An Unsung Heroine Urmila (Part 8)

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“Rajkumari urrrrr…” shatrughan said but laxman didn’t let him complete,” shut up shtrughan, no didi nothing like that.” Shanta smiled. Just then she saw urmila, mandavi and shrutkirti coming. Trio bent to touch shanta’s feet but she make them stand and hug them. Urmila said,” we are really glad to meet you didi.” Shanta said,” same here. Swami often tell me about the love of mithila sisters. Mandavi shrutkirti and urmila look at each other. Shanta said,” do you wwant to ask something. Don’t hesitate. Or you said me didi only by word or accept it by heart.” Mandavi asked,” didi, you are same as our sita didi. We request you to meet sita didi once as she will be more than happy to see you.” shanta said,” even I am eager to meet sita, but I am a rishi patni and can’t visit a palace without my husband. But please tell sita that I will soon meet her in the puja before haldi.” mandavi said,” we should leave now. We will meet you in puja.” the three sisters start leaving but shanta stop them. She take out some kajal from her eyes nd apply it behind their ears. They all smile.

A puja was organized before the haldi ceromony. Ram and sita sit together. Behind ram was his brothers andbehind sita was her sisters. Fortunately dashrath watch them and start thinking about his sons and mithila princesses. After simetime, haldi cerimony begins. A curtain was drawn between ram and sita. Shanta applied haldi to ram followed by her brothers. Urmila applied haldi to sita followwd by her sisters. Shatanand said,“ now urmila, mandavi nd shrutkirti will apply haldi on ram” trio get glad. They go to ram and apply haldi. Mandavi said,“ by the way jijashri we are very angry with you.” urmila said,” for taking our didi away from us. But we know that you will always keep her happy with you.” Ram smiled. They return to sita’s side. Sunaina smiles and said,” it seems you three love haldi a lot that much that you apply it on your faces.” one elderly lady there said,” it is a good maharani. It shows that soon you will di vidai of them also.” The faces of sisters turn red in shyness. Chandrabhaga said,” look didi, even yellow haldi is making their face red.” Haldi rituals end. Everyone was preparing to go back to their places. Maharaj dashrath came to janak.

Dashrath: rajrishi, I am thankful to you for giving to us. Can I take somemore from you?
Janak: ( surprised) request!! Just tell me what do you want?
Dashrath: I came here to get my ram married nd take your daughter as my daughter in law. But when I observe your younger daughters, their knowledge, sanskar, I was really impressed. I want the same queens for ayodhya. Therefore, I request you to complete my family and give ayodhya the righteous queens in form of your four daughters.
Janak, kushdhwaj, sunaina and chandrabhaga become happy. The brothers and sisters were surprised. Ram and sita smiles.
Janak : I didn’t have any words to answer. I am that happy. But kushdhwaj..
Kushdhwaj: bhaiya I am glad and don’t havr any problem with this proposal. You always think good for our daughters.

Janak hugs kushdhwaj and then dashrath. Sunaina and chandrabhaga hugs each other. Janak said to shatanand,” start preparing for all four daughters. Everything should be four times grand.” Maharishi vashishth said,” tomorrow wll be the haldi cerimony of the rest three couples. Everyone was happy.
In the palace, laxman was alone in his room in som thoughts. Ram came nd see him in tension.
Ram : what happen laxman?
Laxman : nothing bhaiya. I was thinking about wedding.
Ram : are you not happy with your marriage with urmila?
Laxman: bhaiya, I am very happy with my marriage. But I am afraid that after marriage my responsbility toward you wiĺl get distracted or I will not fulfill my duties toward her.
Ram : I want to you answer of this problem. But i will not.
Ram puts his hand on laxman’s shoulder.

Ram: Laxman, now you are getting married. Urmila will be your wife. From childhood I know that you didn’t let your feeling be disclose to anyone. But now you have to share your problems with your wife. I know she will understand and together you will found a better solution.
Laxman : but….
Ram : Do’ nt hesitate. I am sure she will be happy to know that you have faith in her.
Laxman agrees and went towards urmila’s room but he saw her going simewhere. He follows. They both reach gauri mandir. Urmila gave the puja materials to the priest. Urmila join her hands nd said,” thank you ma gauri. Thank you for everything you gave me snd my family. You didn’t let me ask anything. Now we sisters will remain together for the rest of life. She turned and see laxman standing.

Precap- urmila said,” for me faith is more important than love.”

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