Uttaran 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 17th April 2013 Written Update

Aatishgarh Haveli:

The lady runs out while Meethi keeps following her asking her to stop. The lady comes downstairs and collides with Maiyya. Everyone is shocked while Akash glances up towards Meethi somewhat worried. Meethi watches everyone’s reactions intently.

Meethi firmly asks Maiyya who she is. She was locked in that room upstairs. She was trying to open the door. No one ever told me that somebody is locked up there since so many days. I always used to wonder whenever I used to go there and heard some noise coming from inside. Whenever I used to ask about the noise everyone – Maiyya, Vishnu, massi- you all asked me not to go there as there is wind. You all used to scare me. This poor lady was locked up there. All said it’s only wind, don’t go there Meethi. All look worried and shocked.

Mama angrily twists the lady’s hand and asks how did she come here and for what reason? The lady is in pain. Mama then smiles looking at Meethi. He says she is my wife – Kadambari. She is ill.
Maiyya asks him to take her sister-in-law to her room. She is ill. I just hope she doesn’t create any drama. Go bhaiya. Mama is on his way upstairs when Meethi again asks ill? For which illness do we keep people locked in a room? What kind of a treatment is this? Everyone is speechless.
Maiyya says bahuriya, she is ill since years. She is mad. We took her everywhere to get treated but it was of no use. So we locked her inside. We cant do anything about it. She can harm herself and others too. What if she does something wrong? Agarth bhaiya takes care of her very well. He has kept her here as he cant see her suffering in a mental hospital. She folds her hands towards others who had come to celebrate along with them. Forgive me for everything. It is over…you can!
Meethi is thinking hard about what she has said but doesn’t seem convinced. Mama takes her away forcefully. Maiyya asks Vishnu to take Meehti upstairs to their room. He does and maiyya watches them angrily. Nirbhay drops the dhol on floor in anger. She tells him to be patient.

Akash asks Meethi to have some water but she denies. She says I don’t know Vishnu but I am not able to trust anything what Maiyya has said. Akash looks up shocked.
Meethi says to Akash since they have come here to Aatishgarh she felt that something is odd. That guy who I keep bumping in to. Every time I meet him he asks me to run away from here. There is danger lurking for her and she has been caged. And today that lady…why Vishnu? Why did we lock her in a room? She is after all a human being only. Why did everyone hid this from her including you? Why they all named it as wind and scared me? You too lied to me Vishnu why?

Akash is uncomfortable. He says that he wanted to but the day they came here then only mama ji had told me everything but had asked me not to share it with you. But believe me Meethi they never misbehaved with her. Though whenever some new person comes to their house, she sometimes runs away or is unable to comprehend. It is also a matter of mama ji’s respect in the society so we all made that story for you.
Meethi says if you had shared all this with me before then would I not believe it? Tell me Vishnu why did you hide it from me? Akash says he intended to but then felt that she would ask him to take her back to her home. Believe me Meethi…do you trust me?
Meethi replies I do but you don’t trust me. I trust you that is why I have come here with you in this village away from my family. You too could have trusted me atleast. I know that you wont lie to me ever. She takes his hand in hers and says you don’t know Vishnu, how much your Meethi loves you.
Akash hugs her and is disturbed.

Nirbhay is angry at Meethi. He says she is my mother. It is our wish however we keep her. Who is she to interfere? Dad, I wont tolerate it anymore. I will shoot her the next time she tries to humiliate you. Agarth says it was destined to happen. Now they must take care that her wife doesn’t meet Meethi. If this bird (Meethi) tries to fly more then we will think what to do of her.
Kajri is worried for Meethi while everyone else smiles wickedly.

Thakur House:

Damini is doing something with the flowers. Surabhi is about to cut onions for making food but Divya tells her not to. They cannot eat anything containing garlic or onion till Iccha’s asthi visarjan is done. Damini becomes sad as Iccha’s favourite yellow dal cannot be made. Divya tells Surabhi to throw it all away.
Surabhi takes the onions and garlic in a tray and stops next to Damini. Ammo nani, I am going to throw all this. She thinks here they will have pure vegetarian food and there everyone will definitely make Meethi eat something non-veg. Iccha’s soul will definitely be not happy with it. She smiles and goes. Damini sits looking sad.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Pavitra and Gomti decide to make Meethi eat some mutton. Pavitra calls her out and asks her to have some prashad. Maiyya had given bali (killed an animal) in the temple to celebrate.
Meethi very politely asks for forgiveness as she doesn’t eat mutton.
Gomti sternly says their elder sister’s wish got fulfilled. She has given bali and here she is not ready to have the prashad.
Meethi retorts to celebrate someone’s death, dance and kill some animal – they would be doing it but she doesn’t. You can celebrate as you want but you cannot force me to. You think by doing all this God would be happy? Never. You can eat but you cannot force me.


Akash comes downstairs. Pavitra says good that you came. See Meethi is not agreeing to have this prashad. Tell her not to disgrace the prashad.
He takes the bowl from them and walks towards Meethi. Both the sisters watch happily.
He holds the bowl in front of Meethi and keeps it aside on table. He says if she doesn’t want to take it then there is no need to force her. The sisters are taken aback.

He goes back towards the stairs when Gomti calls out to him. He stops and she comes and stands next to her. Gomti says Vishnu, you know of our rituals / traditions. Whenever something good happens we give bali and every member of our family takes the prashad first thing in the morning. Did you forget? Your wife is offending it.
Akash turns back frustrated. He asks for her forgiveness. If Meethi doesn’t feel like eating it, then you cannot force her to eat it. Episode ends on his face.

Precap: Pavitra says jijiya, something is wrong for sure. Akash dint let us make Meethi eat the mutton. Gomti too agrees saying the chance to ruin her religion has slipped out of our hands today. we know him since childhood but now there is something that has changed. Pavitra points out what if he has actually fallen for Meethi. Maiyya listens to all this worriedly.

Update Credit to: pooja

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