Uttaran 16th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 16th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ambika says to Malvika that there will be a twist in story now that she is here. We will make our first move tonight itself. Sankrant calls out for Ambika. Both the ladies get alert instantly. Sankrant asks Ambika if she knows Malvika already. She replies that they know each other as they used to live in the same locality. Malvika affirms. They are distracted by Gomti who comes there looking for Ekadish. The moon has come. All of them head outside while Maiyya stops Meethi. My son is like me. He gets angry very soon. Make him understand that it is a good day today. We don’t want anyone to be upset today. please try to understand my helplessness. I was forced to call that witch. Gomti calls out for them again so they go outside.

Maiyya gives some money to Malvika which irks / angers her again. you are giving me these tips! You don’t know who I am. I will show it to you very soon. meethi and Akash look at each other with a smile. Maiyya tells them to start the puja. In jail, Chameli too lights the diya in her thaali. She is tearful as she looks at the photo. Kabhi khushi kabhi ghum plays in the background. Rani looks on happily as Meethi does her puja. Chameli too looks at the moon. Meethi and Ambika look at their respective husbands. Meethi prays for a life partner like Akash in her every birth. Chameli looks at the photo after looking at the moon. It is Akash’s photo. On the other hand, Meethi continues with her puja. Chameli thinks of Akash. I had met a partner like you but I made a mistake to leave you. Please forgive me!

Akash fills vermilion in Meethi’s forehead and Sankrant fills Ambika’s forehead. Rani looks on excitedly. Meethi touches his feet. He is ready to fulfil her wish. She asks for his love and support (togetherness). Rani thinks if Chameli had a husband like him then he would have loved her this much only. All three of us would have lived happily. we dint have to separate ever. Gomti asks Sankrant if his wife wont touch his feet. Ambika complies reluctantly. She thinks of bringing Sankrant’s entire family before her like this only. He hopes all her wishes come true. She says he has already done it. you have given me my rights by filling my forehead. A married woman wont ask for anything else from her husband. Maiyya wonders if her sons dint give anything to her DIL’s. Sankrant has brought something for Ambika. He shows her the new necklace. Malvika, Ambika and Rani are overjoyed to see it. ambika is tempted but she thinks of taking it only after doing a little drama. I have hurt your family so much that I cannot accept such gifts from you. Hope you don’t feel bad about it. he as usual acts all emotional after which she takes it.

Rani calls her new Didi. This necklace wont suit you. It will look really good around Gori Didi’s neck. Meethi tells her not to say something like this. Gomti asks Akash about his gift. Maiyya wonders if he has brought something special. He nods. It is special and will be very precious for Meethi. she extends her hand excitedly. He gives her Rani’s adoption papers. Maiyya, Malvika and Ambika are taken aback. Rani wonders about adoption. Ambika mutters to Sankrant if Akash has really made all the preps to adopt this girl. maiyya hears her while Sankrant nods back at Ambika. Akash already had a word with his lawyer. The formalities will be over soon and Rani will be Rani Akash Chatterjee. Meethi thanks him. maiyya steps forward and slaps him. malvika and Ambika smile seeing it whereas everyone else is shocked. What did my upbringing lack? He says there must be something in her upbringing that he dared to adopt this girl. she came in our life. Maybe it is God’s will. Maiyya realises she has been dreaming. She thinks of stopping Akash some other way. He has gone too far. There is no point disagreeing / going against him now. What can I do if my own son has decided to hurt me like this! she leaves from there. Meethi knows that Maiyya got upset. What will we do now? She wont like it. If she isn’t happy with it then! He agrees to talk to Maiyya. She is upset now but I will manage. Rani is all smiles. Ambika has got the perfect excuse of causing rift in the family – Rani.

Rani paces in her room as she thinks what adoption is. Meethi and Akash find her thus. She doesn’t even know what it means. Rani calls Akash lambu. Meethi corrects him. call him uncle. Rani calls him Lambu uncle. Did you bring my adoption papers? What are they actually? Meethi wonders how to tell her but Rani says I know everything. She gives some logic. Meethi explains it to her beautifully. We can adopt a beautiful girl who is all alone in this world, just like you. Rani thinks will she sit in her lap. Akash denies. accepting someone and giving them all the happiness of the world. You will be called Rani Chatterjee from today onwards. Rani makes faces. I don’t understand anything.

Malvika is holding Rathore’s photo. A wife prays for her husband’s long life on Karvachauth. They ask for love and happiness for them but I want your and your family’s destruction. I want to see the destruction of Meethi and Mukta. She lights the match stick and burns his photo.

Rani says why you will give me new name. Akash replies that it will give her all the rights to stay in this house then. If anyone asks you about your father’s name then you should proudly tell them that you are Rani Akash Chatterjee. Plus Gori Didi will be like your mother. This is adoption. Plus you will be happy if you stay with us. Meethi too sits down next to Rani. Meethi and Akash hold out their hands for Rani. Rani thinks Chameli would have been so happy. she said that I will live in a very big house one day. She holds their hands happily. meethi kisses her hand and all three of them smile.

Precap: At the dining table, Sankrant feeds Ambika with his own hands. Ambika starts coughing. Sankrant and Malvika give her water. She acts to be fainting. Maiyya and Meethi look on in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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