Uttaran 17th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 17th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 17th January 2014 Written Update

Vishnu comes back home. He finds Mukku asleep in a sitting position on the floor. He sits down next to her and removes a strand from her face. She wakes up and they both look at each other with tears in their eyes. He apologizes to her while she hugs tight. They both are crying. She was worried for him. Where did you go leaving me? Tell me once and I will leave the job tomorrow itself but don’t leave me. Don’t you trust me? I will never let a third person come in between us. Vishnu nods his head. They again hug. I wont leave you for a second now…never!

Meethi is sitting in the reception area lost in her thoughts. Ambika joins her. she asks for Sankrant and Akash and is told that they both are keeping the luggage in the car. Ambika asks Meethi what she is thinking. Meethi shares her doubts

with Ambika. Who sent all those messages? Akash hasn’t got his phone back till now. Ambika agrees with her. Meethi says, things have been weird since we have come here. I think someone is behind all this for sure. It looks like someone wants to kill me. Ambika says it can be someone who has tried to hurt you in the past as well or some enemy of Akash. Meethi recalls Maiyya. Ambika is sure it cannot be from her family so it can be from her in-laws too. She takes the names of Gomti, Pavitra and ends up on Maiyya. Meethi recalls how Maiyya had treated her earlier in Aatishgarh. Ambika is happy as she notices the doubt on Meethi’s face. Bull’s eye! Akash calls out for them. ambika leaves asking Meethi to come. Meethi wonders if Maiyya can do all this.

Vishnu is walking on a road. She stops by near a scooty, takes out a paper and circles an opening in the newspaper. He calls up on the given number but that person declines to even call him for an interview.

Pavitra announces the return of Akash, Sankrant and their respective wives. Maiyya is upset that they are coming back so soon. She is irritated all the more when Pavitra asks her what to cook in dinner. She sends her off. The landline rings. Maiyya is irked as she thinks it might be Chaubey’s call. She asks Gomti to pick it up. It turns out to be Akash’s call. She thinks of making him talk to Maiyya but mistakes Maiyya’s hand gesture as a no and ends the call. Maiyya is all the more pissed off. Its been 2 days only and now both the DIL’s are coming back. Think something Ekadish. Think of a solution for Ambika.

Rathore is checking the records of Princeton hospital. He doesn’t find anything. One of the attendants / caretaker gets him more files. You have seen the rest of the files. Rathore starts flipping through their pages. He continues searching. He cannot find anything. He wonders if he will have to stay unawares of such an important chapter of his life. Malvika, her death, my unborn child inside her…what’s the story! Would I never get to know the truth? He asks for anyone who would have worked here 25 years ago. That man doesn’t recall anything immediately but then remembers a man who can help him.

Damini is coming downstairs when she notices a wheelchair in the middle of the door. she shouts for Meethi. jogi and Divya else comes out hearing her voice. She shows them the wheelchair. I knew something would happen to Meethi. Jogia nd Divya are shocked to see it. This happened last time as well. An injured Akash enters. Jogi wants to know about the wheelchair. Damini is also worried for Meethi. He asks her if she remembers what she had written in her letter. A husband has to fulfil the responsibility of a husband and brother then how could I let anything happen to Meethi. Jogi asks him not to talk in riddles. Where is Meethi? Akash turns and Meethi makes an entry. They are overwhelmed to see her walking on her own. A chant plays in the background. Rohini has come there too by now. Damini is very happy as she hugs Meethi so are others. Akash decides to organize a party to share his happiness. You are the first invitees. Jogi agrees. Meethi asks him to check with Maiyya once atleast. He is sure she wouldn’t mind. Akash asks for Rathore and is told that he has gone to Kasauli. They decide to keep it on hold till he is back.

Vishnu is walking all lost on the road while the rejection conversations with various offices he has called in keeps echoing in his head. He closes his ears and the voices fade down. He tears the paper angrily.

Rathore is talking to the Father of Princeton Hospital. There must be someone in Kasauli at present who was working with you 25 years ago. Father reasons that there are different cases and so many casualties or stuff how will one person remember incidents that happened 25 years ago? Rathore nods in affirmation. But this is a very big question for me, life. My wife Malvika, her pregnancy…it is very important for me to know what happened. Father remembers a head nurse named Vibha Reddy who has retired 2 years back. Rathore asks for her address. He tells himself to hold onto the ray of hope. Maybe that nurse would remember what happened on that unfateful night….maybe I would be able to unveil Chaubey’s truth then. Maybe!

Sankrant takes aarti from the puja thaal. He is excitedly telling Maiyya that she wouldn’t believe it when she will see it (he is talking about Meethi). ambika is there too. She doesn’t understand a thing and asks for Akash. Just then Akash calls out to her that he is here. Maiyya is happy to see him. She begins to go to do his aarti but stops when she sees Meethi standing on her own feet. She is so shocked that she drops the thaal. Meethi is watching her intently. Ambika realises that Maiyya has been deeply affected / shocked. Meethi recalls AMbika’s words about how one of the sisters might be responsible for all that has happened. ambika is happy thinking that the seed of doubt has worked. Let us see what Meethi does now!

Precap: Maiyya asks Akash if he thinks it was intentional or unintentional. Meethi cross questions her about the same. Maiyya looks at Ambika saying how would I know as I was here. How would I know what happened there and who did what? .

Update Credit to: Pooja

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