Uttaran 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 13th August 2013 Written Update

Rathore literally pushes open the door making everyone inside the OT (I would actually call it a room) jump. If someone even dares to touch her then they will certainly need other doc’s in some other hospital. Surabhi gets up and runs to his side. He pats her head asking her to calm down. The doc gulps (what is it with some people which scares everyone else in less than a minute time…must be that they know they are doing it wrong). He is walking out with Surabhi while Nirbhay assures Maiyya he will bring Surabhi back in an hour or two. Rathore collides with Nirbhay who immediately shouts back. All 3 look at each other. Surabhi sticks to the wall scared but Rathore supports her. nirbhay comments to Rathore you got saved that day but your death has brought you here today. He calls out for his

sister to come to him but she nods declining hiding behind Rathore. Rathore takes off his glasses (I like the color 😉 ) and asks Surabhi to hold them and don’t worry about anything else. Nirbhay tells him to give his sister to him. Rathore says she and the child growing inside are someone else’s. She will go there only. Nirbhay retorts she has your family’s blood running inside her till I don’t get it out of her she isn’t going anywhere. Rathore very calmly tells him even if one drop of her blood drops here by mistake then you will see yourself soaked in your own blood (I guess everyone would like to see that…then getting nursed back by Kajri him falling for her…sorry I added my part 😉 ). Nirbhay shouts at him menacingly. This is Aatishgarh (thanks for the info update dumbo). Nirbhay’s law (does this word even rings a bell in your mind) prevails here. Now watch first this ground will be blood red by your blood followed by this child’s blood. Rathore stands unaffected as Nirbhay brings out a knife from his pocket (its Rampuri…the one I have 😉 ). Rathore takes off his coat explaining the meaning of Nirbhay’s name – the fearless – and the one who is actually fearless of anything in this world and can teach that person how to fear is ME….Raghuvendra Pratap….no need to say further. He calls out to Nirbhay to charge at him. A fight ensues where at first Rathore is succeeding but Nirbhay punches him and takes Surabhi along with him.

Kanha tells Ammo it is a lie. Surabhi isn’t pregnant. She tells him to find out the truth by talking to Surabhi (one sensible advice after so long). He still rants about the brother-sister duo as liars / cheaters. Maybe you forgot they came here in this house / life by lying to us. Can you forget what all they did to us? She replies she hasn’t forgotten anything – Surabhi coming in this home as an orphan marrying you, Akash entering our lives and marrying Meethi. I haven’t forgotten anything. But think with a cool mind Akash is telling the truth then the future of that child is in danger (another good advice 🙂 ). Kanha shouts back saying no one’s life would be in danger.

Here, Nirbhay drags Surabhi back in the OT. The child has death in its stars today. She tries resisting but the doc and the nurse try hard to hold her in place. Nirbhay goes to close the door but Rathore holds it to open it. They both are trying hard to achieve what they want. Rathore intentionally closes the door throwing Nirbhay off balance. He comes inside. He starts beating Nirbhay as Surabhi looks on in shock. She gets up from the bed.

Damini asks him to calm down. A child is God’s gift and no mother can lie for her kid….if Surabhi. He cuts her off. This is all a sham. She is acting again. He leaves angrily. She is very much worried.

Rathore continues beating Nirbhay. He is drained and falls on floor. Surabhi stops Rathore from beating her brother anymore. It is Rakshabandhan today. Rathore wishes him and he falls back unconscious. Rathore calls for a stretcher. His sister has saved his life keep this money. Nothing should happen to him. Surabhi looks at it in tears. He reassures her and they make an exit.

Akash is praying to God to save his sister and the child inside her. May no problem come in Rathore Sir’s way. I hope he somehow saves them. Meethi comes and watches him praying. He is looking for matchstick. She stops him. Puja shouldn’t be incomplete ever. A chant plays as she gets matchbox for him. He puts the thaali (puja plate) in front of her and she lights the diya. They do the puja and glance at each other. He turns to offer aarti to her but she is gone by then. He smiles looking at the Lord and pays reverence once more.


Vishnu wants to talk to Meethi so that he can end this drama sooner….today only. He spots a girl standing with his back towards her by the porch. Thinking her to be Meethi (why now can you not differentiate this much? :/) he walks up to her to talk. Before he can say anything, Mukku turns. She tells him her name. I will call her. Vishnu stops her by calling her name. They both turn to face each other. He has a flashback of when she had come collided with him once while running away from the rain. She recalls the kitchen meeting of V <3 M. he recalls the dance he had with her on Meethi’s sangeet ceremony. She remembers his agreeing to marry Meethi. She wishes him for the wedding. She moves ahead to go in but her dupatta gets stuck in his watch (how does it happen every time in a serial such an apt point 😉 ). They both turn to look at each other and a soft music starts in the background. She takes out the dupatta rather forcefully leaving a small torn piece in his watch only. When things start entangling too much then it is better to separate them. And anyways some things aren’t destined to be together. She leaves hurriedly. He takes out that piece and thinks, will have to stop this game before everything come crashing. I don’t know what’s in your heart Mukta but I love you. I want to marry only you. -Break- Meethi is in her room. I am tired fighting with myself. It will be so easy for everyone if he goes out of this house but no, he wont go. If he would have left then poor Vishnu would have been freed from this guilt. Vishnu comes there. Lets go we have to stop this drama right now. We are playing with everyone’s emotions knowingly or unknowingly which is wrong. You said Akash will leave asap after hearing this news but I don’t think he will go. Plus it might be that our way is wrong to throw him out of your life. Lets tell the truth to everyone come. She too is clueless / confused. I too was thinking the same but cannot understand anything. Just then Tappu calls out for both of them to come fast. Everyone is already in the living room area when they come there. Tappu introduces the bride and groom to the priest. Propose some good time. Kanha tells Damini to not think about those people who have cheated us when right now it is the time of being happy. Forget Surabhi and worry about Meethi’s future. She insists she is actually thinking of the future but he doesn’t want to hear it. If you take her name here then all will be sad. The priest tells them the time and date of the wedding. Akash was walking by when he stops in his tracks. Jogi too asks for it just when Mukku comes there. The priest shocks them saying after 18 days they cannot marry due to Venus sinking (omg I am not getting the stars and moons here :O). everyone is taken aback except Meethi and Vishnu. Akash comes with tea for everyone. Tappu looks at him (I would say wickedly). As he turns to go she proposes to do it in these 18 days. The new chant plays as Akash turns looking hurt. Divya / Damini are worried about preps. Tappu gets sentimental (I would say the last part only). I only wanted to see my daughter happy. Kanha offers to take hold of everything. She is super happy and asks the pries to reconsider her request. He gives the date and time for the wedding – 29th August 10 pm (oh you know what time you air the serial 😉 ). Everyone has mixed reactions. Mukku congratulates Vishnu for the wedding. Precap: Rathore asks Mukku she knows he can read her eyes. They decide to play a game of symbols. He makes symbols and she guesses the name from the letters and end of saying V for Vishnu.

Update Credit to: pooja

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