The unspoken words – RISAN (Part 2)

The story starts with SANAYA talking on phone and coming out while CABIR and Rk were busy taking that they failed to notice her coming. As expected they bumped into each other with which Sanaya and Rishab fell on each other while CABIR witnessing the whole incident with open-mouthed. Alya entered the scene and started blabbering her shit to Sanaya.
Drug helped Sanaya in getting up and was lost in her.
Sanaya – thanks..
Dhruv- It’s OK. Are you ok
Sanaya- yaa I am fine, thanks.
Alya- What that Haan… What do you think yourself.. How dare you touch my bf. Rich ladka Dekha nahi bas Shuru ho gayi… Omg, I really know characterless girls like you.
Sanaya- Excuse me, but mind your language and firstly ask ur bf to use the eyes that God has given him and then acuse others.
Alya- Rk see how cunning she is. Kitni innocent ban rahi hai. Rishab bolo na..
While our handsome hunk was busy staring Sanaya. But the reality hit him and as usual in his arrogant tone supported her gf
Rk- hey you, whatever just be in ur limits… Don’t you know who u r talking to. So just shut up and get lost. Come on guys.
Sanaya- hey you, r u insane or something. Don’t you have sense to apologize. It was ur falt but I guess it’s my fault to talk to a lunatic like you who is so much self obsessed. Have u seen ur self in mirror… U look like a monkey.
Rk- he started laughing and said ahhhhh I like it. I have known so many girls till now with different excuses of getting my attention but This excuse is a new one.
Sanaya – Omg, what do you mean and stop praising yourself and come out of your dream world.
Rk: oh really, so you really don’t know who I am. Oh come on grow up girl, I am the Rockstar, the heartthrob and…
Sanaya- enough, Mr Rockstar, I am not interested in talking to you, so got it and leave.
Till that time a lot of people have gathered there and were laughing and enjoying the scene. Now Rk had enough of it and got angry.
What do u think Rk will do now?
Was it a beginning of new enemy or a new love…

Rk: wait guys, I get it.. So u r doing to seek my attention sweetheart..
Sanaya- omg, with this she started laughing and said I feel so pity for you.. I mean u look like a fool
Rk- shut up, you don’t know who I am. Thank God u r a girl, otherwise u don’t know what I would have done with you.
Sanaya – Oh please….. Don’t do this, I am so scared… Boom..
Rk: you know what actually just let it be. I am from childhood in habit of ignoring people like you so that z fine
Sanaya – and I am in habit of showing people the reality so called heartthrob…
With this CABIR interrupted and said come on guys it’s time for our flight.. Let’s leave
Rk- thank God u r saved this time…. And hope to never see me again and for ur general knowledge start watching news or tv
Sanaya – o God how can some one be so creepy…
Both went in different directions…
Till that time DJ enters the scene and both left for the hotel.

Raj Kundra and Sanaya Kapoor knows each other and Raj aka Rkz dad likes Sanaya a lot.
Raj: hey my angel, how were you
Sanaya – I am good partner.. Howz u
Raj – I am perfect.. Anyways have u reached safely
Sanaya – yaa… I have reached.. No worries
Raj- where r u right now btw
Sanaya- hotel taj
Raj- go to my home directly
Sanaya- partner plzz…. I will manage and I don’t want to bother aunty
Raj- ok fine… I will not force you but I am sending u nyonika no and address and rest she will take care of everything. And one more thing, this time my son will be handling the project with you as I want him to understand his responsibility
Sanaya – sure partner as u say…
For your kind info guys Sanaya doesn’t know rk being Raj Kundra son…

So a lot of twists and turns awaits you guys and plzz comment if u like my ff.

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