Uttaran 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Epi begins with Nani telling Damini that the time can go bad or worse but Jogi Thakur will not live on her Uttaran as it is about his self respect. Jogi recalls how Damini had given him the papers of this house saying that is belongs to him only. Nani adds that the things that we keep inside our heart come out some day. People who bow down their heads always are angry deep inside. One fine and delicate day it all comes out just like Damini said that we are living on her Uttaran. Should we stay here to wait for the day when you will throw us out? Damini begs her not to say anything to break the relations but Nani points out that that has already happened. All three of them hold their luggage bags. Damini falls in their feet trying to stop them but Jogi requests her not to embarrass them. it might have happened unintentionally but it has opened my eyes. Forgive me but I cannot stay here anymore. Title track plays while Damini tries to stop them but in vain. Jogi, Divya and Nani walk out of the house and Damini breaks down. I have committed a sin by insulting sahab and madam. I should have turned a deaf ear to Mata ji. Why couldn’t I ignore it? She starts hitting her head on the altar in the house temple. I made a mistake. Meethi looks on in confusion.

Mukta is in her home and thinking about what Damini said. Vishnu asks her about it. she has never seen Ammo Nani cry like this. She said that she has made some mistake. She said something that she shouldn’t have said. He is sure someone might have instigated her to react like that or it can never happen. Mukta feels that the issue was not small. Vishnu knows that sometimes words act like poison especially if someone close to you says that. Mukta is sad thinking that the day started well but ended on a bad note. Bade papa and badi Ma left without meeting me. I cannot understand anything.

Jogi gets a call from Meethi. she tells him that Anni is unwell. Come home asap with Badi Ma. Jogi comes running with Divya and Nani. He calls out for Meethi. Damini has been hurt on the head. Nani thinks that Damini is all fine. Don’t know if this bandage is true or not. jogi asks Meethi what the joke is. Meethi wanted to see if he has just left the house or has broken relation with all of them too. Divya asks her if she will judge them and their relations that too by lying. Meethi denies. I just wanted to see if anyone comes to check on Anni after hearing about her wounds. Nani is as usual irked with her. Jogi tells her that he has no problem with Damini. Meethi wants to know why they left the house then. Nani continues to interrupt and Meethi tells her to keep quiet for a while. Nani tells Divya to come. I cannot get more insulted. Meethi requests her to hear her once. Divya gives in after Jogi nods at her.

meethi clarifies that the relation between these two families was made long back. It has relations of two generations. Don’t let it break so easily. You only have taught us that people make mistakes. We are human after all. You have taught us to forgive. Bade papa, I wasn’t forgiving Akash but you told me to forgive him and see where we are today. the relation between our families has created a history. The sacrifices done by the daughters of this house are a topic people discuss. We all are because of you three of you and the future generations will be affected if things go wrong between you. Cracks will come in between us. Jogi knows it too well. Trust me I don’t want to create any rift in any relation. I have no complaint from anyone. damini said it unknowingly. I am not upset with her but this point is in her heart somewhere? Meethi denies but Jogi stays put. I cannot live here anymore. Meethi talks about rights. I have no right on you but you have a right over me. Whatever I am today is because of you only. Take it all back from her and us. He tells her not to talk like this.

Nani explains her logic to Meethi. Great people give donations but never talk about it but small people never forget the small effort that they have made in life. This is the difference between giving Uttaran and living on Uttaran. Meethi answers that when you give your closed ones something then you don’t call it Uttaran. But you can definitely call it Uttaran if you gift someone even new clothes or jewellery without love. My Ma has lived her life on the Uttaran that you are talking about. My Ma, my Anni and I have never taken it as some Uttaran but have thought about their love. Ask bade papa and Badi mummy if they have given us everything thinking that to be Uttaran? Nani says her Nani should be ashamed then as it was she who said that we live on her Uttaran. Meethi shouts back at her about the one word Uttaran. How long will you create rifts in relations using that one word? Why do you create poison in lives like this? Stop it. you are the reason behind the distance in the relations. Because of that one word! She asks Divya if she really feels Anni can say something like that. She wouldn’t have said something like that if someone would not have instigated her for it. you too know this Badi ma then why are you upset with her? She is angry with her Anni too as she couldn’t stick to her own words. You have taught us to be patient then why did you do it? she requests Jogi and Divya not to go. She kneels down in front of them saying if you still cannot forgive Anni then you can take away your love and break the relations with us. Divya is in tears while Jogi is in a dilemma. Nani is as usual busy making faces.

Mukta drops a lady to some place. The lady gives her extra money as tips and finds Mukta to be from a good home. Mukta replies nicely and talks about values. Chameli appreciates her replies. Mukta greets her nicely. She sits down with Chameli. She talks about how she should be happy always as no one will come to bring smile on her face. She talks about her profession; how you dress up nicely and put on a smile on your face along with all the makeup, no one here tells their real name in our profession. Mukta asks for her real name. Chameli’s real name is Nandini.

Jogi makes Meethi stand up. Home is not just made by its base or roof. It is made by the people living in the house. He promises her that from today onwards, neither will this house nor these relations will ever break. He hugs Meethi and Divya. Meethi hugs her Badi Ma too and then her Anni. Nani looks taken aback. Damini apologizes to them and they forgive her. nani concludes that it is good that everyone got together. This is called the beginning of a new relation.

Precap: Chameli tells Mukta about her daughter. I live for her only. I kill myself every night to give her a new life. I smile every morning for this only. I will have to do all this if I have to dream about all this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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