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Police inspector asks them as to who has killed Khanna. Akash explains the whole situation to him. Khanna was about to shoot me. Nandini attacked him so as to stop him. If she wouldn’t have done that then I would have been dead by now. Meethi is shocked. Inspector says whatever it was, I will have to arrest her. Meethi asks Nandini why she did this. Nandini replies that she fulfilled the promise that she had given to Rani. No one can kill Akash till I am alive. Meethi says you should have thought about Rani atleast. Nandini is not worried about Rani as Meethi is with her. You, Akash, Maiyya are there for her. I had to do my penitence and it’s done now. Meethi tries to make the Inspector understand but in vain. Lady Constable handcuffs Nandini. Meethi tells Nandini not to worry. Akash will do something. Nandini looks at them once and then leaves with in the police jeep. Meethi says we will have to do something to save Nandini. She was not at fault in this. Akash knows it too. You stay with Rani. I will go to police station with my lawyer. I will do something and get Nandini out of the jail. You please stay here. He leaves.

Rani wakes up and asks for Meethi Ma. Maiyya assures her that she will come. Rani wants to go home. Maiyya agrees to take her home till doc discharges her. rani says I am perfectly fine. I will take care of all of you once I reach home. Chameli too had a change of heart. She wont make any mistakes now. Maiyya is surprised.

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Lawyer explains the situation to Inspector. Inspector understands their point but it is a murder. I will have to first talk to all the witnesses. Akash repeats that Khanna had shot one bullet already. If nandini wouldn’t have come to his rescue on time then the second bullet might have hurt him. Inspector is ready to consider all the angles but first he says he is applying for judicial custody. You can request for bail from the court but it will be a tough call for you. Akash wants to meet Nandini but Inspector denies. we have to take Nandini’s statement first. Akash wonders what he will say to Rani when she will ask him about Nandini.

Gomti does Rani’s puja. Rani hides behind the sofa. Maiyya asks her about it. rani replies that she and Chameli used to play hide and seek like this only. See, when she will come home she will look for me. Meethi and Akash look at each other. Meethi makes Rani get up. Please don’t call your mother Chameli from today onwards. Her name is Nandini. Call her Nandini. Rani nods. I will call her Nandini Ma. Come, let us go find her. Meethi says I wont be able to make you meet her right now. She has gone out for some work. Rani reasons that I had forgiven her. Meethi replies that Nandini left this house thinking about your welfare. Don’t worry about her. She loves you a lot. She wants happiness for you, she wants you to go to school and study diligently. Rani wonders if Nandini Ma will never come back. Akash says no, she will come. She will write letters to you and call you even. she will come to bless you when she grows up. Meethi tells Rani that her mother (Nandini) is very good. Whatever she did today, she did it for you. She loves you a lot. Trust me. Rani knows that too, but what will she go by staying away from me? Meethi says she will think about herself, you and all of us. But yes, she is far away but it doesn’t mean that you will forget her. Remember your mother forever as she only is your mother. She loves you very much. We share a bond from the heart. Akash tells her not to forget this bond ever. Rani agrees. If you both are saying it then I accept that whatever Nandini Ma has done is right. She tells her Nandini Ma (out loud in thoughts) that I know you can hear me wherever you are. I will wait for you! Everyone gets a little emotional.

Nandini is taken to her cell. She notices a small girl crying for her dad. Lady Constable tries to calm her down but in vain. Nandini asks the other lady constable about the girl. she is shocked to know that the girl is Khanna’s daughter. Lady Constable bluntly tells the little girl that her dad is no more. The little girl refuses to believe her. My dad can never leave me. tell him that his Tanu is here. She calls out for her dad. Where are you dad? This aunty is saying that you are no more. Please come. Nandini feels bad. Lady Constable asks Tanu about her mother. Tanu says my Mom is with God. My dad is my mom only. He loves me a lot. He gets me everything that I ask him to! Where are you dad? Constable herself is in a fix as to how to make this little girl understand this bitter truth. Both your parents are with God now. nandini is pained to see Tanu in this condition. She thinks of Rani.

Next morning, Akash wakes up Meethi as it is time for Rani to go to school. He reminds her that they have to make Rani live as normally as possible asap. Meethi is about to get out of the bed when she realises that Rani is holding her dupatta in her sleep. This girl is very naughty. I know she is pretending to sleep only! Akash tells Rani to wake up as she has to go to school. Meethi suggests letting Rani take an off today but Akash is against it. she will make excuse today and do the same tomorrow. Wake her up! Meethi agrees. They both have to finally tickle her to wake her.

Maiyya gives phone to Rani. Akash points out that she is spoiling Rani. This is not the age to use phone. Maiyya is giving her phone for her safety only. Meethi makes Rani finish the glass of juice. Rani wants Meethi Ma to accompany her to school but Meethi lies that her feet are still paining. Maiyya asks about her feet once Rani and Akash leave. Meethi says it is nothing serious. I had actually received a call from Nandini. She wants to meet me.

Meethi has come to meet Nandini in jail. Nandini says I don’t regret killing Khanna. No punishment is big in its return. But unintentionally I have done wrong with a very innocent person. Meethi thinks that Nandini is talking about Rani. Don’t worry about her at all. She is very intelligent. Nandini says I am not talking about Rani. Nandini looks at Tanu. Meethi too follows her gaze. They both see the lady constable trying to feed Tanu but she refuses to eat anything. Meethi asks Nandini about Tanu. Nandini says she is Khanna’s daughter. Her mother died long back and now Khanna is also dead. Police will send her to orphanage. She will get Khanna’s property only when she is 18. I don’t know why but I am scared for this little girl. What if she falls in the wrong hands? She might become another Chameli. Meethi is confused. Nandini finally speaks up. No one can get a better mom than you. Will you adopt this girl? Tanu refuses to eat the fruits as well. She throws he book away in anger / despair and it lands near Meethi. Meethi notices the drawing in the book, of Tanu and her papa. Tanu cries for her papa. Nandini asks Meethi what is she thinking. Meethi says I recalled my childhood. I too dint have parents when I was a kid. Anni and Bhai raised me up with love. I too dint know back then that I had parents. I used to feel sad when I used to see little kids going to school. I can very well understand what this little girl must be feeling. She notices the name on the drawing book – Tamanna (Tanu). Its a beautiful name.

Akash comes out of his office to meet Meethi. you could have come inside. We have hired Vishnu as the architect for Iccha Ma’s project. Come and congratulate him. Meethi agrees to do it later. I have some other important work right now. He gets worried. She moves aside and he notices Tanu in the car. Tanu too looks at him eagerly.

Precap: Rani finds small size clothes. Don’t you know I have grown up? Meethi says they are not for you. She calls out for Tamanna who walks inside holding Akash’s hand. Akash tells Tamanna that it is her new house now. Maiyya and Rani are confused. Meethi explains that Tamanna will stay with them from now onwards. Her name is Tamanna.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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