Up in the sky- THE JHOLMAAL – EPILOGUE to all. [GOODBYE TU?]

Up in the sky- THE JHOLMAAL – EPILOGUE to all my stories.


Before starting the most awaited and the last article by me on TU. Lets clear few things.

First, this One shot is an epilogue.

Epilogue to my all stories. From my first fanfiction – Junoon wala ishq to beast is mine. There’s a glimpse of all the characters and their future. How their life continued.

So yea.. Those who have read all of my fanfictions (Which i remember must be just one.. That is sameera. The rest are either new readers or old have already left). Okay. So.. No problem if you havent read. I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy.

Second, this whole part will be in MY pov.

Third, This is completely new idea till i remember. Please let me keep it till myself i.e. No part of it should be copied or reproduced. Not even the idea of all epilogue together. Nothing. Without the written consent of mine.


Alright. Move forward now. ?



“Ishhhmilleee pleassheee…”

My sister stressed the words as i stretched my lips.

Showing a happy face with sadness volcaning inside is really hard, isn’t it.?

Thats what i am feeling. Sad.

The car came to an hault as i jumped out of the vehicle with my family.

The beach.

Yes, we were at a beach.

The decesion of leaving TU was really upsetting me. I had been here for 2 years as a writer and including my silent reading.. Its more than 3 years.

Do you think it is easy to make a decision of leaving something which you had been doing this long.?

No. Definitely not.

Well, this is not the first time i am saying that I’m leaving. Its the millionth time. Sameera A.k.a my shammu knows how much time i have said and thought of it. Well not only me… But she too.

We had planned of exiting it so many times that if we sit to count. We won’t be able to. LOL.

And today finally.. I am taking the step.

It obviously saddens me..

I withdrew myself from my sandal as soon as the sand came under my feet. It feels good walking bare foot on sand, right.?

“I will be walking right here..by myself..” I announced as my siblings ran to the water and the elders sat down.

Suddenly my reverie was broken when a girl bumped into me.

“Ahh.. Sorry.” I mumbled rubbing my head.

“Aamu di..” The girl exclaimed and i snapped towards her quizzically.

“Sorry! You know me.?” I asked confused of how she knew me.

“Amira. Amira kunj sarna.” She muttered as my eyes went wide. Amira.. Daughter of twinj from. Junoon wala ishq (Season – 1).

How could i be so silly.? I forgot my own character. Wow.

“Oh amira. What are you doing here..? Sorry couldn’t recognise at first.” I bite my tongue out taking in her experience. She looked so grown up. Cute in her jumper suit,”You look beautiful..”

She smiled,”Thanx..”

“So how have you been.? Anything changed after i left you to live your life yourself.? I mean after i stopped controlling you.” That sounds funny. LOL.

She shook her head,”Not really. Do you know how hard life is without parents.?..”

I pulled her in a hug,”Aww.. Its okay,darling. One day you’ll find someone who will love you like your parents.” I smiled.

“Why don’t you start writing a book on my future life then.?”

“Ahah. Not possible. I am escaping from writing world. That is i am no more going to write.”

“Escaping is never a good idea. You may leave writing but it won’t leave you. How would you stop those creative ideas entering your mind.?” She said. I looked at her in daze. This girl grew up to be alot smart.”Just think over it and maybe you could write my destiny again.” She continued and left before winking me.”And yea.. Its my parents death anniversary and my birthday if you remember.. I am wishing if you could join me for my usual routine thing at sunset.? ”

“Sure.” I waved before wrapping my hands around my frame.. Its pretty cool today.

“Here… You can wrap this sweater around yourself.” A small shaky voice spoke .

I tilted my head to see an old couple. Wait.. No I’m not going to make a fool out of myself again.

“OMG.. Twinkle aunty and kunj uncle..” I screamed finding Twinkle and kunj from ‘janam janam ka pyaar’.

“I am not aunty.” Twinkle aunty chided in a shaky voice. Okay she is practically 90+ now.

“I am not uncle.” Kunj uncle exclaimed as i gave them an unbelievable look.

“Yea.. Right you both are grandmother and grandfather.” I nodded knowingly before bursting in laughter.”How have you been.. I missed you both..” I wrapped my two arms around both, hugging them together.

“You’ll break my bones.. Shoo.” Twinkle granny chided again.

“Hey.. I am your destiny writer. You’ll behave like that with me.?” I faked anger.

