Uttaran 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th April 2014 Written Update

Epi begins with Vishnu trying to tell Mukku about Yuvi but the background noise of dhol drowns his voice. She is not able to hear any thing. Come fast and we will talk here. Saying so, she ends the call.

Akash and Meethi reach police station. He wants to go inside to register the complaint regarding that lady but she talks about fears. Ma, I and bhaiya have all been behind bars. I have gone through a similar pain like my mom. He tells her not to think like that. She cannot help wondering about the same time and again. For him, she and her mom were innocent. Yuvi got punishment for his misdeeds. But whatever happened with you and your mom was unjustified. She is thinking about her brother. Don’t know where and how he would be. He asks her if she would like to meet him but she declines. She tells him to go and file the complaint while she will wait outside. She again remembers how she was standing helplessly while those men took that lady with them.

Yuvi’s employee asks the nurse to get the best doc asap as it is an emergency. She leaves to get the doc. An inspector was passing by and walks inside the room. Yuvi is shocked to see the inspector as he asks him if he had a fight. Yuvi lies that he had been at a party and slipped from the stairs. My manager will register the case don’t worry. Inspector asks for more details. Yuvi feigns a headache and signals his manager to take care of the inspector. Manager takes the inspector outside while Yuvi calls out for the nurse to hurry up. I should not miss my flight!

Akash tells the inspector about what Meethi saw. She dint see anyone’s face or car number. The inspector says we are not magician to find it when you don’t have any other info. Akash gives him the address. You can atleast go there and do some inquiry. He agrees to do it. Akash is almost outside when he hears a man’s voice. That man is humming the same tune. Akash tries to look around but cannot see anyone doing that. He immediately gets worried for Meethi and runs towards the car. Meethi is not there. He calls out for her growing more and more with every passing second. She comes and asks him what happened. Piya o re piya plays as he hugs her. She assures him she is here only with him. They both sit in the car as they are getting late for the party.

Tappu and Rathore reach the venue. They both compliment each other and look around for Mukku. Tappu asks about what surprise has he planned for her. He tells her to wait as it is a surprise after all. Mukku comes there and teases them. She compliments them as a couple. He talks romantically. My life’s clock is stuck at 30. If you still have doubts then I have many more ways to clear it out. Tappu smiles.

Akash and Meethi reach too. Mukku hugs them. They ask about Vishnu and the baby. They all go to meet Tappu and Rathore. Tappu is curious about the surprise but both Mukku and Meethi ask her to wait a little more.

Baisakhi celebrations begin. Meethi-Akash and Tappu-Rathore enjoy dancing on the beats of dhol. Vishnu reaches there just then. All the others are having a gala time dancing. Vishnu continues to look for Mukta. They finally spot each other. Mukta asks him about what he was saying on the phone. The noise is too much and she is unable to hear a word. He feels giddy again. The dhols stop and she asks him about what he wanted to say. He has forgotten all about it. He holds his head while trying to recall what he wanted to say to her. She gets worried for him when she sees the wound on his hand. He has no idea how it happened. She tells him not to stress so much. You will find it. We missed going to doc for check up. He calms down and then reminds her that they have come here to celebrate.

Meethi tells Tappu that Rathore uncle is not able to take his eyes off her. Tappu feels shy. Grow up and stop being naughty. Meethi calls her naughty too. Bade papa told me how you came in the jail to meet me. Akash too wants to know so Tappu tells it to him. Rathore feels bad for the constable. They notice Mukta and Vishnu all lost in each other. She goes to disturb their talks. They talk about their check up. Meethi feels she must stay at home now. Mukku wants to be an active mom. Meethi suggests her to shift to bade papa’s home as everyone does that in their first pregnancy. Mukku agrees. Vishnu goes to get thandai for them. The girls feel happy as they look at Tappu and Rathore. Both are talking sweetly to each other. Meethi-Mukta have planned their wedding. We will then send them off to live together. Mukku gets excited thinking she will have two homes – bade papa’s and mummy papa’s home. Meethi turns serious which Mukta observes. My mom dad are yours too. Meethi cheers up at the thought.

Mukta takes the stage and invites her mom and dad on stage. The couple dances on Laung Da Lashkara while everyone else enjoy watching it.

Precap: Meethi sees the same incident in her sleep and wakes up shouting Kajri Didi. Akash too gets up. She tells him that she feels that that woman was Kajri didi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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