An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 9)

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Urmila turned and see laxman standing.
Urmila: ( lowering her eyes) sumitranandan!! You here. Pranam.
Laxman : urmila I am sorry if I disturb you. You know that this marriage is a surprise for everyone. But before anything begins I want to ask you something.
Urmila : (little tensed) What do you want to ask?
Lakshman: you already know that howmuch I am dedicated to Ram bhaiya. He is more than my own life for me. When the question of marriage came I was happy but at the same point I am worried that
(Laxman got silent)
Urmila: because of me your duties toward jijashri will be distracted.
Laxman: how do you know?
Urmila : we know each other since one month and in that much time I am able to understand your thoughts and face.
Laxman: I am confused urmila. If i completely give importance to my duties ti bhaiya. I will never be a good husband. I don’t want to cheat you. I will never be able to give you enough time.
Urmila : ( smiles) time!! Time ia needed between those people who didn’t have any relation. In a relationship one’s heart is connected to the other’s and heart doesnot need time. It just need faith, an unbreakable trust. Sumitranandan when maharaj announce our marriage, i knew that you will be in same situation. Till date whatever I study and observe and what i conclude is that between two humans trust is more important than love. Human can live without love but not without trust.

Laxman : do you trust me?
Urmila : more than myself. Not because are going to get married or because you are jijashri’s brother. I trust you because you have the courage to give evrything for others.
Laxman : what if in future i break yoir trust?
Urmila: is it that easy? If i trust on anything, even god cannot break my trust as i am the only one who can break my trust. If it breaks than that moment will be the last of mine.
Laxman : no please don’t say that
Urmila: I request you to never leave jijashri as sita didi’s life remain in him. And i can never see didi in pain.
Laxman: thank you urmila. I came here to make you break this marriage but now I am proud that you are going to be my wife.
Urmila( blushes) allow me to leave. Ma will be waiting.
Laxman: one last question.
Do you love me??

Urmila(turn to leave): when someone save one’s life the life belongs to him.( blushes)
Laxman: ( shout to stop her) wait, this is not an appropriate answer.
Urmila: ( laughs and run away) answer came by searching not by shouting.
Laxman return to palace and tell ram that he is readyfor marriage.
Haldi of the three couples start. After much discussion gargi was announced as the brides’ vidhikari. Everyone applied haldi on them. Shanta announced that after haldi grooms and brides will not be able to see each other. Laxman smiles seeing urmila through the curtains. Chandrabhaga said,” look didi, yesterday we were talking about their marriages and today….” She broke down into tears. Sunaina hugs her. All four sister hug them. Janak said to dashrath,” maharaj first you were taking my beloved a part of our heart with you but now we are giving you our whole heart.” dashrath embraces janak and said,” don’t worry rajrishi. Now will take care of mithila’s heart.”

Precap- mehndi ceromony going on and sisters discussed the name by which they will call their husbands.

Plz comment and tell me which part of laxmila’s conversation you like( may be hate) the most.

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  1. Padmaja

    Awesome update…. I loved lakshmilla scene… and the precap seems interesting… pls update the next epi asap..

    1. Pragyashree

      Sure thank you

  2. Padmaja

    And in fact I loved all the lakshmilla scenes…. and I am sure no one will hate these scenes…. I loved today’s scene very much…

  3. Astra

    awesome dear..

    1. Pragyashree

      Thank you. Please tell me which part of laxmila conversation you loved

      1. Astra

        i loved all covos dear… especially last one..

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