“We had decided to behave like this with you from the day you ended our story.”

“I just ended describing. I didnt end your life,Come’on .”I rolled my eyes,” and nothing is forever right.?”

“Right. Neither the pain… Nor the happiness..” Kunj said.

Okay can i stop addressing them as uncle and aunty.?

It sounds…… Wierd!?

“True. Just like those years of pain passed away. This days of happiness will pass away too..”

I drew my eyebrows together,”Dont say like that.”

“What.? We are too old now.. We may die today or tomorrow no one knows,aamu.”

I put my hands on her. Her skin had creased but still her beauty stayed intact,”I know… But Atleast you’ll die happily.?. Its never forever and eternity.. Everyone ‘Has’ to die one day but Atleast you’ll be free of regrets. No doubt, Death has to come. To you… To me.. To everyone.. But dieing happily and with the one who loves you isn’t bad. How can you say that happy days will pass.? Infact.. You’ll be at peace and happy after death too.. Remember those lines.. Death cant do us apart.. Not our love. ” I explained.

They both looked at me for a while before their lips formed a smile,”You may stop writing but your writer giri would never stop. Philosophy ki dadi..”

I chuckled rolling my eyes again,” Dadi me nahi aap hai.. Twinkle taneja–” Before i could finish, she slapped me. Lightly tho she did. I looked at her shocked.

Did she just ‘Slapped’ me.?

” Its sarna. Twinkle sarna. And Dont look at me like that.. I’m not under your palms anymore. I’m free to do whatever you want. “she shrugged as i started laughing.”But if you want you can control me.”

“Thanx for the offer but not interested. Can i just please enjoy my life now.? Without any tension for updating and writing.? I have my goals in life.”

They nodded understandingly,”Jaa aamu.. Jaa jee le apni zindagi.” Kunj said.

I again burst into laughter,”No srk reference please.. I hate him—” Again i was interpreted by a hand slamming on my cheek.

Did kunj just slapped me.?

“No word against srk you little girl.”

I frowned,”I’m soon to be 17. Am not a little girl.” I stood up from my knees.”Nevertheless.. I shall go now… Move on oldies.. And by the way where are your kids.?”

“Must be romancing somewhere with their wifes and about grandchildrens they are playing with no one but your siblings.. There in the water.”

“Alright.. Then. Good bye.” I bend again as twinkle ran his hand through my head kindly and kunj kissed my cheek.

“I miss you.” I mumbled under my breathe truthfully before walking away.

Its been more than a year since i ended ‘janam janam ka pyaar’. I started it on friendship day 2016.

While my other fanfic – Became his life ended on friendship day 2017.

Nostalgia hit me hard and i quickly snapped my phone out. I had all the screenshots of my favourite comments. Mostly the comments of last chapters of all ffs.

I opened the BHL last chapters comment.

‘ohhh god aamuuu jaan srsly literally i read it for whole three times ♥

fell in love wid it ♥

shhooooooo sweet yrr ♥

sooooooooo cute ♥

jst amazing ♥

love u sooooo mch jaanu ♥

superb maza aagya ♥

loved it ♥’

It was dammu aapi… A smile crept my lips as i swiped on yhe screen.

‘Awesome Amazing superb

Just so lovely superb

But this is not fair

You ended if so early very unfair

But you nailed it

I loved this story

And you are going to come back soonly

I don’t know anything

You can’t break my heart by saying no

Dekho friendship day ke din no nahi bolte

And that to not at all

All the best for exams

Rock it

Love you keep smiling’ – Ramya di. If you are reading thanx so much for always supporting. I love you truly di.

‘Uwaaaaaaaaa ??????….

Hate you to the core …

Bataya kyun nahi ….

Acha hua Jo nai bataya warna gayi thi Tu …

U are sooo bad ….

Kitni shiddat se meine iska wait Kiya …

Well baaki k Rona Instagram par …

And yes about the story …

From the start till the end it was marvellous loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar …

Each n every thing this was your bestesttttt story till date after jwi …

Loveddddddd each n every chapter ..

Had waited for it badlyyyyy …

And about today’s epi …

Rocked it man I mean seriously …

Sid delivered his babies …

That was amazinggggg …

Love you back soon with S2 …

Ba byee love..’ – Sameera..

