Uttaran 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Kotha
Ahil points out to the locked door. Maharani gives him some excuse but akash is defiant thatuld see that door. rathore gives confirmation too. Akash asks for that door to be opened. Maharani gets tensed, when akash claims that meethi is behind that door only. Akash rushes up with a policeman who tries to open the lock. They finally manage and get inside, to find an empty room. as the police begins searching around, akash is disappointed. He comes out dejected, while that giel, who helped him is tensed too. he faces her while she looks away. rathore is baffled while maharani is voctorious. akash comes down with the policemen. rathore is sympathetic, while the police claims that they searched everywhere but meethi is nowhere to be found. Rathore places a confirming shoulder on akash’s shoulder, while he says that he didnt find meethi. Maharani takes his quips, at his defeat. the commissioner apologises to akash, assuring that their search shall continue, and the control room shall be informed, and they shall always try to find meethi soon. rathore coldly threatens maharani, that if she even tries to hurt meethi even a little, he should himself prepare for his death. maharani stands defiant, while rathore takes akash away. They drive off.

later, in the same room, maharani confronts that girl, along with others, as he picks up the bed,to revale a gagged meethi inside, much to everyone’s shock. She taunts meethi that her hero did come to save her. Meethi is distarught.

Later, when one of his girls try to take the mangalsutra off her, she cries vehemently against it, but they forcibly try to take it off her, and finally succeed. Meethi is shocked and distraught and starts begging for it to be returned, saying that she wont wear it, but just wants it back. they comply making fun of her. she is super distraught at her situation. Meanwhile, one of his men mix a tablet in the water, and get it to meethi. the girl asks her to drink it and get ready. Maharani’s people try to feed meethi some water. She refuses. She screams out in akash’s name while they forcibly tie her and gush the liquid don her throat. While they watch amusedly, she starts dosing off, saying that akash would come to save him. Her screams do have an effect on akash instictively, and he is distraught as rathore and they standstill on the road.

Scene 2:
Location: Haveli
Damini laments in front of Thakur at what has happened to their family. She says that their whole family is strewn apart, with meethi not to be found, mukta angry at her, and relations collapsing. He assures her that the whole family shall be togetrher again, as they realise the importance of being together when they are apart.

Scene 3:
Location: In the hospital
Mukta begs vishnu to come back to senses as she misses him real bad, and that had he been consciuous he would have gotten everything right. She clutches at him while breaking into tears, as he lies motionless. Finally, after much time, vishnu opens his eyes, and mukta is plesantly shocked. She starts screaming out his name, and he points out his finger at something, while she keeps saying that she loves him, and apologises profusely for him being angry at her. He again drifts off into unconscious state. Mukta is shocked and distraught. She asks him to get up and calls the doctor and tells him about it. The doctor inspects him, while mukta stands happy along with tapasya. the doctor asks her to calm down as he is still in a coma, and its the same condition. Tapasya calms her down. She takes her outside, and asks her to calm down, believeing her, and saying that she needs to take care of herself and the baby. Tapasya tells her about the neurosurgeon, who she has contacted to discuss vishnu’s case and tell clearly whats the matter. Yuvaan coming in with flowers is tensed to hear this.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road and in the Kotha
Thakur discusses his plan with rathore, who likes it but is concerned whether he is somewhere else. Akash remembers the girl’s hint and is sure that meethi is there. rathore says that if they go again, they would be identified. meanwhile, kanha comes in on bike, and thakur explains the rest of the plan to them, which they rteadily approve. in the meanwhile, Meethi in her dazed semi conscious state, is prepared and dressed and ornamented for her first client in the night. She still keeps saying akash’s name over and over again saying that he would come. maharani sees this and thinks that meethi still thinks that akash would come to save her, and that this girl would earn her much money.

Meanwhile, kanha is dressed as a streetster, and is led by akash, on the mobile phone, through bluetooth, towards maharani’s kotha. kanha recognises it and says that a goon is standing here. They ask him to go over and talk to him. Her goes upto him and asks one of maharani’s men that he needs a girl, at any cost. The man is happy and takes him to their kotha. rathore on the bluetooth instructs Kanha to do that only, as he would take him to meethi. the screen freezes on his, meethi’s and akash’s face.

Precap: Maharani’s man in a haste sends kanha off to come some other day and hushes him out, saying that there’s some other problem and he cant cater to his request right now. Kanha is shocked and apalled, when while leaving, he finds meethi sitting scared in one corner of one of the rooms.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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