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Hi guys….and ANU u asked me for summary so here it is and ya u said me di na omg i m yonger than u infact i m 9 months younger than u but its ok we can be frnds na…..ok now lets start….


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A redfort collage in chennai,
A girl was being raged by the seniors then another girl came there and rescue girl then they both became friends the girl who is being raged is SHALINI and the girl who saved shalini is RAGINI KANNAH , then they saw a girl fighting with a senior boy the girl gave a kick in boy’s main point and she goes frm there to washroom…ragini follows the girl and shocked to see that the girl is crying….then ragini consoled the girl . And that girl is SWARA KAPOOR .

Then swaraglu became good frnds in a day and on the same day they meet ragini’s childhood frnd ” RAVI KAILASH ” in the collage as their senior….then a professer named SIDDANTH became frnd of all . Then that day at canteen swara starts to cry raglu asked for the reason….

Swara said that she had two brothers SHANTHANU & SHIKAR KAPOOR and a cute family and her uncle vijesh and his family….and she was about to got engaged with vijesh’s son SANSKAR MEHRA….but at the last minute swara brake her engagement and came to chennai….but she didnt tell anyone that y she brake the engagement….raglu tought to find the reason and tries to found the reason but all in vain they cant found the reason…..

after two days a new guys entered the clg he is KARAN WAHI fb frnd of ravi…he is a flirty type…he met a lecturer JASMINE he tries to flirt with her but she warned him then as time passes karan starts to fall for ragini then swara and karan became a best bro sis and also ravi and shalu also fall for eo…then after one month one fine day, on canteen someone dashed with ragini…..

Ragu lost in his eyes….karan warned him then all leaves but ragu sees the same boy at her class and they both became friends the boy is none other then LAKSH MAHESHWARI but karan is unaware of this ..when he came to know about this karan beats lucky badly….and ragu slapped karan for beating laksh then ragini goes frm there and karan also follows her and they went to the lakeside park there ragini said to karan that she loves lucky….karan was broken inside but he composes himself for ragini happiness….then at the same day swara recieves a call frm her bhai shanthu he told her that someone came…..swara was shocked after knowing the reason….then at the class sid noticez swara is upset then he told ragu to speak with her then at night ragini told about her confessions and all then…shalu said that rv proposes her two days before and she acepts that then ragini ask swara about the thing the swara said that SANSKAR reached here…..

Then next day karan apologises to lucky and lucky reveals that he is the cousin of swara and he says they met 10 years before only… then lucky also feels something for ragu….then sid said that he and jas are going to their native so till that a new lecturer will came and the new lecturer is none other than SANSKAR…but swara is unaware of this….when she met sanky at canteen she splashes water in his face and sid scold her for misbehaving with sanky and said that he is their new lecturer then swara leaves frm there angrily….after that sanky came to their class and tell everyone that they can call him sanky except swara….swara was angry with this….n then she saw RAKSHANA with sanky and when she see that sanky was complementing rakshu swara burst out her anger then swara and karan leaves frm there….

Then at a lake side park swara said the reason behind her breakup to karan. Karan promises that he wont tell this to anyone then at canteen all came to know that lucky and karan is also in this plan of making swara jealous…then rakshu also joinz with them….

Then at an unknown place sanky was waiting for someone…..


Guys this a summary till epi 20 and NO PROOF READING i wrote this by cutting my serials….ok now i ll say about the characterz…

SWARA KAPOOR – helly shah
SANSKAR MEHRA – varun kapoor
RAGINI KANNAH – tejaswi wyangkar
LAKSH MAHESHWARI – namish taneja
KARAN WAHI – karan wahi
RAKSHANA RAVINDRAN – rakashana ( my frnd )
SHALINI – radhika madan
RAVI KAILASH (RV) – shakthi arora
SHANTHANU KAPOOR – shanthanu maheshwari
SHIKAR KAPOOR -arjun bijlani
SIDDANTH – siddanth gupta
JASMIN ( JAS ) – jasmin….

And guys here is the summary and characters i hope u like it if not then sry for wasting ur time….

THANKU »……..

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  1. Anu

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! that so sweet of uh maha!! that uh wrote the whole summary only on 1 request…nd that also by missing your serials hehe!! love uh alot dear….btw uh r 15 yrs old??.. nd thank uh thank uh thank uh so mch……….for this…this ff is of swasan only na? and i m not anu..i m samaira aka sammy

    1. Mahavir

      thank u sammy dear..and haan ham apse choti hun…i m 15 only going to 16 at june…and where are u frm and which std…???

    2. Anu

      I m from ? earth??…in 11th std

      1. Mahavir

        oh dear…i m also 11 std and i m also in earth same pinch…no more jokes sammy i m frm tamilnadu and u….???

      2. Anu

        i m from u.p….(uttar pradesh}

  2. Fairy

    Maha is reallllly sweeet n dats y we love her sooo much 😉 😉 ….summmary ws mindblowng dr…update nxt part sooon..keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😉 😉

    1. Mahavir

      thank u so much di…keep reading ♥♥♥

  3. Superb summary dr…post nxt part asap…

    1. Mahavir

      thank u d…keep reading♥♥♥

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