Uttaran 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 12th April 2013 Written Update

Damini is holding Iccha’s photo in her hands. She recalls how Iccha used to take her blessings. She says, I never thought that I would see a day like this when you will be no more with me. Every happiness in my life, every colour held importance because you were there in my life.
She has another flashback of how Iccha had once wiped her tears saying Tappu’s father was right in saying that she is both her mother and father. You were my reason to live. I lived my life to see you fulfil your dreams. Now you have left me alone and I don’t know how to live without you. When a baby is born a mother is born too. What should I do know…..who do I live for now? She cries while clutching the photo hard in her arms.

Doorbell rings. Meethi asks who it is. On knowing it is a postman, she goes to open singing dakiya daak laya. The postman hands her a telegram and a parcel of sweets. He shares that it must be some good news. She takes the parcel and reads out the addressee’s name – Aggar Kashyap and then the addresser’s name –Surabhi. She gets thinking. She thinks Surabhi bhabhi wrote to mama ji. How does she know Aatishgarh’s address. She realises ma must have told her. She would have sent something. She excitedly starts opening the telegram when Maiyya takes it from her.
She says you must not read letters addressed to someone else. Did no one taught you this?
Meethi says she read the name. She thought her bhabhi had sent it so she was trying to. Maiyya says I will check. Meethi hands her both the things and continues with her non-stop chatter box about his Kanha bhaiya and her wife and more. Maiyya reads the letter.

Iccha died on the day of holi. Her last rites too are done with. She is sending sweets for everyone to celebrate the good news. Ask pitaji to inform me when I can come back home.

Maiyya is shocked. She leaves to her room without saying anything to Meethi. She thinks Maiyya is angry with her and wonders what was in the letter.

Rohini takes Nani’s blessings as she returns home with Divya and Rathore. She says she doesn’t have the strength to face Damini. Nani says Ram hi Rakhey!
Surabhi asks for Mukta and is told by Divya that she will stay back with Tappu while Jogi will join them soon. Damini comes down. Uttaran theme song is playing in the background. Surabhi fakes tears. She asks about baby ji. Did she say anything? She is alright now?
Divya tearfully replies that she was asking for Iccha. I wonder how our relation began with our kids friendship. Whatever upbringing you gave Iccha it is undoubtedly the best. Wherever Iccha is, she would want us to hide our tears and smile….for Tappu’s sake…..for Tappu and Iccha’s friendship’s sake. Both hug each other and cry.
Damini tells her I wont cry anymore Thakurayin. I will seek satisfaction in the fact that my Icchki resides in the heart of baby ji. I wont cry anymore.
Nani folds her hands and apologizes to Damini saying she never understood her daughter.

Veer enters holding the asthi kalash followed by Kanha. He holds it out to Ammo saying this contains Iccha’s asthiyan. Damini comforts him.
Veer and Kanha tell her that pandit ji has told them to do the asthi visarjan asap. Veer says Yuvi wont come, Meethi dint came but Kanha is here…he will do it.
Damini asks for Meerthi. Rathore thinks how I tell Ammo at this moment that Meethi is not in Switzerland. Damini continues, I dint realise while all this happened. She couldn’t see her for one last time as well. All I want is that she touches this kalash once. It wont happen until she comes. Only she will do it.
Veer agrees saying as you say Ammo. Plus, they will be back soon from Switzerland. Rathore is thinking while Surabhi smirks listening to their convo.

Ekadashi closes her room from inside. She is distraught by the fact that Iccha died and easy death and she couldn’t kill her the way she had wanted to. She speaks with her Avi’s pic and says, Surabhi wrote that Iccha died and her last rites are done with already. I have waited to take my revenge since last 20 years. Everything that I have plotted since then has gone waste. She deceived her. How did she die such an easy death? She keeps crying and slams her head on the floor and gets hurt on the head. She bangs a box hard against table. My tapasya, my hatred, my plotting…everything has gone to waste. She takes out match stick from the drawer and burns the letter. She angrily wipes her tears but they keep flowing in.


Akash and Meethi collide with each other and the flower vase breaks on the floor. They bang their heads too so Meethi bangs it one more time so that they don’t become enemies. He is the love of her life and she cant see him angry with her.
When he asks what she is saying. She explains that Anni used to say it and she follows her words no matter whether she believes it or not. Anni had taught her that a bouquet is so beautiful that it can make anyone smile.

Akash asks who she is making it for. She tells him about the postman coming and giving telegram which was sent by a Surabhi. Akash turns shocked. She thought it to be Kanha bhaiya’s wife so was about to open it when Maiyya came and took it from her. She dint read it but I think Maiyya became angry so I am making it for her.
Akash says he will go check how she is now. She says she will come too. He dodges her and says he will check Maiyya’s mood first and then call her. He leaves in a hurry.

Akash enters Maiyya’s room and closes the door. Everyone is there already. He asks what happened. He got to know about the telegram sent by Surabhi. Agarth mama and everyone wants to know what she has written. Maiyya replies she died. Everyone is taken aback. Mama continues asking who died.
She replies….ICCHA!! Everyone is shocked!

Precap: In Thakur house, everyone is praying one by one in front of Iccha’s photo whereas in Aatishgarh, there are some celebrations going on. Meethi is dancing on main to bhool chuki babul ka desh while the whole family looks content and enjoy the performance.

Update Credit to: pooja

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