his proposal. He tells her to eat something. She nods. Now I will have sweets only. I want to see my son now. You wait for my call. She leaves and he smiles happily.

Meethi recalls the whole incident of Agarth shooting a bullet at Aakash and wakes up screaming Aakash’s name. She is worried about him. She looks outside and sees him standing there. Instrumental music plays and she is very much relieved to see him all fit and fine. She stretches out her hand in order to call him. He too does the same from outside. She nods at him and so does he. They both keep looking at each other. He walks in now and is standing near her bed. She is happy to see him here. You are here with me. He stretches out his hand for her. She tries to reach out to him but is not able to do so. She removes the duvet to walk over to him but is not able to move. She is confused but continues smiling as she looks at him. She is trying to reach out to him but cannot move her legs. She tries harder and harder but is not able to do so. She finally falls on the floor in her attempt calling out for him.


Maiyya does puja of Aakash’s room and tells her sons to take aarti and Prasad. She says Damini is right. I overheard your convo in the hospital. Forget Meethi. It feels like God doesn’t want you two to be together. Try however hard you want to but you cannot get what’s not in your fate. God makes relations and brings two people together. What can we do if he doesn’t want you and Meethi to be together? I want to make a decision for your and Meethi’s sake. I too want what Damini wants. Forget Meethi. Go away from her life. Will you be able to take it if something happens to her? Would you be able to live with this guilt that for you your Meethi died? Aakash looks shocked / fearful. This time she was saved but what if that’s not next time? That is why I have decided that you should get married.

Meethi calls out for Aakash. She looks up but cannot see him anywhere. She calls out for him again and then doc. Damini, Mukku and everyone else hears her voice outside. Everyone gets outside. Jogi stops Damini as they aren’t allowed to go in. Doc goes inside to check. Damini is worried. She was shouting right? Jogi assures her everything will be fine. Meethi is being lifted up with the help of a few nurses. Doc is puzzled as to how she fell. Did you slip? She tells him that she cannot feel anything. I am not able to move my feet. Tell me what has happened to my legs?


Nurse tells her to calm down. Doc tells her not to get tensed. Move your legs slowly. He offers to help her. he lifts one of her legs but as soon as he lets go, it falls back limply. Meethi is shocked and so is the doc. What has happened to my legs doc? I cannot move them on my own. He is all quiet. She wants him to say something. I cannot move them or do anything. She is all nerves and crying. Doc tells the nurse to get something. He rubs something against Meethi’s foot and asks her if she can feel anything? She tells him she cannot even feel his touch let alone something else. Do something I am not able to move my legs or do anything. She is crying very badly.

Maiyya tells Aakash it is for his and Meethi’s good. He tells her to leave him alone for some time. She leaves with Sankrant. Aakash has tears in his eyes. He closes his eyes in pain while recalling Maiyya’s words.

Damini is still tensed. What’s happening? Doc comes out. He tells the nurse to get patient ready for a few tests. Damini asks him what happened. Doc tells them they have a bad news. The bullet has injured the spinal cord very badly because of which the lower half of Meethi’s body is completely paralysed. Everyone is in for a shock. We are examining the patient but I am afraid she might not be able to walk ever in future. They are all stunned with this piece of news.

Precap: Jogi is inside Meethi’s room while Mukku looks on from outside. She is holding onto his finger. She asks him if he will again make her learn how to walk. Will you teach me to walk again bade papa? The way you taught mom and massi to walk…the same way you will teach me to walk again right? I will walk again. He nods.

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