Uttaran 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Uttaran 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Uttaran 10th January 2014 Written Update

Ambika comes to Meethi’s room. She wants to see if the snake is there or not. she opens the basket carefully but there is no movement and she doesn’t find the snake inside. She is still there when Akash and Meethi come there. Akash was complimenting Meethi on her singing skills. They are quite surprised to see her there. Ambika replies she had come to keep the map and chart. It isn’t necessary that we all go together. Akash nods. She is about to go when Meethi stops her. she wants to show her the jewellery she has bought for herself and Ambika. Ambika is scared to stay back in that room. She makes an excuse that Sankrant must be waiting for her. she leaves. Akash closes the door after her. meethi finds it weird that Ambika left all of a sudden. Akash calls her weird. We haven’t come here on some family picnic but honeymoon. Let her spend time with her husband. You give me your time. He picks her up in his arms helps her lie down on the bed. He lights fire and then joins her. How was your first day here in Shimla? She is thankful to Ambika for taking her out to such a lovely place. She enjoyed her day completely. Akash complaints that she dint spend quality time with him today and she agrees to do so now.

Mukku comes home. The food is lying untouched and Vishnu has fallen asleep while waiting for her. mukku lovingly caresses his head and he wakes up. I fell asleep while waiting for you. She apologizes for she got late from office. She goes to heat the food again. He tells her he went twice to the bus stop to check for her. She tells him how she got late from office, was waiting for bus and some goons were troubling her at the bus stop today; how her CEO was passing by from there and dropped her. He gets worried for her. you could have called me. she explains there was no network. He is thankful to her CEO for her helped her in her time to need. He will accompany her in the morning and come to pick her at night. She agrees happily. they both feed each other lovingly.

Ambika is scared of the snake. What if it comes in my room? The snake charmer had put it inside the basket in front of my own eyes then where is it. She checks under the bed and above it as well and finally sits on the bed. She calls the snake charmer. Hope you dint call the snake back somehow. My dad is assistant commissioner of police don’t try to act smart with me. sankrant comes there just then and asks her what happened. Why you look so scared? She denies. I was thinking about where we all would be going tomorrow. He asks her to think of them too sometimes. It is our honeymoon too. He tries to act all romantic and close to her but she pretends to have a headache. He goes to get medicine for her. She is worried about the snake and also waiting to hear the cries of Meethi while Sankrant wants to act all romantic with her. maybe the snake is somewhere in that room only.

Rathore is in Kasauli in some hotel. He checks the map and enquires with the receptionist about a Kasauli Princeton Hospital. She tells him it is on the other side of the hill. Have you come here for the first time? Rathore smiles as he looks at the map. No I have returned here for the first time. He thinks, I have come back after 25 years but today I am not what I used to be back then. I was a normal person back then – Raghu – unlike the Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore of today. raghu had many small dreams in his eyes who only wished for a happy life with his family in his small house. The old Rathore is shown in flashback. He is shown praying for the same. Rathore continues, suddenly everything got ruined. we see Rathore shouting for Malvika some 25 years ago. The fire ruined / burnt all my dreams, expectations. Now I have returned with my questions so I will find their answers on my own.

Meethi asks Akash about her first day. He replies romantically. She asks about the astrologer about fog and all. He still doesn’t believe any of it and tells her not to think of all this either. She found it weird the way he was saying it that’s why I was asking. He asks her if she took medicine and points out she has already taken it. He says he has got a new one for her. he goes to get basket for her. he leaves it with her while he goes to get water for her. Something is shown to be crawling under the quilt. Akash is waiting for Meethi to be shocked by the snake and stand on her own feet because of it. She is searching for the medicine but doesn’t find it in the basket. Akash asks her to check carefully. She still doesn’t find anything. The snake comes out of the covers and is advancing towards Meethi. she keeps the basket aside and notices the snake. She clutches onto the duvet in fear. She is not able to say a word as she is so very scared. Akash is still looking the other way. The snake moves and she shouts for Akash. He is shocked to see a real snake. Meethi gets up from the bed but falls on the floor as she is not able to control herself. The snake follows her and comes down in front of her. akash tells her not to make any noise. She is super scared. He removes his muffler and bends down on the floor to catch the snake. She asks him to be careful. Akash moves the muffler in front of the snake to divert him. the snake moves forward to bite him but nothing happens. Meethi is getting worried by the minute.

Ambika is still thinking about the snake. She hears Meethi’s scream and thinks that the snake has bitten Meethi. she wakes up Sankrant and tells him she has heard Meethi’s scream. They both go to check. Akash is still trying but the snake again tries to bite him so Meethi throws it out of the window.

Akash and Meethi ask each other if they are all right. They both wonder about the snake. He spills about the fake toy snake but then he recalls she had stood on her own feet for a second. I brought a fake snake to ignite fear in you because of which you will wake up and that’s exactly what happened. sankrant and Ambika come there. Sankrant asks if bhabhi is all right. Akash tells him that Meethi stood on her own feet. He boosts her morale and helps her in standing up. She stands with his support. Sankrant is happy while Ambika watches it frustrated. I had thought she will be struggling for life on the floor after being bit by the snake but she is standing on her own feet here.

Precap: Ambika brings Akash in the corridor asking him to speak slowly. I have planned a surprise for your brother. I have ordered flowers from a nearby shop. I was going to get them. he offers to get them. she asks him to be careful. Akash takes a jeep and leaves in heavy fog. She comes to where the jeep was parked and we see leaked oil. The brake oil will be over soon. How will you come back in 10 minutes now!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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