I AM URS– Will U Be Mine ? by Ahaana part 14

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someone asked me links of previous parts so this link will give u all of my works…
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i m really glad that all my readers are liking my work…plzz bless me wid all ur love…

It was already quarter past 12 and a men in his early thirties entered a huge mansion but to his disappointment he again saw the same scene which he really hate to see but daily as a compulsion he has to go through it…
He again saw three people sleeping near dinning table by their gestures he could easily make out that again this three have slept without eating and the only reason of their not having food was he himself as he was again late or it must be said very late but what he could do… he already told them not to wait for him but as parents as children…

Suddenly lady sitting at table moreover sleeping gets up and sees her Hubby their… she just throw a angry glare at him and then ask two of servants to take both Ansh and shivika to their room and she went away…
the men knew what his wife is going to do with him ….
But still he felt guilty that again becoz of him Anika Ansh and Shivika has to sleep without food and he too….

Rather than going to his room he thought to sleep at pool area…
so that he will have less chances to be murdered…

He just sat near pool and he was just drowned in thoughts or memories will be the best word said ….

he just remembered the day when he was blessed with two Angels with whom he just fell in love at first sight his children who are of 10 years now… he never thought that ever in he will love any other girl more than his anika but that he was proved wrong as he was again fallen in love with another girl who just had his kanji eyes his princess who meant his world to him the only girl in whole universe who can twirl shivaye singh oberoi on her pinky finger…. how can he forget his dramebaaz Son Ansh who is exactly like him but his eyes are same as his mother’s… Ansh have same tadi like of him he just see his childhood in Ansh the same caring nature which he once had for omrupri and now Ansh had for his sister… But his daughter can always rule him as she is same like her mother she is chotii Anika that’s why The gr8 SSO bent at her every demand which his wife hate about him … but she even bent at every demand of Ansh and that i hate about her…
when everyone in oberoi family heard that twins had arrived it was a great shock but then it turned as a festival for all of them….

Time Flies Man … 10 years have passed but still my blush queen in blushes and still she is jhaasi ki raani if it comes to her children and me..
we never thought that a day will come when there would come someone else in our life who will become more important to us other that we both.. but still it is felt as pleasure to make Both are little babies our first priority…

Daily we all four have dinner together but due to heavy work load i am not able to pay attention towards my darling wife and my Angels ..
but still i ‘ll do something to make them feel good and moreover i ‘ll get an apology from All three dons…

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    Aww!! So lovely….
    By the way all then best for ur Os competition dear! Waiting for next part.

    1. Gayathri.visu

      *opss its ‘the’ not ‘then’

  13. it’s was an awesome lovely episode dear. I like the idea you gave kanji eyes to shivika like shivay and gave ansh eyes like Anika. I’m waiting for your next episode update soon……

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