Uttaran 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Vishnu saying everyone has some beliefs, values which they follow in life….and these are my values. If I break this relation thinking it is you instead of Mukta then I can let go of Mukta too in case I get into some other problem in future. No Meethi what you tried to prove today was right. We cannot fulfill every aspect of our relation today but breaking this relation is just not my thing. My decision wont change ever now. You lost your love and I lost mine but now we will have to live together…forgetting that love, its memories. This only is my last decision. She is crying silently. He goes out of the room and Meethi sits there crying.

Saiyaan begins playing in the background as the scene shifts to Mukku crying to herself in her room. And we see Vishnu standing outside

in the garden. Lightning strikes. Meethi too is crying in her room recalling Akash. Next we see Vishnu looking up towards the sky with pained expressions. Mukku recalls Vishnu’s convo about not being able to believe they would get married today. Another flashback of Vishnu marrying Meethi is shown. She is crying hard. Vishnu recalls Mukku telling him to change it as it isn’t right at all. Scene keeps alternating between Vishnu and Mukta now with both of them reminiscing the past and crying.

Next morning, few neighbors have come to meet the newlywed. Tappu immediately offers to get them tea made by Mukku (so that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable) but the ladies declines. We have got puja at home so have to leave early. Damini notices Meethi coming in just then. Meethi greets the ladies and takes their blessings. All the ladies congratulate her and even give her a gift. A lady teases her that she woke up quite early today even though she got married. Another lady apologises to Damini for not being able to come this time but we will surely be present in every ceremony of Mukta’s wedding. Start searching for a groom like her brother-in-law for her as well. She too will get lucky. Tappu keeps glancing at Mukta after every remark. Vishnu too makes an entry. Damini asks him where he had gone. He quietly comes and stands next to Meethi. Damini introduces him with everyone. Mukku and Vishnu steal a glance at each other. Another lady teases the groom. Tappu takes his side….he had gone to the temple. He told me before going. The ladies compliment the couple which leaves Mukku fuming with anger. Another lady praises Meethi for setting an example by getting married for the second time or women just keep continuing their burdens of relationships. Meethi is sad….I cannot be an example for anyone.

Agarth shows Nirbhay’s photo to some guy. Look at it carefully. There are many dead bodies here in this morgue which hasn’t been identified. I want one such dead body….just like this one. He takes the photo from Agarth. Agarth tells him the details….height 6’2”, strong body and on the side of the neck there is a long scar of knife. The guy smiles wickedly. Is it related to some will? Agarth tells him to do as he is told. I want a similar dead body…the face should be unrecognizable but this mark should be there. The guy nods and agrees to get it all done but money? Agarth gives him some. He gets happy. I will show all the bodies to you. Choose the one you like. Agarth nods at the first dead body itself.

Gunwanti and Umed reach Thakur House’s main entrance. Damini notices them coming. She is a little surprised but then folds her hands towards them just like they do upon seeing her. Everyone turns to look in their direction. Meethi is happy to see them. The ladies take their leave.


Mai is emotional seeing the couple…they look just like…Veer and Iccha – Umed completes for her. She nods. Damini offers them sweets. Mai folds her hands in fronts of her. Damini tells her to forget the past. No need to say anything. You both are Meethi’s grandparents. Mai happily feeds them both sweets. They all sit together. Umed apologizes for not coming on the wedding. The house came on a standstill after Iccha’s death. Mai gets emotional. I saw Veer breaking down and kept cursing myself for all my mistakes. I dint feel like going anywhere. My grandson is in jail and my son has settled abroad now. He said that he wont be able to live in this house without Iccha. Umed produces the shagun they had brought to gift the newlywed. Everyone gets up. Mai tells Vishnu to keep his hand under Meethi’s. He does as he is told and a chant begins in the background. She says from now on Bundela House is yours as Mukku looks on from far. Meethi takes out the keys and looks at Damini who nods back. Vishnu folds his hands and very politely thanks them for the gift. I understand and respect your feelings associated with this gift. You can give it to your granddaughter but how can I take it? Everyone is taken aback with his words. I want to create my own life, my own house by doing hard work. Mukku looks at him shocked.


Vishnu continues, trust me your granddaughter wont be at a loss of anything. Umed praises him. Do that only son. But this isn’t a gift. It’s a legacy, a inheritance. Who else do we have? Vansh is no more, Veer has left already and don’t know how much time it will take Yuvi to come out. Dadda ji used to say that the house shouldn’t be empty anytime. Morning and evening puja should be done at home every day religiously. You tell me who else to hand over our legacy to then? We only want you and Meethi to stay in a home where Veer and Iccha used to live. Mai nods. After that we both will go. Meethi asks them where they will go. Mai replies if not now, then why will they do penitence. We will stay in our ancestral home after taking up a pilgrimage. Many people of our age live there. We will stay there somehow till our end. One more thing, you and your brother have equal rights on this house. Meethi remarks if ma would have been alive and the way she would have taken care of this house, I promise I too will take care of it the same way. It’s my promise to both of you. She hugs Mai.

Agarth tells Maiyya the dead body has been arranged for. Now the police will confirm with them and come to us for identification. She asks about the scars on the body. He says I have fed him enough…60,000. He only will take care of all that. I was shivering looking at all those dead bodies there. She understands what he is going through. Many years ago I had gone there to identify my husband’s body. I am still unable to sleep for a few days as and when I recall that horror. He is pained by her words. You have done the right thing. He says that’s the least I could do for my son. Now only that Rathore should be punished. Maiyya remarks that that family took away both our sons – by killing one and of my other son too….by killing his desire to live.

Precap: Meethi says even I am not happy by whatever happened. Mukku retorts that it is good. This is your punishment. You can never be happy by hurting others. Neither would you be able to get Akash nor Vishnu as Vishnu wont be able to forget me ever or neither will he be yours ever. This pain is your life Meethi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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