Unreal Love – Swaragini:Chapter 3

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“Do you-Ragini take Lakshya to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“Duh, no.”

“You don’t have a choice hun.”–Swara scoffed and told her sister off for the 8th time that day.

“And why the hell are Kunj and Twinkle officiating this thing anyway?”–Ragini questioned, confused as to why the people who were supposedly their cameramen(women), were suddenly officiating a wedding. A wedding that was well, not supposed to go this way. It was supposed to be a simple court marriage but this is what it turned out to be. They were at a beach, standing under an arch and only their families as well as the crew responsible for the shoot were present there. It was a beautiful day outside, but for Lakshya and Ragini, it was just a little shot of being a scam.

“Look buckaroo, we don’t got no time to book some church cuz we ain’t doing the whole ‘traditional’ thing and we need to actually shoot something for the show, to show that it’s a ‘wedding’! So, this was the best option. Y’know what I’m sayin’?”–Sanskaar said as he just looked at Ragini and Lakshya while he explained the so called ‘motive’ behind the makeshift venue.

“Why the frick frack, for the love of grilled cheese and mac do you have a weird ass accent?”–Lakshya gave his brother a glare and tried not to snort at his fake accent.

“LUCKY! No cursing!”–Sanskaar and Kunj yelled in unison.

“Oh sorry, why do you have a weird Kunj accent? Get it? It’s because he’s an a-”

“Alright! We are done here! By the power vested in me by some site online I pronounce you husband and wife, sign these papers now and try not to kill each other.”–Twinkle said hurriedly to put an end to the awkwardness.

“No promises.”–Raglak said in unison and just glared at each other.

Swara smirked and said ‘innocently’–”Aren’t you supposed to kiss the bride or something?”

Sanskaar stifled his laughter and started coughing while Kunj and Twinkle looked at Swara wide eyed and then looked at each other, while panicking internally. Ragini scowled and said–”Oh there is no way that I’m kissing someone–”

“Who’s way out of your league. Yeah, I know you’re all like-‘Oh my god! How can someone as perfect as him exist?’ But, chill. We gotta do what we gotta do. This kiss means nothing.”

Ragini just tightened her jaw and said–”It means less than nothing to me. I don’t give a fu–”

“Ragu! DO NOT CURSE, THIS IS AIRING LIVE!”–Sharmistha yelled while Swara scrambled to hold her mother back.

“I don’t give a frick frack, beanstalk and Jack about you. So, to me, this means way less than nothing.”–Ragini said while looking Lakshya right in the eye while she placed her arm on his shoulder and pulled him close to her, as their noses touched. Lakshya cupped her face as he scowled and closed his eyes in frustration while he pressed their lips together. Ragini did the same and gripped his shoulder really tight while just sinking her nails into his shirt,trying to hurt him. Lakshya reacted to that by pulling away slightly, only to bite Ragini’s lip hard enough to make it bleed. Ragini hissed in pain and let go of Lakshay’s shoulder, while he just shifted one hand to her nape and then pulled away. They stared at each other, Ragini’s hands on Lakshya’s torso, while one of his hands rested on her cheek and the other was gripping onto her nape. Ragini huffed and pushed him while Lakshya smirked at her and wiped his lips.


The whole scene that had taken place in the background while Ragini and Lakshya had kissed had been one of complete chaos. Kunj had latched himself onto Shekhar’s back because he did not want Lakshya kissing Ragini as he was worried that he may not be ‘the one’ for his daughter. His logic was pretty messed up because though he wanted grandchildren some day, he would murder anyone who tried to court his daughter and right now his daughter was getting married to and kissing a random dude, a rich and handsome dude, but still very random. Sanskaar had to block Shekhar from the front when he realised that even the heavy weight of Kunj’s body on his back wasn’t stopping him. Twinkle on the other hand had to try and keep a very excited Sharmistha from squealing too loud while she just started instructing the photographer to take pictures in a certain angle. Meanwhile, Swara the mastermind behind all of this just stood there staring at Lakshya and Ragini. She smirked and patted herself on the back mentally.

Ragini was about to walk away from the scene when Swara stopped her and made her sign the documents that would make their marriage well, a marriage. Lakshya winked at Ragini as he signed the papers as well and Ragini stomped her foot and stormed off from the scene leaving behind poor Twinkle who tried catching up to her with a camera in her hand.

Lakshya finally smiled genuinely and said to himself–”This whole marriage thing might not be as annoying as I thought.”

Hi!I had a new idea for a Swaragini Story and it’s basically my 74893939th take on the actual plot of the serial. I need a title because I’m bad at such stuff, so please help because I can’t rest in peace until I can write and post that story?

Thanks for reading!❤✨

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