Unlimited Love with Devakshi and AnuPre – Episode 8

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Precap: Dev-Sona reach Rajkot!!!!
Scene 1
Dev: Sona, I found the location.

Sona: Where it is? Even I informed local cops.
Dev: It is near a bazaar.
Sona: Wait a minute, ma is calling.

Ishwari: Sona, did you find suha?
Sona: Ma, we reached Rajkot. We are now leaving for the actual spot. Pray for her. Nothing will happen to her.
Ishwari: Is Dev near you?
Sona: Yes ma, I’ll give phone to him.
Dev: Hello ma.
Ishwari: Dev, don’t get tensed. Do whatever but in a calm manner. If you get tense, the mind will not work properly. Think and Do whatever you do. Take care both of you. Bye.
Dev: Thanks ma. Bye.

Sona: Dev, let’s go. Send me the location. I’ll inform that to cops.
Dev sends location.
Dev and Sona come downstairs and go in a wrong way.
Dev: Arey we came to a wrong path.
Sona: This happens in palaces. Come let’s go.
Suddenly Dev sees a portrait.
Dev calls Sona in a hush. Sona comes and she too get shocked seeing the portrait.
Scene 2
Anurag sits sad!!!!
Prerna: Don’t worry. Sona and jiju will definitely find suha.
Anurag: Prerna, I’m guilty. I feel I’m responsible for everything.

Prerna: How come you be responsible.
Anurag: If we were not separated, suha wouldn’t have helped you and exposed bajaj and komolika. She would not have earned this hatred.
Prerna: Please don’t talk about old things. It’s not your mistake. Everybody has problems. Let’s pray and hope suha return to us fine.

Anurag and Prerna hug and console each other.
Mohini sees this from far and thinks as she is also responsible for Anupre separation. She also thinks, her selfishness has made a child to suffer now.
She decides to go to komoilka’s house and confront her.
Scene 3
Bajaj drinks and thinks of suhana.

Dilshad comes.
Dilshad: Enough of these drinks. Due to my stubbornness, I have made your life hell. I feel sorry now.

She cries.
Bajaj consoles her.
Bajaj: Its not your fault ma, the fault is on both sides. She moved on. Even I’m trying to move on. You see alliance for me. Now I’m worried only for suha.
Dilshad: I know, you love suha a lot, right?
Bajaj: Yes, though she exposed me, my love for her has never decreased. She came to me as a baby. Even I held her first before her family members. She is always a special child for me.
Dilshad: I feel komolika is the kidnapper. You go and find suha.
Bajaj: Yes, even I feel the same. Dev and Sona went to Rajkot to find her. I’ll search here.
Dilshad hugs him and goes.
Bajaj thinks of the past!!!
During Anupre’s honeymoon:
Anurag and Prerna come to room after a tiring day.

Anurag: It was so much fun.
Prerna thinks of bajaj.
Anurag: Prerna, I’m talking to you only.
Prerna: Ha, yes, I’m listening. Actually, I’m bit tired.
Anurag: Even I’m tired. Fresh up and come. Let’s go to cafeteria.
Prerna: I’m sorry. I feel headache. I’m not coming anywhere.
Anurag: Ok fine. you rest here. I’ll buy you something and come.

Prerna: Thank you. I love you.
She hugs him.

After getting freshen up, Anurag goes to cafeteria.
Komolika calls him.
Komolika: Hi Anurag, how is your honeymoon going?

Anurag: Awesome.
Komolika gets irritated.
Komolika: Fine Anurag. Have fun. Where is prerna? Did someone meet her today?
Anurag: She has headache so she is resting. I came to cafeteria. Yes, her friend Bajaj has met her today. Why?
Komolika: Ok be careful with him.

Anurag: Why?
Komolika: I will tell you after your return.
Anurag: No tell me now.
Komolika: Actually, he is Prerna’s ex-boyfriend.
Anurag gets shocked.
Anurag: What?
Komolika: Yes, as soon as I got the news, I verified it. It is true. They were very close itseems. People thought that they were a couple. But things took turn and you both ended in marrying each other.
Anurag gets hurt.
He disconnects the call.
Mohini and Komolika hugs as their plan succeeded.
Anurag thinks of the happenings, how prerna jumped into see to save bajaj.
Anurag: Does prerna is cheating me? Atleast she could have told about her past. Why did she hide it from me?
In the room.
Prerna wears a hot nighty to amuse Anurag
The bell rings.
Prerna: Arey, Anurag came back so early.
She closes her eyes and opens the door shouting surprise and hugging the person.

But it is Bajaj.
Bajaj gets mesmerized seeing her in that hot dress. Anurag comes and sees them hugging.
Anurag: Prerna.
Prerna opens her eyes and sees that she is hugging bajaj and get shocked.

She also sees Anurag and gets stunned.

Prerna: Bajaj, what are you doing here?
Bajaj: I came to ask if you have medicine for headache as I feel headache.
Prerna: Even my head too aches but I don’t have medicine.
Bajaj: Ok thank you. I’ll leave now.
Anurag and Prerna go in.
Prerna: You came so early.
Anurag: Why did I disturbed your and his romance?

