Uttaran 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 16th December 2013 Written Update

Ambika bends down to seek Akash’s blessings. She smirks and fakes’ being dizzy and faints in Akash’s arms. Everyone gets concerned about her. Maiyya realises the truth and looks at Meethi. Akash picks Ambika in his arms and makes her lie on the sofa. Pavitra says this might be the affect of keeping fast. Ambika holds onto Akash’s hand. Maiyya sends Sankrant to get water for Ambika. Everyone notices Ambika holding Akash’s hand. Meanwhile Ambika opens and her eyes and looks at Akash (he is looking elsewhere) and closes them before he can see her. sankrant sprinkles water on her and she acts of waking up. Pavitra makes fun of her. I thought she would be very strong but it doesn’t look like that. Maiyya tells her to keep quiet. Ambika still doesn’t let go of Akash’s hand when

she sits upright on the sofa. She thanks Akash and finally leaves his hand. Maiyya watches everything very carefully. Ambika remarks she had thought to support her SIL but had to take your (brother-in-law / BIL’s) support. She apologizes. Maiyya looks floored by her act. Ambika decides to go to her room to take some rest. Maiyya tells Sankrant to take her. Ambika still acts dizzy and again lands in Akash’s arms. She is smirking on and off to see her plan working. She is holding onto both the brothers….Akash in a much tighter grip though and is enjoying every second of it. Akash leaves Ambika and Sankrant in their room.

Sankrant is concerned about Ambika. He tells her to rest some more so she feels better. She obliges.

Akash comes in his room and is all happy / lost looking at Meethi. a very cute romantic song plays in the background as they both get lost in each other’s eyes.

Sankrant closes the door of their room and sits down with Ambika. You are happy with me right? She replies I will have to be happy with you as you are my husband after all. He remarks that the way they got married he was wondering if she would be happy with him or not. but I assure you I will give you all the happiness. You wouldn’t miss anything.

Akash and Meethi share some sweet romantic moments. They both hold out one anklet each. Akash makes her wear them.

Sankrant embraces Ambika. She assures him she will fulfil every responsibility of this relation. He tells her not to take this as a responsibility. I am very lucky to have you in my life or you don’t even know how I was living my life. Maybe we both will change each other’s lives but I assure you of one thing that I would never upset you.

A tear rolls down Meethi’s cheeks. Akash wipes it. Why are you sad on such a happy day? She says I will become a burden to you from now on. He asks her if she knows the peace it will give him. I can keep you in my arms forever. What else do I want? Plus love does such miracles that everything gets fine. I am here with you. She asks him would he be upset if she is never back on her feet again. He smiles. Princess Meethi if you would have understood the power of our love then you wouldn’t have said such a thing. Our love will make you all right. On the other side, Ambika is all set to ruin this house’s happiness because of her love. I wont be at peace till I get what I want. Sankrant asks her what she is thinking. She says about you and your family. You are good. Hope I too turn out to be as good as you. He has full faith on her. He tries to get close to her. She tells him to switch off the lights. She says you are a good human being but not as good as I had wanted my husband to be.

Maiyya remarks to Pavitra about what all she has noticed Ambika doing. Pavitra tells her to keep her control under her right away. Maiyya wants to see what she is up to first. Let her play till she wants to. This is the time to keep that inspector all calm and cool.

Servant is taking tea for Akash and Meethi but Ambika stops him. I will take it. Sankrant meets her on the way. Is this tea for me? She declines. Meethi cannot walk so I thought to take it. You can tell the servant to make it for him. He is a little put off but doesn’t show it. She leaves for Akash’s room.

Akash wakes up and looks at Meethi who is sleeping peacefully. He watches her mesmerised. He moves in closer to kiss her on the cheek and she smiles and wishes him good morning before that only. She tries to wipe off the lipstick marks from his body but he stops her. They hear a knock. She tells him to go open it. He denies but she insists. He tries to put his head in her lap but she sweetly admonishes him. She reminds him to wear his kurta atleast.

Ambika wishes him good morning. He too replies curtly. Ambika notices the red marks around his neck. She gets inside and wishes Meethi. she is jealous seeing they have a bigger room, better repect and love. It was all for me. Akash puts Meethi in her wheelchair. Ambika watches Meethi’s forehead (for the scattered vermilion). Ambika comments about Meethi not being able to work so I thought to bring tea for you. She gives tea to Meethi. meethi tells her not to call her SIL. Ambika declines. maiyya wouldn’t like it plus I too should know about the relation we share. I have made the tea myself. Tell me if you don’t like it. I will make it differently next time. She goes to give Akash his cup but then it falls over him. Akash removes his kurta. Ambika apologizes but cannot help looking at the lipstick marks over his body. She picks up his kurta saying she will clean it but Meethi takes it from her. She thanks her for the tea. I will clean it. He needs to change so if you please. Ambika apologizes once more and moves out. Akash closes the door over her face.

She overhears Meethi asking him if he got hurt. Akash acts that it is itching a lot. She gets worried. I will get the ointment. He stops her. I mean only you can set it right. He points out to everywhere saying it is hurting everywhere. They get all romantic naughty all over again. Outside, Ambika says this laughter and happiness is hurting me badly. I will cast an eclipse over all of it…first I will create a rift between you two and then separate you.

Precap: Maiyya says whatever has happened, has happened but I have hurt you a lot. Please forgive me. meethi says that right is with your son. Maiyya takes all the jewellery from Ambika saying she will keep it safely. Ambika wants to keep one piece but Maiyya takes it too. Ambika says now that you have declined I will call dad. Maiyya is worried.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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