Hopefully you must be reading from the other side. I just wannna thank you tonss yaar.. Thank you so much for always being there. For being such an amazing friend. I have got many online friends but theone who stayed till the end from the dirst was you. And i love and miss you currently.

Also a hearty thanx to purnima di.. Sidmin.. Confidential.. Shruti.. Presha.. Anaya.. Ananya.. Sidmin23.. Twinj2000… Cheenu… Kia… Yashika di.. Mahi di… Supriya di.. Sayu di.. Shattu.. Francie.. Purvi.. Akku.. Aanu.. Adya… Everyone.. EACH AND EVERY ONE who have been part of my amazing journey. I’ll miss you all really alot. Each and every reader mattered to me. I may have forgot your name for now but your comments ss will always be with me. SO THANXXX..

“Idiot..” A cute babyish voice yelled suddenly as I snapped out of my reverie.

“dumbo..” A boy retorted back. I found two kids approximately of 5 Years or something, sitting bare foot (like me) and making the clay castle.

“Ayaaan.. You jumbo…” I chuckled to myself as the girl moved her hairs behind using her dirty hands.

“Yay..look at your hairs. Dirty as ever. Hehehe.. Samaira the dirty girl.” They both were unidentical twins. Something about them told, i knew them. There cheeks looked like pinky pinky potato. So cute.

I walked towards the girl and used my hanky cleaning her hairs,” Who are you.? ” samaira asked.

“My loved ones call me aamu..” I replied.

“And your haters. ?” Woah.. She is fast speaker.

“They can call whatever they want to.. I dont care till they spell my name correctly.” I replied grinning.

She broke into a smile.

“You are same as my mommy..” She said.

“Oh really..? Whose your mommy then.? And why were you both fighting.?”

“He..” She pointed at her brother,”He is evil..”

“And she is devil.” The boy who i remember to be ayaan retorted back.

“He is idiot.”

“She is stupid.”

“How dare you call me stupid.” The girl stood up on her foot.

“You called me idiot, first..”

“Thats because you are—”

He was interrupted,”Ayaaan and samaira.. You both started again..” A lady said, i turned to meet the knowing two pair of eyes.

“OHMyGod… Jasmin and siddd..” I exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Aaammuuu..” Jasmin spoke as she hugged me.

Seems like, mr. Gupta is feeding her alot.. She is fat. My bones are practically crushing.”What are you guys doing here… I mean in INDIA.?”

She pointed at her kids,”At this small age they ended up making a bucket list.. Which included visiting india.. Thus…”

I turned to the two musketeers, they gawked at me with their big eyes. Why are they so cute.?

I felt like eating them…. I meann awwwwwww…

“They are the twins.. Na.?”

“My father delivered us.” Samaira stated proudly.

“I helped him.” I replied raising my invisible collar.

“You’re a nurse.?” Ayaan interrogated raisin his brows.

I gasped tiredly bending to their height.

“I am someone….. Who made your parents met..”

” Owner of that…. Ah what.?” He turned to her sister.


I sighed helplessly as jasmine and sid burst out laughing,” Why are they so…..” Ugh.. I cant even find a word.

“You shouldn’t have leave us on their own.. Maybe they wouldnt be so talkative, intelligent or mischievous.?” Sidhant spoke and i rolled my eyes yet again.

“You know what.. I love kids.. Especially like samaira and ayaan..” I said looking at them.

“You’re cute too…” Samaura smiled.

“And i already love your.. Will you be my valentine—- owww..” Ayaan winced as his sister pinched him.

“Thats why i hate you. You know aamu di he is such a flirt. He proposed a girl he sat with in examination js for two hours.. Uff..” She sighed dramatically and i turned to sidmin. They shrugged.

“So now lets go kids.?” Jasmine asked.

“Nooo.” They yelled.”Sani must be coming.?”

Sani .?

Sani as in—-

“Sani who.?” Sid questioned.

“She is our friend.”

“She lives here only. She must be coming.” Both answered simultaneously.

“She lives here.. Then how can you be friends with her.? You never came to india before.” Samaira came forward and inched her mother to her.

“Mom, this is 21st century. We met online.” She winked.

“And i love her..” Ayaan blushed and we all whistled – sighed.

Dramatically yet teasingly.

This boy.

“I am serious. She’s so cute. You haven’t seen her yet, that’s why.”

“Saani sarna.?” I asked and they nodded. Is this some kind of coincidence or what.