Prerna gets shocked hearing this.

Prerna: What you told now?
Anurag: Nothing.
Prerna shouts him to tell.
Anurag gets irritated and shouts at her.

Anurag: You are cheating me prerna. I came as a hinderance to your and bajaj’s romance. I felt sad when you didn’t tell me about your past. Now only komolika told me everything about your past. But seeing you hugging him has confirmed that you both still love each other.
Prerna slaps Anurag.

Prerna: Enough. You are talking too much. You doubted me. I told everything to komoilka before our wedding to tell to you. Even she compelled me to tell her as she will tell you.

Anurag: Enough of your drama.
Prerna: Am I a liar to you?
Anurag: Yes. You are a liar.
Prerna and Anurag argue a lot.
Prerna: Fine, you do whatever you want.
Anurag: We will leave tomorrow. As soon as we reach there, I need divorce from you.
Prerna gets shocked and sits crying.

Anurag goes out and cries!!!
Bajaj sees this and calls komolika.
Bajaj: Mission Accomplished. Both had a heated argument. Their voices were heard even out of their room. They have decided to divorce.
Komolika gets happy hearing this!!!!

The next day, Anurag and Prerna get ready separately.
Anurag: The tickets are for eve. We need to go to airport at 5pm. I have an important work here. So, I’m leaving. You can do whatever you want.

Anurag goes.
Prerna cries….

She goes out for a mind change.
She goes to metro station. Bajaj come there.

Prerna: Why are you behind me? Your entry has made Anurag to exit my life.
Bajaj: This place is not your property. It’s your mistake by not telling us before and hugging yesterday. Nowhere I’m wrong.
The train comes. Prerna and Bajaj enter and prerna sits in a coach.
Bajaj has no place to sit. So, he sits near to prerna.

Bajaj: But I’m sorry for whatever happened.
Prerna: Please leave from here. I need a peaceful mind.
Anurag comes there as he were also travelling in the same train.

He comes and sits opposite to prerna starring bajaj.
Prerna: You here?
Anurag: A good wife will get happy seeing her husband but the one who is wrong will get scared and shocked.

Bajaj smirks hearing that.
Prerna: I’m not shocked or scared. You told you have some work. So only asked.
Anurag: My work is over. So, I boarded this train.

The next station comes.
Bajaj leaves.
Anurag and Prerna sits silently by not talking to each other.
After sometime, the go to airport and come to India….
(FB Ends)
Bajaj: How stupid am I to separate them and joined hands with komolika.
Scene 3
Mohini goes to Komolika’s house.
Mohini: Komo, please tell me the truth. Where is suha?

Komolika: I don’t know aunty.
Mohini gets angry.
Mohini: I know you have her. Fine, definitely Anurag-prerna and Dev-sona will find her and get you arrested.

Komolika: Are you supporting prerna?

Mohini: Yes, she is my daughter-in-law.
Komolika: Then who am I?
Mohini: I was wrong to support you and made Anurag-Prerna to get separate. I turned into a good person. Prerna is a gem of a person.

Komolika gets angry…
Komolika: I know your thoughts, old lady, that you will turn like this. So, I have a plan for you. Yes, I have suhana. But if you tell this to anyone, then I will tell everyone about your part in the separation plan of Anu-Pre. Even I have all our call recordings, chats and everything. You will be defamed in the society.

Komolika smirks.
Mohini feels sad and guilty.
Mohini: Are you threatening me?

Komolika: No, I’m telling you the consequences.
Mohini gets angry and leaves!!!!
Scene 4
Dev and Sona see a portrait of Komolika in a grand lehenga and gets shocked!!!!!

To be Continued!!!!
PS: Do you have any guesses about the portrait??? Do leave in comments!!!

  1. Jasminerahul

    devakshi got kamolika’s portrait.I am curious to know whether there is any mystery behind it.anurag feeling guilty about suhu n prerna consoling him was nice.good that dilshad realized her mistake.I am happy that bajaj asked her to find a girl for him.are you bringing aamna or one of his previous heroines? I loved bajaj saying that still he loves suha.nice to see mohini guilty.surprising that she turned good n confronted kamolika.but now since she is blackmailing her will she open her mouth? sad that kamolika told anurag about bajaj.sad that prerna hugged bajaj mistaking him for anurag n anurag misunderstood her n ended her getting slapped by prerna.in the train also anurag misunderstanding prerish was sad.in the scene where anurag was shouting at prerna it was bajaj with prerna in the pic.the other pics were apt for the scenes

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks for your details. Actually I didnt noticed Bajaj in that pic.

  2. Shesha485

    The episode is interesting. Atleast Dilshad regret for neglecting Prerna. Will Bajaj get any pair? Though my favorite is PreRish but so sad for Anurag-Prerna as they are seperated by their family members so tactically. Interestingly, at location, Dev and Sonakshi have found Komolika’s portrait. Even I am curious to know about that

    1. Supriya_r

      Thank you so much. Yes Bajaj will get a pair.

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