Uttaran 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 15th April 2013 Written Update

Akash connects their landline phone to speak to Surabhi. She comes in her room to quietly speak to him. Akash says that he got the telegram. Is the news true??
She confirms 100%. She passed away on the day of holi. (Akash is relieved). Everyone is waiting for Meethi to come and do the asthi visarjan (ritual of immersing the ashes of the dead in flowing water). It will never happen as she is with us. Akash smiles and says he wanted to know this only. He will call back later.

He confirms the news to everyone. All smile. Pavitra congratulates Ekadashi saying her enemy is dead now. Gomti calls for a celebration to which Nirbhay nods.
Akash asks Maiyya why is she quiet now. She should be happy as her years’ long wait and tapasya paid. Iccha’s family is going through the same pain like we did. Everyone there is waiting for Meethi to come and do the asthi visarjan of Iccha. It wont happen till she doesn’t go. The story is over. We don’t need her anymore let her go and do the asthi visarjan.
Maiyya looks at him perplexed. What are you saying that I should let her go? Let her do the asthi visarjan? Did you forget how small you were when you did the same for your father? She says you are smiling as if I have killed her with my own hands…the same way she had killed my husband. When I had come to know of the news I was pained but now I feel at peace knowing that they all are waiting for Meethi to return. The game has begun now. iccha’s daughter wont go back now. I wont let it happen ever.
Mama comes to her and says we will do what you want. You don’t want the asthi visarjan to happen right, it never will. Her soul will never be at peace. She will never attain moksha. But both your sisters have done a lot for you, you must celebrate for their sake. The ultimate fun would be when that Iccha’s daughter will dance on her mother’s death.
Maiyya looks up at him and smiles…content at his thought!

Rathore tells someone to do whatever you have to but find that agent. I want it asap. He thinks someone has plotted it out so well. I have to find Meethi soon. How do I tell everyone in this situation about Meethi.
Jogi comes out while he is thinking about Meehti. Jogi asks if he got any news about them.
Rathore shares that they are not in Switzerland. Someone faked their passports and has gone using their visas and names. Jogi is shocked. Rathore continues that that guy isn’t Vishnu. He was the one who kidnapped Mukta and has done a lot against us.
Jogi is speechless and wonders how they will tell it to Damini…she will break down completely. It is all my fault. Rathore says its not the time to blame anyone. He is doing everything he can to find them. But till then they will have to hide it from everyone else. He will get them back anyhow and then they can hear the whole story right from that guy himself.
Jogi tells him to do his best. He wonders what is happening with their family. Rathore comforts him.

Meethi in her room is wondering why Vishnu (Akash) is taking so much time to come. Is Maiyya so much angry on her? Right then Ekadashi enters with saree, matching jewellery and the box of sweets sent by Surabhi.
Meethi asks her if she is angry with her. Maiyya dismisses it and says she had touched that telegram which contained such a good news that she is very happy with her so don’t worry.
Meethi becomes happy to get the gifts. Maiyya asks her to change and come down to celebrate with them. She opens the sweets box and asks Meethi to eat it. Meethi takes it near her mouth and asks for the reason. Maiyya says it was about their oldest enemy….she cant share it but the sweets have come with the telegram only. Meethi doesn’t eat it. Maiyya leaves the box with her telling her to eat it.
Meethi thinks how this could be. They are happy after hearing news about their enemy. So weird. She then thinks to check where the box has come from. She says Mumbai…this means their enemy is from Mumbai. Oh God.
Enters Akash asking her why she isn’t ready yet. She wanted to speak about the sweets but stops herself and goes to change.


Puja is going on in Thakur house for Iccha. Jogi says it is Iccha’s chautha (fourth day after someone dies) today. He always used to bless her for a long life and she dint get any use of it.
Rathore comforts him saying she will always stay in our hearts because of her deeds and love that she has given everyone. She will always be alive.
Jogi laments that a mother father has to do their daughter’s last rites and breaks down. Kanha and Mukta have tears in their eyes.

Meethi sees the whole house decorated and comments that she is seeing this kind of decor for the first time in this house. It looks splendid. She starts descending the stairs when all notice her coming and look in her direction.
Pavitra compliments her that she is looking beautiful. Meethi again asks for the good news.


Pavitra says I will tell but let us dance first. Meethi feels shy but Maiyya asks her to go ahead as they are all family. Pavitra asks for music. Meethi and Pavitra start dancing on main to bhool gayi babul ka des. After a minute, Pavitra moves aside and Mama goes and sits next to Maiyya. The whole family looks content and enjoy the performance.

As per the song, Meehti goes to Kajri and Maiyya. When a line comes for father-in-law, Meethi looks up towards the sky whereas Pavitra happily signals Gomti that Meethi’s mother has gone up.
Next come husband’s turn and Akash recalls how they had collided with each other sometime back. Suddenly, he comes back to reality and focuses blankly. In the end, Kajri dances along with Meethi as Nirbhay watches while enjoying his drink. All clap as the dance ends.
Meethi asks Akash how it was (through eyes). He nods in approval and she blushes.

Maiyya tells Agarth how Iccha must be feeling now ask her. Here, Meethi is dancing and there above, her mother must be watching her all sad. She danced on her mother’s death. This thought gave me immense peace. The episode ends on her calm and satisfied face.

Precap: Meethi asks everyone now tell what this ceelebration is for. All go quiet. Maiyya says 30 years…how many? Meethi repeats 30 years…I got that but now tell what is the good news. Maiyya says our oldest enemy died. Meethi is shocked.

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