(Yea.. A deliberate coincidence by me.. LOL)

“Sammmmyyy..” I heard a girl calling out loud and immediately i knew who it was.

OMG.. Again for the nth time today. Saani has grown up. She walked in her baby pink frock.

“Saani..” Ayaan came forward infront of samaira as saani ended up hugging him.

“Ahem.. Ahem..” I coughed teasingly as she hugged back. I have a healthy feeling of an amazing love story brewing up.

And hey, i am a writer. I must know whats coming up next ya.?

And i guess you know about it now ?

“Saani.. Dont run.” A female voice followed as twinkle and kunj from ‘Beast is mine’ made an appearance.

“Now you have problem in her running too.. Grow up twinkle. Let her do what she want.”

“Excuse me, Mr. Sharma you forgot but I remember how she fell last time. She made me deaf with her crammings. You dont have to take care of her but me.”

“Oh hello.. I stayed up the whole night last week when she had fever.”

Twinkle glared at him angrily before stomping her feet on his. He winced,”Jungli..”

“Did you said something.?” She turned towards him narrowing her eyes.

“No.. No why would i. Infact HOW would i.?”

“Dont act—” She stopped looking at her two lookalikes infront of her. Her eyes grew wide and she almost fell but mr. Sarna was there handle her.

I chuckled knowing what was going to happen next.

The three lookalikes of them are present right here. Two infront of each other and two just few steps away on their wheelchair (Janam janam ka pyaar twinj)


“cut.. Cut.. Cut..” I came in between them as the two ladies narrowed there eyes at eachother,”To answer your question.. Dont forget i am a big fan of twinj sidmin.. And i wrote on both of you. Now you know why are you lookalikes.”

“Aaamu..” Twinkle from beast is mine exclaimed and yet again i was in a hug.

18 minutes and 17 seconds later their confusions were solved and they finally hugged. Thankfully there names weren’t same here.

I also told them about my oldiess sitting near the tree. They waved at us knowingly too.

“Aaammaaannnnnnnnn..” My brother yelled calling me.


“There’s some music concert taking place here in five minutes.”


“We’ll be there. If you wanna com—”

“Alright. I’ll be there by myself.” I said as he left. I turned towards the couple and the kids and they nodded.

We all walked towards the big stage. The crowd was gathering already.

I almost fainted when i saw the picture of the singer.


As in arman malik of junoon wala ishq season 2. As in the abnormal one. As in the guy who proposed twinkle. As in THE SECRET SUPERSTAR.

“Dont tell me—” I nodded as both the couple looked at me wide eyed.

Now they have one more lookalike coming.

I searched through the crowd to find twinkle and kunj from Jwi..S-2 but they weren’t there.

-20 minutes later-

The concert was about to start and still my eyes searched in the crowd. Until it stopped on a particular couple near the tree. Kunj’s hand wrapped around her neck as he pulled her closer.

Any other day i would have let them kiss but right now, it was the desparate writer inside me who was fed up of waiting and was going nuts for meeting them.

I picked up a shell and aimed towards them. It hit kunj’s head as they snapped out. He looked furiously through the crowd before his eyes stopped on me.

“Here right now.” I commanded.

“You are no more to control us.” He shrugged before grabbing his fiance in his arms and claiming her lips.

Alright.. This is toooo Umm… I mean how could he.. I mean its public. I know they are engaged but – –

“Right at your service writer sahibaa..” His voice broke me out of my reverie as they both approached us

“OhMyGod—” twinkle’s words were cut off by me.

“I seriously donno how all of you ended up here..” I said putting a hand on my forehead. The more i am running away, the more they are coming towards me. I explained everything to them

“okay i have a question..” Kunj from jwi-2 spoke. I nodded approving him to continue.

“Whose your favourite among all of us.”

I closed my eyes as all eyes darted on me. How cam i answer it. They are just them. They are my creations and i love all of them the way they are.

“There’s no—”

“No you have to answer… We wants to know.” Kunj from Beast is mine said. He had grew a beard while the jwi one didn’t had. He was younger in years..

“Janta wants to know.. Yes..” Sidhant encouraged.

“Excuse me…. From. When did you start speaking hindi.. You live in Newyork–”

“Dil se toh hindustani hi haina..” He winked and i rolled my eyes.

“Yea.. By the way.. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL..” I said trying to change the topic

“Dont distract and answer..”

“Ummm…”I thought for a while,” Armaan in here… “I started jumping clapping my hands.

