Uttaran 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 12th June 2013 Written Update

Tappu and Rathore knock at Meethi’s room. She hides the mangalsutra but Tappu notices this. Rathore asks her if she is ok. Meethi nods in positive.
Tappu says now would you lie to your own mother? Meethi denies. Actually Kajri didi called today. She said that Akash is in hospital fighting for his life. I am in a dilemma. My mind tells me not to think about him but my heart is scared. What if anything happens to him? rathore comes forward. You are feeling bad about it? You think that you are to be blamed for it? He only came to cheat you and ruin your life. It is good that we reached on time and saved you or anything could have happened. He did a crime. He cheated the whole family, Iccha ji and you. If I punished him then I am not regretting it. You too shouldn’t. Tappu tries to reason out. Till when you will think about this relation which is based on a lie? Why do you let it hurt yourself? Think about it this was bound to happen one day. Was it right what Akash did to you and what Surabhi did to Kanha? We have sent divorce papers for her to Aatishgarh. Everyone has past I too have. I did mistakes and till today I am paying for it. By the time I realised my mistakes I had left my home, my family. But life doesn’t get over like this. We all have to bear the brunt of our mistakes. What Akash did to you is unforgettable and wrong but what happened today was right. He won’t be able to live this fake relation with you for your whole life. End this relation and start your life afresh.
Rathore interrupts. Can I say something? Nothing happens by signing divorce papers. It is about relation, feelings (bang on you are right!). You have to get over them while the divorce is just a stamp or label only. If the relation remains, if your love sustains then it is right. But you have to control your heart. Tappu is right. You should forget you past and move on. We all are with you in this. Meethi says she will do whatever they both tell her from now on. I want to spend some time with Anni. Tappu tells her to go as Ammo will feel better too. Meethi leaves.

Sankrant thanks the doc for saving his brother’s life. He smiles and tells him that only one person can stay back with the patient at night. Sankrant nods. He comes to Maiyya and tells her the same. You go home and rest today. You can come tomorrow morning bringing food for Akash.
She denies. I wont go anywhere leaving my son. He tries to tell her what if they need something at night and she might be required to run around. She stays put. He gets up to go to have some food. She stops him. Don’t know since how many days you haven’t eaten home cooked food. I will go home and cook for you. He stops her. Today a son got her lost Maiyya back. She smiles to herself faintly and leaves.

Rathore tells Tappu nothing changes with a piece of paper. I still am carrying mine. He takes out a piece of paper and shows her. Tears brim in her eyes. He says you left this and went away leaving me and Yuvi alone. Second, there was divorce written on it. I signed and had returned it then and there only. I had so many questions but dint ask any of it. I still keep this with me and sometimes peek at it when no one is noticing. (She is taken aback). I did sign it but I forgot nothing neither our love nor our fights. I dint forget any moment that we spent together. Nothing! Neither could I forgive you till date for doing it. He walks out while she tries to stop him from going.

Pavitra comes back with the shopping bags and shows it to Gomti. She has brought sarees for her and Gomti. Surabhi comes there. She asks for her sarees. I told you when you go out then bring a few sarees for me too. You could have taken extra money from dad. You know in what condition I had to leave that house. I couldn’t bring any of my stuff.
Pavitra says she dint have any money left so couldn’t buy. Only this much money was left from the household expenses. Surabhi is pissed off. No one has anything for me in my own home. Pavitra taunts her. What you brought from your in-laws is enough. There is no need to get more and if you still want more sarees then come to my room, I will give you my old sarees (so mean!). surabhi retorts. If I want I can tell dad and Nirbhay bhaiya about the same. But I am quiet just to keep peace in this house. But don’t misuse my silence. I am taking these sarees. Pavitra snatches the bags from her. You can go and complain to Agarth bhaiya but he loves his sisters more than his kids. Gomti affirms. They both leave while Surabhi is visibly upset about it.

The postman brings divorce papers for Surbahi. Agarth & nirbhay proudly announce the same to her sister. She looks disturbed. Nirbhay tells her to sign them asap so that they can send it back today only. Agarth smiles. They have a fetish for law. Sign it what do we need it for now? It is good for us only that you will get divorce legally. Nirbhay supports him. It is good that you do not have a child or else it would have been difficult for you and we would have to look after the child too. I wouldn’t tolerate their blood in my family. Sign these papers. We will marry you off in a big family where you stay happy forever.
Gomti asks if it contains only Surabhi’s divorce papers. Agarth affirms. Pavitra says doesn’t that Meethi want divorce as well?

Meethi is shown sitting with divorce papers in her lap. She picks up the pen. I have so much anger in me for him yet why do my hands stop every time before signing these papers?

Gomti says this was bound to happen. On one hand that Akash is ready to give up his life for her and there Meethi must be feeling restless about the whole thing.

Meethi is in a dilemma. One mind (she meant thoughts) says nothing will happen to him while the other keeps worrying what if something happens to him? Would I be able to bear it?

Gomti adds that relation wont break so easily like Surabhi & Kanha’s. Maiyya listens to them from behind.


Agarth asks about Akash’s health. Maiyya tells them that Akash has finally agreed to get treated. Agarth wonders. I knew you would make him agree for it. Tell us what you did to make him agree for the treatment. Say what you told him. Are you hiding anything from me?
Maiyya looks at him. Why would I hide something from you? You are my only brother. I was on a crossroads. I had to choose between revenge and my son. You tell me what should I have chosen? I gave up my vow for revenge. All give shocked expressions.


Agarth taunts her somewhat. The very same vow that you too when your husband dies? Maiyya folds her hands. The promise isn’t greater than my son’s life.
Agarth retorts what about us? We have given our whole life for you. Are we something for you or not? Do have place for us in your heart or not? maiyya says (with folded hands) Avinash’s widow cannot see her son dying or leaving her. nirbhay tries to say something but Agarth stops him. gomti questions her. What about us sisters? Agarth stops them too. He claps for her. Very good! Today I will clap in respect of your motherly love for your son. He leaves from there in a huff. Everyone else too leave one by one after glancing angrily towards a helpless mother.

Meethi closes the papers as Twadeva lagnam chant plays. Now whatever will happen, will happen after the asthi visarjan only.

Maiyya is leaving for the hospital when Pavitra hands her home cooked food. Maiyya takes it quietly. My son would be waiting for me. pavitra gets irked. Right only your son would be waiting for you no one else ever did so.
Maiyya starts walking forward when Surabhi stops her. What should I do with it (showing the divorce papers)? Maiyya asks what it is. She replies divorce papers! Epi ends on Maiyya’s determined face.

Precap: Agarth says to Ekadish, your son slit his hands for once and you closed the chapter of revenge from your life. What if he cuts it again would you then bring Meethi here to rule this haveli? In the hospital, Sankrant tells Akash that he will make him speak to her today. Meethi picks up the call and says hello. Akash closes his eyes in pain as Piya O Re Piya plays. Meethi waits for a reply.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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