Uttaran 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 18th June 2013 Written Update

Meethi notices a guy in the river praying. She looks at him with tears in her eyes. She stands relieved yet pained. She calls out to him – Vishnu! He turns back hearing her voice and looks equally pained too. Piya o re piya starts playing in the background as they both advance towards each other. Maiyya and Sankrant notice Meethi as well. Akash gets out of the river and climbs the stairs. Meethi runs towards him crossing over Maiyya and Sankrant. They both stand face to face with each other.
She smiles happily. You are alive? For a second I thought that I had lost you. If something happens to you then I wont be able to live. I would die. I cannot live without you. Thank God you are alright. In her excitement she is about to hold his cheeks when she stops realising what she was about to do. She has flashback of asking him if he is Vishnu or Akash. He tells her his name – Akash. He looks at her hands held in air. She takes them backed shocked. Maiyya watches everything keenly though she is waiting with bated breath as to what is about to happen.

Meethi utters….I regret that I fell in love with a guy like you. I regret it. She turns and runs off. Akash takes a step forward but the stops. He quietly watches her go with tears in his eyes.

Different incidents start playing in Ekadish’s mind. When Akash was wounded he had asked for Meethi; Agarth warning her that Akash can slit his wrists again to ask for Meethi to be brought back to Aatishgarh. She goes to him with Sankrant following her. She also recalls him promising her that he wont go back to Meethi ever. She holds his hand and brings him back to where the puja is happening. Rupam dehi chant plays as all 3 of them sit for the puja.

Jogi calls Thakur House. Divya picks up. He tells her that they bid final adieu to Iccha today. Divya is tearful. She talks to Damini next and tries to comfort her. You have filled onle one of your responsibility. You have to be strong for Meethi and Kanha. Meethi has gone so quiet since last few days. Damini nods. What else would she do? Her life has been so unjust to her. Both my kids have been cheated and their happiness robbed. When they needed their mother most at that time God snatched their mother from them. Now there is only emptiness in their lives. I don’t know what to say. Divya tells her to be strong. They disconnect the call. Damini rues first Kanha was upset now Meethi is too. Veer assures her that they all will support their kids. Together we will get happiness back in their lives. Their wounds will heal with our love. They will start living again. Have faith. Damini looks at a lost Kanha looking out of the window.

Sankrant asks Akash why did you not stop bhabhi. God gave you a chance and you lost it. Rupam dehi chant plays as Sankrant decides to go and talk to his bhabhi. I will apologize to her and make her understand everything.
Akash stops him. We are here to do our dad’s asthi visarjan. Har har gange chant begins. Right now nothing else is important. Rest if you are talking about me and Meethi then I must tell you that there is nothing between us anymore. Maiyya tells the pandit ji to begin the chants and rituals while Sankrant keeps looking towards the direction of where Meethi had ran off.

Tappu is looking at a pic of Iccha and herself. Rathore comes there asking if she is ok. She tells him that ma was right. Iccha’s ashes were her last memento with us. Now there is nothing left but memories only. It seems like only yesterday when both our families lived together happily. Flashbacks of small Iccha & Tappu are shown playing and enjoying. Today I dint have any strength to step out of the room when the kalash was being taken away. rathore very sweetly tells her that she is here only…in your every heartbeat. Tappu smiles sadly. It is good to lighten our mood but the reality is that Iccha is no more with us. She is not here amongst us. Now Meethi is my responsibility. I will hold her hand and help her come out of the bitterness of her life. I will show her a new way.
Rathore interrupts. Forgive me but I don’t feel anyone has any right to take someone else’s decisions. Looking at Meethi it is clear that she is confused whether she still loves Akash or not. She needs her time to realise what she wants.
Tappu doesn’t listen to him. Ma I feel like we should look for a right kind of guy for our Meethi and get her married again. Nani is amazed with her decision. Ram hi Rakhey, till now Iccha’s ashes haven’t even soaked well in the ganges and you are talking about marriage? Plus she hasn’t even got divorced yet. Divya agrees with Nani. After someone’s demise we don’t do any celebration for a year’s time. Nani adds that this isn’t a game of puppets. Marry one day and take divorce the other day. Rathore listens on quietly.
Tappu shouts back. What age are you living in? You are talking old and orthodox things. Now the time has changed. Now no one believes in these rituals. I just want a good guy for my daughter with whom she can start a new life. She must forget her past. Nani gives her back rightly (for the second time logical…good going!). It’s not easy and who better to know this than you. If it was the case then you would have started your life afresh with Rathore. Everyone looks shocked. Don’t feel bad. Though I am old yet my mind is still at its right place. She leaves angrily. Divya leaves after her assuring Tappu that all will be fine. Rathore & Tappu look at each other uncomfortably.


Meethi stands before a havan kund and cries hard. Her 2 souls appear on her either side. Who are you crying for, that cheater? They are of no use for him. Wipe them off. The second one tells her not to stay quiet today or else she wont get her answers ever. Meethi asks aloud, what is left there to ask?

Akash while doing the puja thinks what is left to say now. The Vishnu who loved you is dead.

All the while a chant plays. Meethi’s souls tell her to go and ask him why he played with her heart. If you are still crying for him then you would repent. Meethi rues as to why she still loves him.

Akash in his mind tells her that he isn’t worthy of her love.

Her reflection reminds her that now your heart should only bear hatred for him. go and take all the answers from him for once and all.

Akash says, let your tears flow today and end my existence in your life for forever.

Meethi’s reflections are upset thinking that she still loves him. Akash on the other hand is ashamed too, of himself and his love. I gave you pain by lying to you now it is my turn to bear it.

They tell Meethi not to shed tears for a guy like him. Now only cradle hatred in your heart. Go and ask him what all you want to. Break this relation which is anyhow a burden for you. Let the fake identity of it dissolve. This isn’t the time to fall weak. You must stand strong now. meethi cannot take it anymore. She holds her ears shouting at them to stop it. Her inner reflections disappear as she stands helpless and tearful.


Akash, Maiyya & Sankrant advance towards the ganges to let the ashes merge into the river. Maiyya tells Akash, since years I kept it dear to me and the revenge as well. Today I am bidding both of them farewell only for your sake. I am giving up the revenge game for you. I just have one hope from you that you wont do anything which will make me regret that I let the chance to avenge my hubby’s death go waste. He nods saying he wont do any such thing. She adds that she doesn’t want him to go back to Meethi ever. He replies that he has taken the name of Meethi out of his life.

Precap: Meethi tells Akash (standing with his back towards her I guess dint see it just heard), listen to one thing today. I, Meethi promise you that I will hate you from today onwards. Akash has tears in his eyes. Mr. Akash Chatterjee you are dead for me. Meethi hates you. I hate you Akash. Akash closes his eyes in pain. :

Update Credit to: Pooja

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