” Hey armaan.. ” I waved my hands.

“OHMYGOD Aaaammmuuu.”

“Gotta sing malik sahab..” He was about to jump off the stage but i stopped.

I moved away from the judwaas as they argue among them about they being my favourite and etc.

“So Today.. I’m going to sing for someone.. Someone special..” Armaan started as the crown whistled,”Yes.. Its a girl. The girl i had loved with all my might from few months now. Today she is present here and….” His eyes were stopped on someone among the crown,”and its her birthday today.. This song is dedicated to her. Not for her birthday gift but just to let her know how special she is to me…and no matter what…. She is perfect. She doesn’t have to cry on her pillow anymore. She would have my shoulders to cry on always, my arms to protect her, and my love to overpower every obstacles.” He seemed to happy. I smiled too. I knew he liked twinkle but he definitely deserved a chance,” Yes.. I love her. And she is… ” I followed his hand which pointed at someone. The girl was standing too far away from the crowd. The waves hitting her.”Amira kunj sarna, The famous writer and my love of life.”

I SWEAR, I PRACTICALLY LOSE MY BALANCE. My eyes was out of its socket. Did he just – – – –

My thoughts were broken as he started to sing..

Hmm.. hmm…

Dehleez pe mere dil ki

Jo rakhe hain tune kadam

Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum

Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Dehleez pe merey dil ki

Jo rakhe hain tune kadam

Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum

Haan sikha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena

Haan sikha maine jeena, mere humdum

Na sikha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na sikha jeena tere bina humdum

Hmmm.. hmmm..

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein

Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein

Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Jo tu mila to saji hain

Duniya meri humdum

O aasma mila zameen ko meri

Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum

Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena, kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum

Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Hmmm… hmmm..

His voice was so soothing, the way he sang.. Not only me but all girls were awwiing. Half were already drooling but the cuteness… His eyes didn’t moved from amira.

I felt so happy that finally she was happy. She deserved to be happy. Not this boring routine of being an introvert and sitting at a corner.

Just like all my readers i had also felt bad.. Really bad killing twinj. Killing her parents.

But after every dark night , the sun comes.. Just like her. She was finally happy..and that made me happy.


The crowds reduced as i walked with everyone far off away from them.

“What are we here for.?” Kunj from jwi – 2 asked.

“Just wait a minute.”

“I am thirsty.” Twinkle from Janam janam ka pyaar exclaimed as amira and armaan pushed both of the oldies wheelchair.

I stopped in my track when i found everyone far away. Taking outthe balloons i bought from my clutch, i handed each and everyone, one.

” You wanna knkw whose my favourite among you na.?” I asked as they all nodded,” Have you ever heard that First one is always special.?.”

“I have read somewhere.”

“Well its truth. You see this grown uo girl standing infront of you..” I pulled amira towards me,” She is the daughter of Twinkle and kunj…”

They all gasped, “There are one more twinj.?”

“How many stories you have wrote about us, seriously.?”

I chuckled.”Lots of stories well to your good luck there are just the fanfictions characters here.”

“So where are your parents.?” Twinkle from jwi-2 asked as amira’s face fell.

“There..”I pointed towards the sun setting down,” Everyone says those who die becomes a star but i say.. They rise and set daily.. They see you whole day. They tell you that those who rise.. Those who bron.. Has to die.. Has to set. There they are.. My twinj. My first ever story on them was ‘Junoon wala ishq’. I started on 22 june 2016 and ended on 16 September 2016. yes two years ago. ” I said as my voice turned hoarse,” You know why are they my favourite.? I mean why that ff.? ” I asked,” Because.. They were my first experience. Many mistakes.. Infact the whole ff was a mess. But that was the only thing i learned. Life is all about improving. We can’t sit just like being proud on our self. There’s always a scope for improvement and today… See.. From the day i started to today.. I have improved. Like alot. All thanks to TU and wattpad. I learned alot from both.”

Everyone stood silent.

” What we have to do with this.? “Samaira asked innocently.

“We have to send our greetings and messages to our twinj…” I replied.

Everyone raised there hand which had balloon as i spoke,”Cheers To Twinj..” I shouted. They looked at me quizzically and i laughed,” Twinj as in the real one. The tashan e ishq ki shaan. The two without whom you wouldn’t have born.”

