Urmila ke Lakshman- New story on Tu-Everyone do read

Hi guys this is Yami and I am here with a lakshman and urmila story.I am a big fan of their couple.Please do comment.

For today I am giving characters

Urmila: Daughter of Janaka and Sunaina.Sister of Sita.Cousin of Mandvi and Shrutakirti.Wife of Lakshman.Main protagonist.
Lakshman:Son of Dasarath and Sumitra,Brother of Rama,Bharata,Shatrughna,Husband of Urmila.Main Protagonist

Sita:Urmila’s Sister,Wife of Ram,Cousin of Mandvi and shrutakirti.
Ram:Lakshman ‘s brother,Husband of Sita
(Remaining as usual)
Sab jaante hai Siya aur Ram ke Amar prem kahani ko..Par itihas ne bhula diyaa he lakshman aur urmila ki prem kahani ko.1000 se adhik saal pehle ki kahani hai yeh.Kahani hai Urmila ke tyag,sahas aur prem ki.Kahani hai Lakshman ke daitv ,seva aur prem ki..Iss haphte se shuru ho rahi hai. har haphte ek hissa ki kahani ayega..Is shukravar hoga is mahan prem kahani ka shuru telly updates pe.Dekhte rahiye telly updates.

Everyone knows Siya and Ram’s immortal love story.But history has forgotten lakshman and urmila’s love story.This story is older than 1000 years.This is the story of the sacrifice,bravery and love of Urmila.This is the story of the duty,service and love of Lakshman.This week is the beginning of this story.Every week a new part of this story will be released.This great love story is starting this friday on telly updates.Stay tuned to Telly updates.

All lakshmila,Siram,mythology fans and others please read and comment.Your comments are my support.

  1. LuvIBN

    U know what Ymi I was always waiting for a FF on the Serial Siya ke Ran and especially on Lakshman and Urmila. Thank you so much for the FF. I’ll surely read it with out fail. Just loved the promo. Keep writing.

    1. YamiYami

      Thanks Luv IBN.Please do read and comment

  2. Thanks a lot yaar……please u start this story…..I am really very excited to know this story

  3. Neha7873

    Please update soon ..i am waiting

  4. Pragyashree

    amazing to see another laxmila fan!! excited for this ff
    update soon!!

    1. YamiYami

      You are my inspiration.I have read every single episode of your family.Thank you so much

    2. Pragyashree

      omg thats really nice of you. thank you so much!!

  5. Aman

    exciting tv series waiting for the start

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