Uttaran 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 11th December 2013 Written Update

Both marriages are taking place together. Pundit asks to call brides. Ambika’s father brings her and Meethi’s family brings her. Pavitra goes and welcome both bahus together. She introduces Ambika and Meethi to each other. Ambika says in her mind, Akash refused me for this handicapped? They proceed to the mandap. Ambika sits beside Sankrant but she’s watching Akash. Meethi’s family makes her sit beside akash. Mukta and vishnu are very happy for Meethi. Akash holds meethi’s hand and Ambika is staring at them and getting jealous. Ambika’s father ties her and Sankrant’s knot. Kanha ties Akash and meethi’s knot. Meethi looks at akash and smiles. Both couples exchange the garlands. Akash and meethi try to be naughty with each other while doing that.. Ambika

continuously is staring at them. Rituals continue…

Meethi looks at Mukta and both smile at each other. Pundit asks couples to get up for pheres. Kanha says he will get wheelchair. Akash says there is no need for that. He tells her no one ahead or behind.. we will spend all moments together. He carries her in his arms and asks pundit to start the mantras. Mukta is impressed and gestures Vishnu to look at that. Both couples take pheres together. Pundit asks them to say mantras that he’s saying in their mind. Akash and meethi promise in their mind.. they will always be together in both happy and sad moments. Ambika continues glaring while taking pheres. Maiya says in her mind my son is wasting his wife with this handicapped.. what can i do? Pheres end. Sankrant puts mangalsutra on Ambika and Akash on Meethi.. and then they fill maangs with sindhoor. Everyone claps for them as pundit announces that marriages are complete and they become husband and wife. Pundit asks them to take blessings from the elder. Ambika says in her mind it was her rights on that sindhoor andmangalsutra which Akash gave to someone else. She says i won’t forgive you.. i can take anything, but not a refusal.

Mukta is waiting for her dad. she says he’s always late.. let him come.. i won’t talk to him. Rathore enters. Mukta says, is this time to come? She scolds him. Rathore says he’s seeing her mother in her at this now. She takes him inside. Both couples take blessings from the elders. Ambika’s father tells sankrant to take care of Ambika and make sure she doesn’t cry. Sankrant says he will take care of her. He goes somewhere. Ambika’s father tells her to call him if any problem in the house.. he has many secrets of this family and can make them do whatever he wants. ambika says she knows how to fight for her rights. Ambika’s father comes to maiya and says quietly, my daughter should be your elder bahu.. but look at the choice of your son. He tells her to remember ambika is her younger bahu, but also chaube’s bahu. Maiya says him not to worry.. ambika will rule.. meethi is handicapped so there is no chance for her to rule. Akash and Meethi take blessings from meethi’s family members. Thakur tells meethi now akash’s love will make her fine. Akash tells him not to worry.. meethi will be fine very soon. Seeing everyone congratulating meethi and akash, ambika gets angry and jealous. Thakur comes and congratulates them and tells meethi you don’t run away from problems.. sorrow goes away one day. Meethi’s family now goes to meet sankrant and ambika. Thakur turns and is shocked to see Chaubey aka ambika’s father. He asks in his mind what he’s doing here after so many years.

Meethi’s family come to maiya and chaubey. Maiya introduces meethi’s family to chaubey. Rathore says meethi got happiness after so long.. i don’t want any problem to come because of me. He decides to leave. Maiya spots it and goes to him. She asks he didn’t wear black glasses today? Rathore is in serious mood. Maiya asks him if he won’t meet sankrant. Rathore is still quiet. Maiya asks him why fear on his face? Rathore says he’s from bride’s side so they have to be worried. He then says he has some important work and will meet sankrant’s wife’s family some other time. He leaves. His puzzle confuses maiya. Maiya says he’s very smart.. but I am no less. there was fear for sure.

Akash comes to meethi and kisses her hand. He ssays finally they are together after long. Ambika sees it and gets jealous.

Precap: Maiya tells ambika to touch her jeth and jethani’s feet and take blessings. Ambika goes towards akash and bends down to touch his feet, but then falls unconscious and akash catches her in his arms. While everyone’s worried, maiya is carefully analysing ambika’s act.

Update Credit to: nishi

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