“Cheers to twinj. Cheers to twinj fandom. Cheers for the amazing TU people.. Cheers for my friends.. Cheers for YOU ALL…” I said and let go of the balloons.

“Cheers to – – – – -” Okay readers finish that in the comment box. See yaaa


Yay.. Wierd.. Strange.. Wth.?.. Senseless.?

Ik.. Ik.. But yea as the last and the #150th post on TU.. I accept all the tomatoes.

I know half of you all have got bored but sorry thats what i planned.


AND SAMMMEEERRRRRAAA.. we completed a year together of jwi – 2 and Trm-2..remember.????

We started on this day. 15th August. I remember how we chatted kate at night and posted at 12.


To contact me personally..

I would open TU sometimes so you can leave a message in PM.

Instagram Id – @_Supergirl__aamu_

Wattpad id- @TheBeautiful_Mess

I am not using insta currently so wattpad and TU can help.



This was the final. Now no more twinj ffs from my side. Alhamdulillah i had wrote enough. Now its time for bye. So GOOD BYE.

Dont hesitate to message me anywhere whenever you want. Our friendship isn’t going to end..



  1. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Just splendid written.. ????

  2. Epilogue was unique …..??luved it.
    I m feeling very sad ……u r not going to write anything on tu …???
    It was amazing to see all the characters of all ff on Same plot …impressive .???
    I ‘ll miss u ?
    Luv u ?
    All the best for ur future ..?

  3. If you don’t mind can I say something pls don’t go and write ff and you know other writter so tell them they complete there ff because we read a ff then we really Want a complete story because we all love twinj so please don’t go

    1. Aamu

      Thats the reason i stayed back for so many months dear.. I didnt wanted to hang anyone in mid. For all i know, i have completed my story and now its my studies before me and about other writers. I am in no contact with anyone currently. Still.. I will tell those who i chat with..
      Thnx ❤

    2. Thanks dear &all the best for study

  4. SSK

    It was a very different style of epilogue, though I loved it.
    But sad as well as you are not going to write it anymore and I am definitely going to miss all your writings.
    I have read all your stories and have loved it. You are a really good writer.
    I can understand studies are important.
    All the best.

  5. You are bad aamu
    Seriously from which angle you felt It as boring.
    I read your every ff and when you took their name, whole story started to play in front of my eyes.
    Girl I’m feeling nostalgic.
    Well thank you so much for special comment but sweetheart. I supported you because you deserve it.
    How can I let go such an amazing writer.
    Hell no.
    But seems like this time you made up your mind. Fine I’m not going to stop you with my promises. As somewhere I had realised that it’s wrong.
    So I really hope that you will come back soon.
    You will be always special and this style of writing is quite different.
    Loved it.
    Love you.
    Have a happy life ahead

  6. Sameera

    Oh my god what was that man ????
    Pehle to maafi meri maa ???I am so so so damn late in commenting kya karu Yaar jab bhi padhana ki koshish ki har zarre me mujhe isey padhne se rokne ki saazish ki ???I know it’s quite filmy srk types but what to do I am also your Friends ..
    This is to totally a weird thing ?? in posh language it was unique seriously Yaar so many characters ?? I am fed up ??in showing twinj and Sidmin both currently in kaatil S2 I thought I am the only one weird but you again proved we are same actually twins ?of different age groups and different state but yeah Dil to hai Hindustani ?? ..
    So yes it was amazing so amazing so had a look of it from the start of jwi S1 till bim ..
    My favourite one of yours is became his life you know why because it was something seriously unexpected and you improved alott in that FF amazing storyline different from others FF of yours ..
    Loveddd each of them like anything omg can’t believe it’s 2 +years since we are writing here on tei telly updates ..loved it everything Amira got armaan ???
    So cute Sidmin babies ???so funny Yaar after all writer hi aisi hai …
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    Unique idea of giving an epilogue on your all the stories from the start till the end it was amazing n amazing ????
    Lovedd it so so much …
    And yeah it’s not the end I would have been angry if you have done something like leaving telly updates before but I know this year studies even I am planning to run away so yeah PERMISSION GRANTED ????? I know lil bit selfish it was ??
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    Kabhi ALVIDA na khena ???
    Kabhi ALVIDA na khena ???
    Chalo ba byee allahafiz naam Roshan Karna Mera okay do study well we will meet you soon like before ?late night convos Baaki hai ..
    Bye pakka walA
    Love you ?????

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