Untold History Unfold Mysteries~ #part-1 #riansh

Hello guys , seeing you all after a long time , schools reopen , I doesn’t got a storyline for writing anything ….

Here it begins

Jaipur , Rajasthan
Morning 8:30 am :
It’s one of the street in Jaipur , when a city bus abruptly stopped there , a gust of sand and dust hit her as she placed her foot on the soil of Jaipur , pulling down her luggage , she started walking further glancing her surroundings , ” Nothing changed even after 20 years ” she mumbled to herself , when she caught the sight of a few village men sitting and chatting , she went towards them and asked ” dekhiye ji , aapko laal mahal jaane ka raasta pata hai ?? ” For which they stood shocked , From nowhere A man with heavy beard covering half of his face and his hairs in grey colour and a few strands coloured in white , wearing just a single cloth covering his body which is white color but is covered in mud approached her saying the word ‘ laal mahal ‘ in a mysterious voice , she shivered hearing him ” why do you want to know about it betiyaa ?? ” He asked ” I bought that mahal , as I was soo attracted to it ” she said in a shaking voice ” come with me , I will show you the way ” he said and guided her towards the palace ,
She was now in front of the palace main gate , the doors went wide open , and she entered inside the mansion , she felt like she already knew this place , she felt familiar but ignored those thoughts , she entered the mansion to see three staircases in front of her , a large chandelier hanging upside , it was royal , she felt like she was living the life of the royal kings , out of a sudden , a woman in her 60’s in a red color saree tied in a much traditional way , her hair tied in a bun adorned with 1 jasmine flower , kajal high amountedly applied in her eyes and a huge red bindi on her forehead approached her , she felt a little scared after seeing the woman , but also got a feeling of seeing matarani , ” namaste madam , I am durga , I am the head servant ” the girl just nodded and said ” don’t call me madam , you are much elder than me , call me riddima , you are just like my dadi ” riddima said , durga smiled and asked ” what do you want in the lunch beta ?? ” ” That’s of your choice but for now , I want to eat kheer ” , durga nodded and was about to leave when riddima called her ” dekhiye , aap us aadmi ko jaanta hai ?? ” She said pointing towards the man who helped her reach the palace ” hain beta …. He is the watchman of this palace , his name is mridul saab , his family is the ones since centuries working for the royal family who once owned this palace , this mahal is very ancient one ” durga said and left from there to the kitchen , while riddima just ignoring the thoughts , left to her bedroom

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