Uttaran 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kajri declines to go home. Mukta disagrees to take fare from Meethi in case Kajri is not ready to come back home. Meethi convinces Kajri to return to their house by giving her swear to her. I want to talk to you about so many things and want to ask you a really important question too. She asks her the question there only. Do you love Sankrant? Kajri is shocked. She says she cannot love anyone as she is a widow. Mukta and Meethi wait for her answer. Life wont give you this chance again. Kajri answers in positive finally and Meethi hugs her happily. they all leave for home.

Malvika brings ginger tea for Maiyya. She finds her thinking something and looking all worried. Why do you worry? God must have sent me here for some good reason. maiyya is not sure if she can do something. Sankrant should remarry. Meethi and Akash want this as well. Malvika talks about his fate which worries Maiyya all the more. she calls Ambika a witch yet again and Malvika puts a little extra force while massaging her feet. She is a very cunning and cruel person. Everything would have fine if she would have lived here nicely. Sankrant wouldn’t have started drinking again and neither would have Meethi gone in search of Kajri. Malvika is sure Kajri is not coming back. Door bell rings.

Gomti is shocked to find Kajri at the door with Meethi. meethi requests her to make something for Kajri. She takes Kajri inside and assures her that she doesn’t have to be scared of anyone. I am here. Maiyya comes there and Kajri turns to the other side in fear. Malvika is shocked to see Kajri. Meethi tells them how they stopped Kajri. She was leaving for Banaras. I and Mukta somehow made her agree to come back here. She tells Kajri that Maiyya also wanted her to come back home. You are happy now Maiyya? Maiyya nods. Meethi has called Akash as well. He will be reaching here any minute. We only have to wait for Sankrant’s return now. Malvika is shocked as Meethi is indeed too smart. Ambika was right about her. She has ruined my plan. I have to do something about her.

Vishnu is talking to the baby. Mukta returns home early. He goes to make special coffee for her but she doesn’t want it. I don’t want my baby to grow up alone like me. He should have a sister. Vishnu explains it to her that right now she is taking care of him and their baby. We should not think about second baby right now. Mukta stays put. We had decided that it doesn’t matter who earns. He nods. I will start working soon and you will stay at home to handle the baby. We will plan something when I will start earning good or our baby will taunt me. She calls him smart. our baby has taken after you. Electricity goes. She had forgotten to pay the bill. She assures him that she will do it tomorrow morning. He is worried about the baby as he cannot sleep without fan. She knows where her son will be able to sleep peacefully.

Mukta and Vishnu are at Meethi’s house. Meethi is holding the baby. Akash notices their worried faces and asks them if everything is alright. Mukta tells them that they have decided to leave the baby with Meethi tonight. Meethi gets happy. maiyya too is sitting with them. life changes after you have a baby. Akash invites Mukta and Vishnu as well but they both decline. Mukta again lies but this time Vishnu tells the truth. Mukta says she could have left the baby with Badi ma but Nani is there too. She wont stop taunting us. Akash wants them to stay with them as they are after all their own people. Vishnu trusts them but one should not take too much help from anyone. We will fall in our own eyes otherwise. Akash reverses the situation and asks him if they wouldn’t have helped Meethi and Akash otherwise. Vishnu tells them not to even think about it. malvika overhears their convo and smirks. Your bad time has come already. No one has heard the knock of it yet. A few more days and the storm will come and ruin you all. Vishnu suggests going as they have kept the baby’s naamkararan ceremony. Akash and Meethi want to keep it in Bundela House. We will take care of the preps. You only have to invite everyone else. Vishnu tries to object but Akash is not ready to listen to any of it. maiyya takes the responsibility for puja. Mukta thanks them all.

Jogi appreciates Mukta’s idea. He tells it to Divya and Nani overhears it. Divya talk about the love between Meethi and Mukta. They are just like Iccha and Tapasya. Wish their lives weren’t poisoned. Jogi nods. Our own people couldn’t see their happiness. Forgive me Mausi ji if you dint like it but one should learn from his / her past mistakes. It is necessary. I request you not to speak anything rubbish to anyone. she agrees to zip her mouth. I have never thought ill of this house. He only wishes that she accepts it that his family and Damini’s family are one. She knows that their thoughts can never match. I will keep quiet even if Mukta gives her baby to Meethi. Jogi knows that she can never change her outlook towards things. What more can we ask for than this that Mukta’s child gets a mother’s love? iccha was taunted for life that she sustained on our Uttaran. I expect it that such words shall not be repeated in this house from today onwards. He leaves from there. Damini is not interested in it.

Meethi is talking to the baby while he is asleep. Kajri wishes that the emptiness goes away from Meethi’s life. Akash comes there and is talking to someone on phone. Meethi shushes him as the baby is sleeping. He had called Sankrant but he dint pick his call. I have asked him to come to naamkaran ceremony directly. Meethi decides to talk to him then only. Kajri requests them not to force Sankrant into anything. Akash assures her that they wont get him married to her until he is ready. Kajri is really worried for him. What if he starts drinking again? Meethi assures her that everything will be fine.

Next morning, Mukta and Vishnu are all set to leave for Bundela House when Nani comes there. She has come to pick them only (in Kanha’s car). She asks for the baby and is angry when she gets to know that MUkta left the baby at Meethi’s home yester night. She scolds Mukku. You could have told me. you left your baby at some stranger’s house. Mukta tells her that Meethi is not a stranger. Nani came here for the baby’s comfort but you have left him at Meethi’s house. You could have told me and I would have handled him. Vishnu points out that the baby starts crying as soon as she picks him up. Nani tells them both to go while she will go back to home in an auto. Why should I come when Meethi is your own? I am angry as you kept the naamkaran at that makkhi’s house.

Precap: Nani talks to Damini about how she has been living on her Uttaran and is looking in her eye while talking to her. Damini says your question has your answer. Think about whose Uttaran is this house in which you are living? Nani smiles and Damini is shocked to see Jogi and Divya standing there.

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