The unknown feelings – Part 9

pra” I think its her …Wait I will be back ”
pragya went to welcome the new bride of their house .purab didn’t know how to
handle it .he thought if he had already told them about alia and his relation
then instead of this new girl, alia will be here

pragya came with that girl all get up from their seats .
purab ” why she hiding her face ”
yes that girl is hiding her face
pragya” that… there is a ritual .that before marriage bride should not
show her face to her would be husband and now you too’s marriage are fixed ”
prabha” ohh..”
purab ” I want to talk to her ”
pragya came near her and whisper on his ear ” don’t try to break this
marriage ”
purab shake his head as head but in his mind he want to try . pragya and all
went from there .purab and that girl is sitting there
purab made a sound and started ” I want to talk to you an importand matter”
that girl shake her head as yes
purab” this marriage can’t happened ”

that girl began to say something but purab stop her and said ” I know what
you are going to say ,yes pragya said yes fro my side but please understand .”
that girl shake her head as yes then she was about to stand and call pragya
purab interfered by saying ” I want one more thing to say ,that is pragya said
me to don’t breaks this marriage so when they ask you please say you don’t like
me ,please ”

that girl one more time shake her head then purab called all
purab ” pragya ,she don’t like me ”
praya towards that girl ” is he saying truth ?”
that girl first looked towards purab he pleased her by face to say yes .that girl
say yes

purab give a sigh
praya” then , you can remove that cloth to show face ”
that girl removed her cloth purab became shocked

purab” alia?”
praya” then you dont like her ,right?”
purab” when i said that? .i like her ”
prabha” but you say no to this marriage ”
purab find it it was their play ,purab” that mean its all your plan?”

prabha with a questioning face ” our plan?”
purab ” don’t act to smart .you all know that me and alia in relation so you
planed right ”
purab then realize what he told ,he already told this to them but that
sitvation is different but now
purab looked them with an expression of caught theif .then he began to
run by saying” I’m sorry ” others chased him and beat him because of don’t
sharing with them .

then all are come to dining table ,
purab” how you all come to know?”
alia” its me .I told pragya about this”
purab ” when ?”
alia ” on day I was talk to her about rohan ,that time ……..hey pragya
what you replayed to rohan ?

prabha ” who is rohan ? and what is asked to replay pragya?”
pragya became stuck
pragya” that . he was one of my friend on office and he want an important
file from me so he said that to her.I replayed him if he want anything just
ask me why troubling others ” she lied
praya” oh ”
alia look at pragya .pragya shake her head as don’t tell about the matter

the next day night ,now abhi ,pragya are at their house

pragya was sitting on her bed with a deep thought of rohan words
,abhi came there with two coffee mug
abhi” what are you thinking ?”
pragya” ha. you come sit here ”
abhi” what happened ?”
pragya” I was thinking about life and future”
abhi” now what happened you to think about life and future”
pragya” something happened”
abhi” what do you mean ”
pragya” leave it it just come to my tougue ”
abhi smiled and took a sip
pragya” abhi how long we are together?”
abhi” hhh .I think its almost 1 and half year ”
pragya” yes 1 and half year ” I am thinking about our future .how it
will be ?”
abhi confusingly looked at her and took another sip and asked ” what
rohan replied when you told him about our marriage and friendship?”

pragya looked at him but not surprised she smiled and said ” he
said why we are wasting our life .if we want to remain as just
friends then let’s divorce and end this false relation ”

abhi ” so what’s your plan?”
pragya ” that was I’m thinking .I’m confused which decision is
correct .live with you as wife or just get divorce . what do you
think about it?”
abhi” I was thinking this from last month?”
pragya surprised ” what?”

abhi”one girl came to me and said she loves me and I replied her
as I’m married and our friend ship and she also give the same
replay ”

pragya” who is she ?
pragya” oh that girl . she is nice right ”
abhi” yes ”

alia came there
alia” you two are sitting here .come in TV there is a super
movie come let’s watch together .”

they went there and watched the movie after the movie
alia” I forget to say .coming 16th my cousin sister marriage
so I’m leaving tomarrow .and this is the fist marriage in our
generation . so we are enjoying it almost 1 tomrrow
on wards I am not here OK .
abhi” OK”
all went to sleep after sometime pragya heard a knocking sound
so she opened her bed room its abhi, who is knocking
pragya” what abhi ?”
abhi” I got an idea for our problem”

pragya” come inside ”
abhi entered her room and sat on bed
pra” what’s the idea ?”
abhi” till we are living together we can’t find the value
of each other so let sperate for one month .no phone call
no message .and alia is also not here you can live in your
house and I will be on my house …….”

sorry for late update and thanks for all readers.and thank
you for the comment and sorry for my English .and yesterday
was very special for me .yesterday was my birthday .and it
had so speciality but I can’t figure it out .but a small
worry I got a beat from my favourite teacher because of
not answering her question .

bye all


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