The unspoken words – RISAN (Part 1)

I am really sorry for the title. It’s the unspoken words- RISAN

The story starts with SANAYA entering a huge bungalow and all of a sudden run to hug her mom.
She is very happy and gather everyone in the hall. She tells everyone that she has to go to MUMBAI for 6 months for the completion of a new project that she has to start in collaboration with Kundra industries. She started packing her stuff and reaches airport after bidding adieu to her mom and her DJ accompanies her. DJ is none other than her Dayijaan. She had accompanied her to take care of her.

While on other hand Fab5 is also packing their stuff as they have to board a flight to Sri Lanka. Everyone seems to be happy as there concert was a huge success.

The next day, SANAYA’s flight landed off in Mumbai. At the same time, a brand new Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of airport. AND there comes our squad FAB5 all decked up in their stylish clothes. Rk as always in his black suit along with glairs seems breath taking and in her usual arrogant style was entering the airport with her girlfriend Alya and of course the entire group. CABIR as usual was cracking his laim jokes but our handsome hunk was busy waving at girls who were madly following him while at the same time Alya was getting jealous witnessing all this.
SANAYA on other hand was coming with DJ outside the airport. What will happen when these two poles meet each other?
Will they meet each other ?

Will it will be love at first sight or they will land up into rift……
Stay tuned up for more updates.

  1. Hi awesome story
    Write more Jaldi jaldi

    1. Swasa12

      Sure.. Will update soon… Thanks

  2. Hi awesome story
    Write more Jaldi jaldi
    Love it

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