Uttaran 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 16th September 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Nani saying that Iccha gave my Tappu her bridal dress in Uttaran and now you are going to give your Uttaran to Mukta? How dare you think that Mukta will take your Uttaran? Meethi is shocked. Tappu comes in interrupting them. Have you seen Mukta anywhere? I have been searching for her in the whole house but couldn’t find her. Plus her phone is switched off as well. Meethi says I have just talked to her she must be around. Nani is sure Meethi would have said something to Mukku that’s why she isn’t home. Meethi denies. Nani warns her if anything happens to Mukku I wont forgive you ever. Tappu interrupts….what is Meethis fault in this? Nani yet again blames Meethi. Ram hi rakhey don’t know where she would be. What if she does something to herself…..you remember what you did in Iccha’s wedding. Tappu assures her nothing like that would happen. And why are you triggering old memories? This is not the time to discuss all this. And don’t tell anything to anyone about this. No one at home knows anything except us three. Meethi suggests searching for Mukta. Tappu and Meethi leave while Nani is worried.

Maiyya is speaking to someone on phone. You said that man (Rathore) will be kept behind bars then why. Agarth comes and overhears their convo. Maiyya takes her kuldevta’s (family deity) swear that he wont be free. Kajri too has come there. Agarth asks if Rathore is going to be bailed out….he is my son’s killer. She assures him she wont let it happen. But there is one problem. Court and order want Nirbhay’s dead body. If there is no dead body then the case will be dismissed. Agarth insists on getting justice. She says it will happen for sure. She shouts at Kajri for bringing her tea when its so hot…get cold water for me. She leaves. Agarth wants to know how they will get justice. She replies when they will find a dead body which looks exactly like Nirabhay….everything same. The face should be unrecognizable. I will claim in front of the police that this indeed is Nirbhay. Hope this Kajri doesn’t commit any mistake in recognizing the dead body. A wife’s testimony is very important in such case in the eyes of law. You handle her rest I will handle. I would neither let that man out on bail ever nor will that Iccha’s family live peacefully. Agarth simply nods back.

Tappu (is driving) and Meethi are in a car. Tappu asks Meethi if she knows some friends of Mukku to whom she can go to. Meethi rings up her friends but she isn’t there. Tappu thinks she might have gone to meet her dad. But Meethi is sure she would have told Tappu before going if that was the case. Tappu thinks I cannot even think of telling it to Mr. Rathore right now. Meethi assures her they will find Mukku soon.

Nani too is worried about Mukku. Tappu and Meethi get down somewhere and start asking people if they have seen the girl in the pic they are holding. But in vain. Tappu resumes driving around. They come to a stop as everyone has gathered around something. They too get down to find out what has happened. She asks someone about it. He shares that a young girl was hit by a car. They both are scared thinking about hearing this. Meethi and Tappu move forward to take a closer look. The girl is wearing white suit with the same color dupatta. But they cannot see the girl’s face as the inspector is sitting in between cutting the view. The inspector checks the girl’s pulse and shakes his head (that girl is probably dead as he took off his cap). He declares that the girl is dead. Tappu looks shocked. She instantly recalls Nani’s words that Meethi is at fault and the recent convo. She looks at Meethi who too looks in her direction and quickly looks away. The inspector gets up and they heave a sigh of relief as it isn’t Mukta. Meethi steps back in shock and keeps looking at the girl. Tappu asks the inspector if he has informed that girl’s family members. He nods. They will be coming soon. Unfortunately she is dead already. Tappu cannot find Meethi and starts looking around for her.

Nani is in the girl’s room. Hope she doesn’t do something which will make me regret it. Just then Mukku comes. Nani asks her about her whereabouts. Everyone was worried about you. But Mukku sternly tells her that no one needs to be worried for her. Nani is surprised by her reaction. She sits down on the bed next to Mukku. She tries talking to her but Mukku tells her to leave her alone. She looks at her worried. She has taken after her mother….we can surely see. That Meethi wont be spared now. Hope she doesn’t do something that she gets attached to that beggar (Vishnu) again.


Meethi wipes her tears…too shocked over the incident. Tappu reaches out to her. Why did you come here like this? Meethi cannot understand what to do. Tappu gets a call from Nani. She asks if Mukku is well. Where did she go all of a sudden like this? I will talk to her once I am home. Meethi promptly tells her to go home to talk to Mukku first. Tappu stops her. Finish what you were saying first. The questions that are in your mind…say them because I know you wont be able to talk it out. Meethi accepts making a mistake. Tappu disagrees with her. If that day Mukta would have been at your place then she too would have done the same. The drama done by Akash’s mother, you agreeing to marry Vishnu for Ammo…it was all right. You dint do any mistake. Meethi says I know you can understand and are agreeing with me. But Mukta isn’t understanding it. Who will make her understand it? Tappu answers time will make her understand. She will have to. She dint get what wasn’t in her destiny. No one can change their fate. You and Vishnu were destined to marry. She will have to understand it. Meethi says what about Mukta’s pain. It wont reduce…you are her mother….if she asks this same question to you then what will you reply. Tappu says…this only that I have been through that pain…I have lived it. I can understand what she must be going through right now. It feels like destroying everything…you are not in the best of your minds. But I am her mother I will make her understand…will hug her and say this was destiny and she will have to accept it and move forward in her life. Meethi declines. I have made a mistake. I will set it right…its my responsibility. Tappu says you have taken the right step….while entering the house (ritual) now don’t back off ever come what may. Meethi gets thinking and recalls Ammo’s words. At times you have to take your decision following your heart. Tappu says lets go home….don’t know what else we will have to see.


Vishnu, Ammo and Jogi are sitting in living area. Damini says I keep praying that Rathore comes out soon. Vishnu tells Jogi not to hesitate ever in case they need help. Jogi replies…will do as a son-in-law is a son after all. Damini asks about Tappu and Meethi. You know where they have gone? Vishnu denies. Tappu comes running asking for Mukku. Damini says she is in her room. Jogi notices that she looks worried but Tappu tries to downplay it. We had gone out to check a neckpiece I took Meethi to show that only. Thought if she will like it then Mukku too would like it. Jogi nods. We will order the same for both of them. Thought to show Mukku too as its important to know her likes too. She and Meethi head off to Mukku’s room.

Nani tries to make Mukta eat but Mukku is doesn’t relent. Mukku shouts back I don’t want to eat it…leave me alone. Tappu witnesses this exchange. So much anger on Nani? Meethi too is standing by the door silently watching this. Tappu says are you so upset with me that you dint even pick my call? Where were you? I was so worried….I tried finding you everywhere…Meethi too. But Mukta interrupts….can a person not spend some time alone? Nani tells Tappu to make Mukku understand…she hasn’t touched anything since morning. Tappu says my doll will eat by her mother’s hands today. Would you not listen to me? Mukku sits upright now. I have listening to you only. I helped a person who took everything away from me (looking at Meethi). Tappu tells her not to talk like this. Mukku loses her calm. Till when am I supposed to think about others? I want to think about myself and when I am doing that then why is everyone getting bothered about it. Forgive me, I want to be alone…especially I shouldn’t be seeing someone around me whom I hate. Meethi stands shocked and hurt.

Precap: Mukku says (to Meethi) congratulations….on being with my Vishnu…..my love’s Uttaran. I am not happy that’s why you too can never be happy.

Update Credit to: pooja

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